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Uncle Scalped me by Liam.blair2708@outlook.com

It was the last day of the school holidays and as like every 3 weeks dad always cut my hair. I liked to keep it short just like dads , a #5 all over with the clippers. However with it being such a hot summer, my hair grown fast and school about to begin i asked dad to cut it shorter... With a reply "Sorry son I've been asked to work it will need to wait till next week" i was really wanting a haircut and even thought about going to the barbershop in town. I was a paper boy so i did have my own money myself to pay for it but dad instructed me to save money not waist it. - it just so happened my mum was out of town on business and dad about to go to work to cover extra shifts so Uncle came round to look after me and my younger sisters.

When my uncle arrived it was close to dinner time, dad was relaxing before his shift so i asked him again hoping he would change his mind , "please dad can you cut my hair before you go to work" a very stern look and low comanding No! Followed. My uncle looked at dad and smiled , followed by " Do you want me to cut ur hair I'll do it". I was kind of shocked but happy that my uncle could cut it but stayed quiet waiting on my dads answer , f*** it fine but it's up to uncle what you get! My uncle grabbed the clippers and told me to sit down , stay quiet and stay still! I never realized that my uncle and dad were both smirking at eachother - well said my uncle "Do you want me to cut your hair" instantly i replied yes please! I was about to tell my uncle how i wanted it cut but before i could say anything my uncle put his hands on my shoulder and told me to shut up and hold still.

The clippers roasted to life and uncle was playing around with the clippers heads and put some in his pocket , i didn't know why but soon after i felt the hard steel clippers buzzing the back of my head , uncle was half holding me down while he pressed the clippers higher up the back to the crown. I knew then he was cutting my hair shorter than i wanted but something inside me enjoyed the closeness and masculinity of his hand on mine.

He held me so tight that i didn't move an inch, although it was very a tight grip it was comforting to me. In a way he was making the choice of my haircut but i liked the thought of having a similar haircut to him even though i didn't want to admit it at the time. Layers of the thick dense hair fell onto me and around me and the cool air hit my head with every pass he made. He came around the front of me with a cheeky grin as though he enjoyed doing it as much as i did having it done!

He saw me relaxed and carried on her made a pass through the top of my head and commented "oh boy not much left up here" and laughed , he continued buzzing my head then turned off the clippers. He turned the water on and wet my head i thought this was to get rid of the loose hairs but then he reached up into the bathroom cabinet and gripped the shaving cream. He leathered up my head and just before dad left for work he handed him a fresh razor "use this" dad looked down and said to me "Well u did ask for a haircut" then left. My uncle leathered up my head and then tilted my head backwards slightly and took the shaving foam around my short bum fluff on my face he scraped the razor across my head and woaw whats a feeling i never felr before! he kept going pass after pass' he turned me and said "I'm going to scalp you like how our dad scalped us when we were your age" i felt turned on my the feeling of the razor he then pushed me back and shaved the front again and did my top lip which tickled a bit then my cheeks and chin. He rinsed me off and put moisturiser over my scalp and face and told me your done ... "Scalped right down like a marine!" I looked up in the mirror and i didn't even look like me i had a huge head silver grey looking shiny head where hair used to be and i looked much more rougher i couldn't believe uncle scalping me turned me from boy i was into man i am today still shaving my head with a razor just like he did to me.

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