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My True Story - Part 2 - Embracing by Marshall

After that, I went shopping and I needed some new Items, so I stopped at the local corner store, which is like a mini grocery store, I went inside, their was just one women working in her 40s and a young teen working, I didn’t wear a cap at all, as I wanted to show everyone my bald head, it felt different as a young guy, walking around being bald.
So I got six cans of Gillette Shaving cream, Pack of Gillette Razors, Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil and some sunscreen cream. I reckon she knew what all this was for, while staring at my head, hahah. As I left the shop a slow breeze of wind came by, and I could feel it brush my scalp causing chills.
My dad loved my new haircut and my mum was proad of me for getting, My mum told me I would need to get a Zero all over haircut every week,
I told her the sly bald guys challenge, of that iam going be shaving it everyday and be bald for ever, she was both happy and shocked, oh my, are you sure,
Yea, ill get use to it, I was excited to be bald for ever. If my dad can shave his head for 25 Year, iam pretty sure I can handle 30 days of being bald. Next morning, its time to do it my self, I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror, the shiny forehead and head in the overhead lights. I wanted to shave in the shower, so I took a hot shower, which made my stubble soft and I lathered my head and started shaving against the grain, I wanted it smooth, so I made a couple of glides around my head, until it was smooth and shiny.

So for everyday for 30 days I have been shaving my head, and I have no intention of growing it back, she was even more pleased, and decided to reward me, she and my father brought me a Car, a used BMW M series for work, so I don’t have to catch the stupid bus every morning, Having my own car felt awesome and was super convenient. My work mates got use to it and women/girls at work also gave me nice compliments on my new look, and my boss loved it, he told me to keep it as I makes me look more mature and professional at the work place.

But outside work, It took a lot of getting used to, especially to other women and girls, such as my mums friends and her daughters, they had wonderful hair, but seeing me they would I would not stop pestering and asking about, why I am bald. Mind you it is pretty shocking and weird, when they have seen you with hair to seeing you with no hair, I admit they made some jokes about it. I also got a few nice and bad compliments such as, the good ones…
-Hes looking more like a man now, with that shiny chrome dome. ,
-Hes looking more like his father now.
-What a smart looking young man, with a handsome haircut.
And the Bad ones being…
-Wheres all your hair gone honey, no more styling for you that’s what happens.
-You really are bald, you look much older.
-Talking about how other teens have nice looking heads of hair.

I remember having lunch with Me and my mum and her and our good friend ( Mrs Jolie)and her daughters ( jess and kylie. By the way her older daughter Jessica was 28, she had one son who was 3 years old, and her other younger daughter Kylie who was 22, same age as me, she was hot, but she was like a sister to me same for jess aswell, but just no blood relations.
I was nice sitting outside on a warm sunny day in backyard having afternoon lunch on the patio. Just the six of us. The women as usual started to talk about Hair, hair styles and the lasted trends such as having a long angled bob with layers.
Jessicas sons caleb who is 5 yrs old styled his hair all spiky with gel. Jessica wanted to buzz his hair short due to all the dandruff and dry scalp from all the products. My mum and her mum, suggested to give Caleb a number 3 or even a zero all over haircut for the summer, as he had a bit of dandruff and shaving it was the only way she could apply a cream on the scalp, as this was the easiest way to remove it.
I told caleb listen to your mum and go for a shorter haircut and never use gel, but caleb was stern and not listening to a baldy like me. He said what does a baldy like you know about hair, you have no hair your bald. That’s enough Caleb, his mum Jessica said and now apologize to dave, he did not apologize. I told him look at my head, This is what happens, hahah rubbing my bald head and everybodys laughing, but Jessica was still mad at Caleb for making that smart comment too.
Jessica told me, Dave summers coming up and I want you to take him for a Haircut, tomorrow understood and make sure he comes back looking like you and having your hairstyle, ok.
Sure jess, hell be Bald just like me, rubbing my bald head and showing caleb the smoothness and how shiny my head is.
Mum are crazy I don’t want to look like a baldy,
Well done caleb you have just won your self a bald lottery punishment, as you will not be allowed to grow your hair for more then 3 weeks, and you will doing extra chores in the house, understood, Yes Mum. My mum and her mum were ok with it, after all it is the summer and he has dandruff and afterall hair grows back, so hat was the sensible punishment, that will teach him a life long lesson to not to make fun of others, just because they are bald.

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