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Rolf Plays It Safe by Manny

Rolf sat quietly in the barber's chair. His blank look and still demeanor masked the nervousness that reigned beneath the placid exterior. The only hint of anxiety was the way his hands clutched the padded arm rests of the over-sized chair. Rolf stared straight ahead at his reflection in the large mirror that covered much of the wall in front of the two barber chairs. His lush brown hair, parted in the center hung down to his shoulders. On one side, the wavy locks were loose and shimmered in the glow of the neon. Chestnut highlights enhanced the beauty of his carefully groomed mane. On the other side, Rolf's locks were tucked behind his ear, revealing a nicely shaped ear and a copious masculine sideburn that extended to the base of his earlobe.

Rolf admired the trendy floral print shirt he was wearing....only a very manly man could pull off long hair and a feminine shirt like that. Rolf enjoyed the contrast. But his locks would soon be cut short. That decision had already been made. His days of being a playboy longhair were coming to an end. Rolf actually felt anxious for the haircut to start. Get his makeover over with...

The barber returned from the back room where he had been taking a short break between haircuts. He opened a small cabinet and took out a clean white cape. "So, it looks like its been a while since you've visited the barber...." the middle-aged man clad in white said, shattering the silence in the small shop, as he snapped the cape open.

Rolf grinned nervously. A set of perfectly aligned white teeth flashed from his handsome face. "Yes, it's been rather long, I'm afraid. That's why I'm here...." His manly visage dominated the scene in the mirror -- the angular nose, the squared jaw, the thick brow, the pronounced cheek bones. Everything, save the lush mane of girlish hair and the floral shirt, conveyed pure manliness. Rolf could not help but admire how handsome he looked....quite in character with a bit of narcissism he nurtured.

The barber cast the cape. As it settled across the broad shoulders and the barber pulled it firmly into place around his sturdy neck, Rolf sensed a sort of impending imprisonment. The barber was tethering him tightly to the chair before the shearing was unleashed.

Rolf studied the man dressed totally in white from tunic to toe. His closely clipped head conveyed a non-nonsense man who disapproved of men with long, carefree locks. The way the barber maneuvered his instruments exuded an air of authority and control. The white tunic that buttoned on his left shoulder broadcast an aura of shear professionalism.

The barber took a comb to Rolf's locks and yanked in through the dense waves. This confirmed Rolf's suspicion that the barber was not pleased with the long hair. Fortunately for Rolf, the cape concealed the way he cringed at the pain.

"Yes, you are certainly in need of a proper haircut," the barber announced.

"That is exactly what my employer said to me yesterday as I left the plant. A 'proper haircut'. He is worried about the liability my hair presents as I work near dangerous machinery," Rolf explained.

The barber smiled a bit, approving of where the conversation was going. "We don't do long styles in this shop, you understand."

Rolf nodded, "Yes, that's quite fine, because I need a short haircut. I won't wear a hairnet and don't want my hair tied into a ponytail. So, I'm having it cut off!" Announcing his plan, made Rolf feel slightly giddy.

The barber continued combing Rolf's hair. "Your hair is so dense. There is so much here. Too much. How short do you want it cut? Like mine?" the barber suggested.

Rolf stifled a lurch in the chair beneath the cape. His grip tightened on the arm rests. Rolf had not thought of having it cut so short! The barber sported a crewcut! Rolf felt tongue tied and speechless.

The barber reached for a set of clippers. He held them up towards Rolf's lush mane and paused as if to demand an answer.

"I, uh, had thought, uh," Rolf stammered. He did not know what to say, but he felt awkward not immediately answering the barber's question. And, so, feeling a considerable amount of pressure, he blurted out, "Yes, like yours. Very short."

As soon as the instruction was given, Rolf's pearly white teeth emerged in a nervous smile. The idea of getting such an extremely short haircut unexpectedly felt like the right thing to do.

The barber tilted Rolf's head to the side and brought the chattering metal teeth up through the masculine sideburn. As the clippers hit the mane, mounds of Rolf's soft brown hair with chestnut highlights began falling to the cape.

"They're not going to recognized you back at work and you return without all this long hair," the barber commented in a rather joyful tone. He flicked a mass of Rolf's cut hair so that it landed on the cape. Then the eager barber drove the clippers up the side of Rolf's head a few more times, clearing the growth away from the ear. Rolf thought the clipped pelt look quite nice, actually. He began thinking that the more radical makeover had been the right way to go.

Rolf was just beginning to admire his clipped hair when, unexpectedly, the barber took the clippers right down the center of Rolf's head, right along the part! Rolf's cock sprang into high alert. It was like he was in a boot camp barbershop! The longest, choicest locks tumbled down dramatically. Rolf was getting an extremely short butch cut! Suddenly he felt small and helpless. Oh, his treasured hair was coming off in torrents. His stomach churned as he watched sheaves of shimmering brown locks falling away to the cape and on to the floor.

The barber noticed the look of shock in his stunned face. "You did say 'very short', did you not?"

"Yes, but....I hadn't thought...." Rolf's voice drifted off. He got a grip of his feelings and quickly realized there was no turning back. "It's fine, yes. It'll be quite practical. So very short...."

The barber seemed energized by the shearing. "You will look very handsome without all this hair. And, like you said, so practical -- not to mention safe at work. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why men grow their hair long like this!" The barber clipped off another mass of hair and held it up to illustrate his point. "Useless, worthless hair....except it gives me a profession I enjoy....constantly cutting it off of men."

"Lots of people admired my long hair," Rolf explained. "Especially women -- they can't get enough of pawing at it. Complete strangers walk up to me and tell me they liked my long hair." The nostalgia for the former, sexy longhaired Rolf was setting in quickly.

"My wife can't stand men with long hair. Calls longhairs 'girly boys' and fops!" the barber exclaimed. "I dare say, once you leave here with a nice, tight butch, you'll get a whole different set of lady admirers. Women who like strong, dominant men.....not preening, pretty boys!"

Rolf felt a sting of rebuke. Had he been considered a preening, pretty boy?!

As he watched the barber clip away the remaining growth, Rolf felt a wave of remorse beginning to overwhelm him. What had he unleashed?! He had expected to leave the barbershop with a basic 'short back and sides' standard haircut. Now he would leave virtually bald! Without all his hair, his face looked very large -- such a tall forehead and beefy face. The lifeless hair on the cape would never flounce about in a sexy, carefree manner.

"How's this length?" the barber asked, gently stroking the clipped pelt. "I can take it down shorter -- lots of men like the stubble look -- very virile!"

"No chance for longer?" Rolf said, with a bit of a forced laugh.

"Fraid not!" crowed the barber. "Once it's off, it's staying off....." He whisked away a mass of long hair that clung to Rolf's shoulder. "You look much better with a tidy, short haircut!" he said, praising his own handiwork.

Rolf sat almost lifeless as he allowed the barber to clean around his ears and neck with a bit of lather and straight razor action. WIthout the mass of flowing silk dangling to his shoulders, Rolf felt light headed.

"There! You're a new man," the barber announced. He held up a mirror for Rolf to examine the back. Oh, there was almost nothing left!

"Yes, that's fine. It's about as short as it can get...." Rolf mused.

The barber pulled away the cape very carefully. "Now, that's what I call a real haircut!" he said as he watched the cut hair fall from the cape to the floor. "Giving a young man a makeover and proper haircut makes he feel very fulfilled."

Rolf looked down at the white and black checked linoleum. His hair was strewn about like a carpet. Then he touched the clipped pelt for the first time. "Wow, that's short!" he stammered.

"An eighth of an inch all over. Not long enough to get caught in any machinery at work!" exclaimed the barber.

Rolf's legs felt wobbly as he stood. He stared at himself in the mirror. The floral print shirt did not look like it belonged. He stroked the pelt. My was it short....

Rolf glanced around at the barber, who was staring on with pride. It occured to Rolf that the barber looked like an angel! All clad in white....and my, for a middle-aged man, he was certainly handsome! Rolf realized that the barber had many of the features he admired about himself -- the angular nose, the squared jaw, the thick brow, the pronounced cheek bones.

Then he felt his cock stir. He could not believe what he was about to say....

"Uh, you mentioned stubble....a very virile look," Rolf said in a tentative tone.

The barber smiled broadly and tapped the chair. "Come on, handsome, back in the chair! Let's do it! You're young and handsome and can pull it off! Mere stubble."

Rolf blushed at the praise and felt very hot and clammy. He mounted the metal foot rest with determination. This time Rolf felt confident about what he was doing. Down to the wood! All off! He welcomed the cape being refastened around his neck.

"Ready?" the barber said, picking up the huge set of balding clippers.

"Ready! Stubble!" Rolf exclaimed.

The barber snapped on the clippers......"These will leave you with nothing but the faintest hint of stubble...." he purred softly in Rolf's ear.

Rolf contained a heave as the teeth reverberated up through the sensitive nape. He would leave transformed....with no hair left except faint stubble.

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