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My True Story - Part 3 - Inspiring by Marshall

So I promised Jess, that ill take him for a haircut, in the next few days, I told caleb don’t worry, well do it together and it’ll be fun, you’ll look cool and that the girls will love it. Caleb was angry and unpleased, he wanted to kill me.

I also decided to grow my haircut for a few, as I wanted to get a barberette shave it again and get the relaxing/shave experience again. So I have been growing my hair for a few days, I looked pretty shaggy with the dark fringe stubble of the back and sides and top being light and thin.

Early Saturday morning I picked Caleb up at 7am sharp, for his haircut, and then we drove to Barbershop to get our haircuts, woops sorry I mean our head shave. We just arrived just in time as the shop was opening, Jennifer was not working today, but we were greeted by two older Barberettes.

"you two are early for a Saturday huh". Yes we couldn’t wait to get our haircuts today and good morning to you too.

They looked like MILFS, so I complimented, you know a bald man is always a gentlemen, I said that "You ladies look gorgeous/terrific and have wonderful styled hair, unlike me hahah." They laughed and said thanks, and told me that I would look more handsome after my haircut.

There were only two barberette working one was Diana who was in her mid 40s who had a big blonde hair, style like the 70s, that hair looked massive, I told Diana your hair is very big and voluminous, I can have some of your hair please, she laughed while saying you look great bald. Debbie who was also in her mid 40s, she had a gorgeous looking big volume pony tail.

Due to my MPB and my shaggy balding look, Diana thought I was the father of caleb, No Diana, Iam not his father, he is the son of my mum closes friends, daughter Jessica, I told Diana that he has been very naughty, not doing his homework and the fact he has dandruff. So just take it all off on him, as his mum instructed it. Oh we love giving bad and naughty boys, a bald haircut replied Diana and Debbie laughing in the background.

We were told to please take a seat, by these two wonderful ladies. Caleb got Debbie and I was with Diana.
Debbie tightly caped Caleb, - Caleb told Debbie that he wanted number 5 on sides and back and a scissor cut on top, Debbie just nodded sure, Whatever. Debbie got out her Walh clippers with no guards and said caleb say good guy to your justin Bieber girly hair while she thrashed thosed clippers through the top, leaving a white strip. Caleb couldn’t believe what he just saw, what have you done stupid bald and started cursing called Debbie a B*tch. Debbie curse all you want this is what happens, Debbie was not fazed as she deals with little sh*ts like caleb all the time. Debbie Started playing with Calebs haircut of making the top Bald and Buzzing and fading the sides and back to 0 " 1 " number 2. She told Caleb were done, then quickly caleb apologized to her saying im sorry, I don’t want want a old man haircut, please Debbie take it all off, Debbie Agreed And in no time he was bald with a zero all over. Debbie came back with a hot towel and placed it on his head.

Me without saying a single word, Diana knew what I wanted, she started to clean my stubble of with a Walh balding clippers zero guard. By making hard and fast multiple passes, I looked like my self again, she left and hot a very hot towel and placed it on my head, while we were waiting for 10mins.

Diana asked me how old Iam I told her 22 yrs old and turning 23 " she and Debbie were shocked liked never before, thinking why iam bald so early for such a young teen. Well my dads Bald for starters, my boss is bald too which also important hahah, but to be honest Diana I just love the look, of having that shiny and clean bald, I would never trade it back for hair, she was even more surprised. But I also told the true and honest side of my story which is, I hated being bald, everyone would stare at me mainly girls, not being able to style my hair anymore, the fact I Iook older, making me look ugly, constant jokes and name calling.
Wow, you sure are one brave trooper, for going bald and you are true inspiration to Teens and balding men.
I told Diana that having a bald head, teaches me various lessons in life, such as time management, respecting others, being confident, being grateful of I have and the fact hair has no meaning little meaning to a man then to women and etc. she was pleased to hear that, I agree, if your losing, just take it all off and be done.

After hot warm lather was placed on our heads, It felt awesome and Soon both of us were getting our head shaved with the straight razors, It felt so good see that slick shiny head and that too on Caleb. Caleb didn’t enjoy it he had a frown on his face. Anyway both the Barberettes were really focused on shaving us, pass by pass, scrap by scrap and hair by hair, we were slick bald in no time. Debbie was extra determined to make Caleb really bald, and that he learns his lesson, and also the scraping from the straight razor helped remove some of his dandruff flakes.
The Barberettes finished both of us of by brushing the loose hairs with the brush, rubbing some alcohol lotion and oil on our heads to make it shine and giving us a gentle massage. They really made sure our heads were really shiny and buffed.

We were done and I paid The Barberettes, but they gave us a deal on the head shaves for 30 percent less then normal price and Debbie and Diana also gave me compliments on my Bald Slick look, by saying what a young handsome man you are and what a smart looking man, the girls will chase you forever. Haha Thank you for your compliments ladies, as I rub my bald head.

I also apologized to Debbie, for Caleb’s rude/bad behavior and attitude, Debbie was cool about it and that shes used to it all the time, from the kids.
I told Debbie that Caleb will be coming back every Saturday for 1 month to get this same haircut his regular headshave, Debbie was overjoyed and smiled and then looked at Caleb and started rubbing his bald shiny head, How Exciting Caleb, your one lucky kid hah, well you better get use to it.

Caleb interrupted and saying, But my mum said 3 weeks, you liar. I told him, Yea but for your bad mouthing/cursing to these wonderful ladies and for your bad behavior im extending it by a extra week, Do you want be to tell your mum huh ? Not one word came out from calebs mouth. I told Caleb to apologise to Debbie, But as we all agreed Debbie will not Accept his apology if he comes here for the next 4 weeks to get his Head shaved by hair, and rightly so.

Caleb hated his haircut and hated me, I told him don’t worry you’ll thank me later in life. We left the shop, as the Barberette Shouted see you next Saturday baldies, See you then Ladies I replied.
I dropped Caleb and Also visited Jessica, her mum and sister were pleased and , they were overjoyed looking seeing Calebs new Transformation, Jessica saying "wow you two are looking smart ae huh". And jesses Mum saying , Where’s all your hair now darling, hahah, while Jessicas mum stroked Calebs head.
Caleb yelled Mum, I want my hair back NOW!!, I hate being bald, what are all my friends going think. Jess Stroking Caleb’s bald head, sweety your keeping this look ok, for the next month ok, so get use to it, anymore comments and ill extend it too 2 months, got it, yes Mum fine. Caleb shut up and went to his room.
Don’t worry Caleb you’ll loved it I shouted.

Jess Thanked me for taking and Caleb for a haircut, she Gave me $100 for full months service, I told Jess I don’t want it, Jess your like a sister to me, alright, she was over joyed hearing that she hugged me and forcefully rubbed and slapped my head, ok cue ball, its nice having a handsome bald bother like you, but just make my son bald like you ok, until his punishment is over ok.

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