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dad 2 shaved me by Ian Yellowlees

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Well my story is about my self , when I was 16 I moved school into a city school out in the counrty is where iam from and so most of the guy my age wore regularly length hair , long hair or some 1 or 2 in a class with a clipper hair cuts , or pritty normal well when at my new school it was the same time I met lots of friends all with different hair cuts and more extream hair , I wanted a short hair cut anyways but had about 6 inches or more my friend ben was very short shaved hair #3 and when I went to his house one night his dad opened the door with hair clippers in his hand and shane showed me his stubble head from very short #3 to a #1/2, we played xbox but all I could think about was getting my head shaved which when I went back to my house I pretended nothing was in my mind and acted as though I never wanted a hair cut so about 8 pm I asked my dad I said that if you can shave my hair. He said you want it shaved and I said yeah av never had it short can you cut it my dad is already really thin hair but not very short he had hairclippers I thought about going a no 0 with out a guard and my dad was shocked but had a wicked grin across his face , he said if that's what you want sit down he got out his clippers and he gave them to me , I said aren't you going to cut me he said yes but I thought you might want to start cutting you hair for fun I turned on the clippers and held them at the front and pulled down without a guard and my hair from the middle was dissapering fast It was a great sensation and felt my self getting hard and felling as though I was going to cum my dads phone ran so I stopped he was an on call Electrician and had to leave but my dads partener Jason was watching tv , I call him my dad2 , and he said he will cut it for me he shaved my hair all around the back and sides then he done the rest of the top , when he finished he went to get something so I waited he then started to rub my shaved head and wondered why he told me to just watch the tv through the open door and then he started the shave again , he had put oil on my head and was using a razor he must have thought I wanted it totally shaved I was pritty shocked at first but laghed afterwards I did look good with it so am a skin head and its great to have bonding time with jason aswell as he's bald too and dad is happy that we have something in common , a few weeks lated dad was ready for his hair cut so he knew what was in store a baldie cut like us.

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