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Finally the time by All boys should be buzzed

Buzz cut story
Well today was finally the day ! It had been 6 weeks or so since my last hair cut
And the sides of my hair had grown out from their usual 0 into a number 1 fade into hair roughly an 3/4 of an inch to an inch long. And the top had grown from about 3 inches to roughly 4 or so enough just to be in my eyes. (For the record I am a boy with dark brown hair) . So I guess you could say I had the standard haircut for a boy my age but that would soon change.

I was beginning to get tired of my usual haircut , I needed a change. Recently, many of my friends have been sporting almost no hair on the sides and cut to 1 1/2 inch - 2 inches on top and also many sported a buzzcut (a #2 on top and a #1 on the side). (I should also note this story takes place in July at the start of the summer holidays in Britain). Anyway , I had always wanted to buzz my hair the thought of the clippers running over my head was so satisfying truly I wanted to have a buzzcut ( a #2 or so ) and to maintain it regularly (every three weeks or so). So I had decided to stop the bulls**t and that this would finally be the time.

That morning I woke up excited knowing my hair was gonna be reduced to stubble ! I got dressed and headed to the barbershop and took my seat. The shop was awfully crowded for a Monday morning. The barbershop had my usual barberette working there I nodded and smiled as I walked in and took my seat next to two children with their mother. After around 45 minutes or so of scrolling through my phone I saw the first of the two children approach the chair. ‘What will it be today then ?’ the barber asked the mother , ‘Oh just the usual ‘ the mother replied The barberette (who I was patiently waiting for ) smiled in return. The barberette grabbed her clippers and attached what apperared to be a # 1 or 2. Without hesitation the barberette plowed through the kid’s shaggy mop and within minutes the kid was reduced to stubble and so too was the other . I excitedly pictured myself sat in the same chair in just a few moments. The mother payed . Then , the barberette called out ‘next !’

I nervously walked to the chair thoughts of simply asking for the usual trim came to me ! The barberette- Jenny- is a fairly tall woman with supreme hips and d cup breasts (which she always had on display with a slightly undone blouse ) she had a kind face and was in her early thirties . ‘Just the usual then ?’ She asked . I could feel my chest pounding. ‘No erm ... can I please have my hair cut like the child before me ? ‘ . The barberette looked astonished. ‘You’ve been getting the same haircut since you were ten ! ‘ she replied. ‘I know it’s just er m.. I ugh need a change I guess ‘ . ‘Well ‘ you’re the boss! ‘she replied.

She grabbed her clippers and placed a number 2 attachment on them. ‘Are you absolutely sure ?’ She asked ‘ , ‘Yeah ‘ I reluctantly replied. I was overjoyed- it was finally happening after 5 years of watching people get buzzed on YouTube it was finally my turn ! The clippers turned on with a click and then she cut the hairs around my ears and up to my crown until I was left with a number 2 on the sides and my usual mop on top . She then said ‘Are you absolutely sure because I can still just do your normal trim ‘ ‘Yes’ I said ‘shave it all off !’. ‘It’s all going to be gone !’ She said as she laughed. Reluctantly she lifted up my hair placed the clippers at my forehead and moved them back to my crown I could feel the hairs detaching from my scalp . Every individual strip she shaved left a trail of stubble until after 5-6 minutes it was done . I was a baldy , skinhead , buzzcut whatever you call it . And I loved it the short stubble on my head felt so nice to rub . I payed and left the barber’s . The fresh air hut my head on the way home man was that nice . Later that day I bought myself a pair of wahl home clippers and now I let my hair grow just a noticeable amount and then just shear it down with those clippers .

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