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Massage with a bonus by Julian

Part 1: Marcelo

I have been with David for more than five years and I know him very well. Every time he gets a haircut, our sexual life improves remarkably. I noticed how he couldn’t avoid looking at cute guys with very short hair. At the gym, he always noticed when other men had their armpits or legs shaved or a fresh haircut. Oddly, he never cuts his hair short nor he shaves, or even trim his body hair.

During our first years together, I didn’t notice any of these peculiar behaviors but as time passed, I realizes about his fascination with haircuts. I even spied his computer and found several videos and, his favorite folders are all about short haircuts.

I finally understood what was going on with him: he had a haircut fetish. I read some messages with few of his fetish friends I understood him really well. He would love to have a forced haircut and body shave. I thought I could be the barber, but then I realize that he knows me very well and I couldn’t be who he really needs me to be.

When he was planning a business trip to Mexico, I got a fantastic idea. I searched on the Internet for a professional masseur who would offer also hair removal and found the perfect guy: Tony.

I contacted him and hired him for a massage and hair removal for my boyfriend. I told him I wanted the service as a gift for him who would be in Mexico in a couple of months. He shared with me his business proposal and although it wasn’t cheap, he was just perfect. I asked him if he also knew how to cut hair and I got so happy when he said yes.

Around our third conversation, I decided to share with him David’s fetish. I told him that I knew that David would go crazy for a forced body shave and haircut. I asked him if he would be willing to work with me for this gift. David wouldn’t be physically forced but he would be under Tony’s control. He wouldn’t know about the haircut or the body shave. I would only tell him that he would get a massage.

In the beginning, Tony was afraid that David could react in a negative way, but when I reassured him that he would just love it, he agreed to do it. In fact, I noticed he was even excited about the whole idea. We planned every single detail. Everything was ready for this wonderful gift for my boyfriend

I sent him videos and specific instructions for every step, and, after all that preparation, the so much awaited day finally came.

Tony arrived at David’s Airbnb apartment I had rented for him. I made sure it had a huge mirror.

Part 2: David

At 10 AM sharp Tony knocked at the door. I was very happy about the massage Marcelo had given me as a present. I had had a tiresome week, and these was my last day in Mexico.

Tony was a fine-looking guy, with very short hair (cool!!). I was about to start taking my clothes off for the massage when he said that before the session, he would be trimming my body hair. I was shocked. Could it be Marcelo‘s idea? I immediately call him and ask him what this guy was talking about. He told me not to worry and to just let it be. We had an intense conversation where he let me know that he knew me well and made me promise to just go with whatever Tony would ask me to do. I was very nervous, and I was not sure about it, but he said there was a Safe Word I could use in case I really want him to stop.

I was scared but excited at the same time. What did he have in mind?
Tony asked me to remove my clothes while he put all kinds of tools over the nearby table.
I took everything off but my underwear, and laid down over the bed

Johnny took a pair of scissors and came toward me. He said that in order to give me a great massage my body hair would have to be removed. I got so excited and so scared at the same time. He pulled off my underwear. I had very long pubic hair and he started to cut it off with scissors. He did the same with my chest hair and armpits

Then he took a set of clippers and turned them on. When he looked at my legs, I told him not to touch them, but he just went for it and started to clip off all the hair. It took a while to remove the hair in both legs. He then passed the clippers over what was left of my pubic hair, my chest and armpits.

When he was finally done with the clippers, all my body hair was gone. He asked me to go to the shower and run the water. When the water was warm he came inside with a couple of razors and proceeded to shave me completely from the neck down.

I will spare you from the intimate details of this procedure and I’ll let your imagination fly. I am sure you can accurately guess how that experience was.

When it was done, I was completely smooth. It took more than two hours to complete this first phase.

I was more than ready for my massage now. I took a towel and a dry myself in front of the big mirror the small apartment has. It was so strange to see my body completely smooth without a single hair.

My heart sank when Tony told me that before the massage, we had something else to do. He was going to cut my hair off. That was way too much. It has been three months since my last haircut and I had it quite long, but I was not ready to get it cut by that guy.

I call Marcelo again and complained to him about the whole situation. He convinced me to go for it and reminded me that I always have my Safe Word in case I didn’t want to proceed. He asked me to set up the video cameras I always carry with me, and to make a video of this in order to have fun together later on.

Tony got dressed. He didn’t want to appear naked on the video. I was allowed to wear only my underwear. I was caped in front of the mirror. I felt so nervous. I pleaded him not to cut too much. He just smiled and told me not to worry. He played with my hair for a while. It was quite long. He took the scissors, lifted a strand of hair and brutally cut it short. My heart was racing so fast. I was literally sweating. He kept snipping hair locks all over my head, showing me each time, the lock of hair he had just removed.

After a while I had lost lots of hair. It had been cut uneven. It didn’t look good, but I really didn’t want to lose anything else, so I try to convince him to let it like that, and I even tried to comb it the best I could. But he said that we were not finished.

Tony grabbed the clippers and place the number two guard. He passed them over the back of my head starting from the neck up. At the beginning he didn’t went all the way up. He kept passing the clippers over the sides and all around my head. I was very excited and couldn’t say a word. From time to time he looked at me like trying to read in my face how I was feeling. It was easy to feel how I was both, excited and scared. He kept passing the clippers. This time higher, all the way up, shortening the back and sides to a #2 all around.

Tony changed the guard to #3. He positioned himself behind me and put his left arm around my neck, holding my head firmly, while placing the live clippers over my forehead. I thought I was going to die. He just put the clippers on my forehead without moving them, just below the hairline. He looked at my terrorized face in the mirror. I knew he was waiting for me to say the safe word. Few seconds past. A voice inside of me was screaming to say the word, but my mouth didn’t open. He kept waiting for it. But I just couldn’t articulate it. I was so f***ing excited. I knew I would regret this, and I didn’t say anything.

The clippers started to run over the top of my head cutting off lots of hair. Once the damage was done, he just kept removing the hair over the top of my head, passing the clippers over and over. In few seconds I looked so different. My beautiful hair was totally gone, and my head looked so round.

I hated the image I saw at the mirror, but I was completely powerless, out of myself. He placed again the guard #2, running it all over again. Going up and up and even crossing the invisible frontier between the sides and top of the head. I didn’t say a word. This time he put the #1 guard and passed it over the sides and back. I knew Marcelo had asked for a #3 buzzcut, and Tony was crossing that line, going shorter. And, I didn’t say the f***ing word.

We both knew I was about to explode, and he kept the torture. He took the small clippers and passed them, without much care, over my neck, sideburns and behind the ears. It was horrible. This was way further than I expected. It was shorter than what it was agreed. I had lost almost all my hair.

It was finally over. He asked me to get a shower again while he swiped the floor. When I got out, I saw a huge pile of hair on the floor. HUGE. At the mirror, I saw someone completely different than the good-looking guy I was a couple of hours earlier. My body looked white and smooth, my head round, with just stubble over it. A part of me wanted to cry, but at the same time, I felt tons of testosterone intoxicating me.

Finally, it was massage time. Tony was good. VERY good. It took more than an hour and I was able to fully feel and enjoy my smooth body and buzzed head. I don’t like the way I look, but, the experience was definitely worth it.

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