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Barberette Given Me A Haircut Part 3 by Marshall

When I got back home my uncle and aunties were pleased to see my head bare of any hair, I apologized to them and My boss was also happy seeing me bald as she brushed her beautiful sleek shiny bob hairstyle, and I apologized to her for my unpleasant look before, she said don’t worry just keep working hard you are doing good, she says I have potential and that im not a kid anymore, im a mature man, due to my bald head but now, I need to act like like one and dress like one. We have a large project coming she said. She has given me a job to visit the clients and work on some designs with them, I agreed said don’t worry ill get it done tommorow.
She smiled and let me go.

Time to go home. At home the jokes slowly started disappearing about my bald head. I guess everyone has gotten used to it in the past 3 weeks.
The Next day when visiting the clients I needed to look my sharpest, so on the Morning I Reshaved my Face/Head and oiled it, to add shine and dressing formally to impress and look smart. My two aunties and uncle, were also impressed.
So Me and Jess, oh by the way Jess is smoking hot and she is just a few years older then me, but anyway we went to visit the clients to discuss their project design, Jess was in the car doing her hair and make up and I was driving. When we got their it was a middle aged couple roughly in their 45-50s " The husband was bald on top but had hair at a number 5 length on the sides and back and the wife had a parted long bob, I could tell she loved her hair.
"Hay guys, Welcome and come in for Tea, I am Kerry and this is my wife Linda"
Hi I’m Tom and this is Jess " I said.

The clients (Kerry and Linda), were showing us around their outdoor space.
I was walking with Linda, I could tell she kept staring at my head, all of the sudden she started rubbing it and I told Linda you have beautiful hair, she just laughed at that complement. Linda seemed curious on why I was bald for such a young age, I told her the story of first I was scared and worried to go bald and now to loving it and She was shocked by my sudden change, stating a young man like you wanting no hair, is not common. She told me that her husband needs to take advice from me and go for the full baldy all over, we both laughed. She told me that that men like me look more reliable and professional appose to all the other guys with their style hairs and what not. On serious note we all sat down and started working on some designs " working through a analysis, concept sketchs, budget/costing and designs of the new place. They were very pleased about it and we got the nod of approval from both of them. Then all of the sudden Linda brought up the topic of head Shaving,
Linda said Lets have a wager, if you get this design done and fully constructed, Kerry you will have to get your head shaved bald and keep it Bald for a one Month ok,

Kerry " No way are you crazy, Kerry looked at me, staring at my shiny forehead.
Linda, said that if this young man choses to be bald and shaves his head everyday, why cant you ?
I told Kerry, that you will love it, me stroking my head, I could tell Kerry knew he was in for it.
Kerry said Alright, well do it. But I want this design looking perfect, Ok young man.
100% kerry " I said.

Then that was it we left and drove out. " Me and Jess were so happy, At the office my boss Amber and my manager Jim were also very happy due to our work. I told Amber that you were right, when you said, that my bald head does make me look smart and professional.
Amber " I am always right baldy.

I asked why is that, my bald head makes me look more reliable and professional. She started giving me example of when she was working in the military prior to this, she said that all the guys were bald, like REALLY BALD, it had something to do with the leadership or stress. She kept stating that…
-This hair cut teaches you discipline, look at all the saints and monks.
-You care more about the work, then your own hair
-You have better time management skills
-Having better leadership potential " I trust you.
-You give the clients and the younger candidates a great Impression
-Hair is for females not you.

Ok, Amber I get it haha, I left here office and was stoked and stroked my bald head.

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