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My True Story - Part 1 - Balding by Marshall


My Name is Dave, about 22 Now and turning 23 in a few months, Its summer here and Uni is finished , and im currently working at a Apple Picking company, I mainly do roles such as Picking Apples/Fruits, Do some administration work such as data management clerk and some other inhouse office work.
I have MPB baldness, my hair started receding by the age of 14-15 " it started with the temples and forehead, anyway you get the jig. Anyway im 22 and I still have a good amount of hair that will last me a couple of years, before I need to take action and remove it and go for the mr clean look.
Getting a Haircut and taking a shower was always the challenging part of my life, As showers can mess my hair up and bad haircuts can make my MPB more Visible. Right now im trying every natural remedies to help regow my hair back, such as coconut oils, castor oils, daily head massages and etc, without much luck.
My hair is getting long, and it doesn’t look good as the back and sides are always longer and thicker then the top, so I’m going to get a haircut soon.
The Haircut Time
I always go and my haircut early so then I can get it done and dusted and go on with my day. The shop opens at 7:20am Sharp " I walk in and there’s only one Barberette, her name is Jennifer, who wore her hair in a long bob style, her brown hair colour really suited this look.
Jennifer " Good morning how are you today,
Me " Good thanks, Jennifer.
Jennifer " Please take a seat.
She capped me and asked so " how much are we taking of today or taking it all of today, she jokingly suggested" which had my heart pumping.
Me- Just a Trim and Tidy up Please, number 4 on sides, 3 at the back and just a snip of the top.
Jennifer " Sure, no problem.
8 minutes off Buzz buzz, snip snip, I was done. She made my front bangs shorter, showing my MPB, but it doesn’t matter, it’ll grow back. I feel my head and this haircut was shorter then I expected,
Jennifer " Would you like some gel?
Me " No ill just take a shower
Jennifer " suggested that I should take it down a number short each time such as 3 all over, then number 2 and so on.
Me " Yea Meh yea, I don’t know lol.
Jennifer, Uncapped Me and I paid her and left, saying see you again.

I got back home for Lunch " My mum wore her hair in both and bangs/ponytail or a Long bob and my dad was bald. My mum was shocked when she saw my hair thinning and MPB due to my short haircut, my dad wasn’t even fazed, she just kept staring at it. She suggested that next time I should get a number zero all over and be done with it, well I cant argue. At work, we have plenty of bald guys. We have 3 bald guys out of 9 guys but the boss is bald, which the most important hahaha.
Looking in the mirror My mind was racing, I was doing things that would piss my mum off such as being naughty, watching to much tv, sleeping late, taking to long to do my hair/showers, trying home remedies to regrow my hair and spending to much money on hair care products.
She Yelled Enough, young man. I knew I was in for a Punishment.
She suggest that I go back to the shop and come back with a clean dome, I had the weekend to get it done, yelling at me , im the only person in the house that is allowed to style my hair.
I woke up early in the morning, 6:50am, and visted my local barberette Jennifer for my haircut.
Jennifer " good morning dave, how are you today
Me " yea good thanks
Jennifer - take a seat.
She capped me very tightly, and I suggested/told Jennifer, that were taking it all off today, SHE FREAKED OUT, WHAAAT ARE YOU SURE?.
Yes Iam sure Jennifer, make me slick and bald as you can.
Jennifer " saying well its your head, not mine, but right let’s do it ae. I could tell she was excited too,
Jennifer " So why all the sudden change?
Me " I told her, its time to be bald and start embracing my fate.
Jennifer " well you sure, you are one brave man, ill give you that, and she told me that guys with thinning hair, don’t look very attractive at all, I mean your not fooling anyone, just shave it off.
She spun me away from the mirror, started brushing my hair with a comb, very hard and rough, saying you wont need these again. She got out her Walh Balding clippers, and removed any attachments. Then she turned them on and the room was filled with a loud ROARING sound. She began from the top, I could feel the cold steel on my scalp, removing all my top hair, I could feel and tell she was determined as she was doing it so hard, it started to hurt, soon after she done the same with the sides/back, and lastly made a few more passes to make sure it was clean, Soon when she got it down to a number zero all over, you could see the transition of the stubbles, as my sides were dark, then it slowly became lighter on the top, she then got took out her outliner clippers and began to shave me again all over, to make sure it was tight and neat all over the scalp. Then she got a thick hard brushes and she began vigorously brushing it on my scalp, to remove all the loose hairs. And then she rubbed some rosemerry and coconut oil to make the head shine and for mainly antibacterial reasons. (Unfortunately This Hair Center, don’t do a Straight Razor Headshave, I know it’s a Bummer. Remember this is a True Story.)

While massaging my head, Jennifer told me that she Liked the look on me, and told me to give it time and you will get used to it in a few days. She Told me I should try the 30 Day Headshave Challenge, invented by Sly Bald Guys. She said the challenge is shaving your head for everyday for 30 days non stop,




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