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Rolf Returns For More by Manny

When Rolf got home he could not stop running to the mirror and examining his new look. Stubble! That was all that was left from the lush brown mane of shoulder-length hair he had sported that very morning when he'd left the house. He fingered the sharp bristles as if seeking confirmation that he was nearly bald.

It wasn't that he disliked his new, manly, streamlined look....it was that it just took getting used to. And...to be honest, he missed his long hair. It had been part of his identity for so long. And now it was on the floor of a small barbershop.

Rolf's thoughts turned to an enduring image he enjoyed reviving. The middle-aged barber, dressed totally in white and looking like an angel, standing atop mounds of his shorn brown locks. His shorn shimmering, silken hair as a veritable carpet beneath the white loafers worn by the angel barber. In his mind, Rolf pictured the middle aged, handsome barber still holding his huge balding clippers, looking like St. Michael victorious atop the slain dragon of girlish locks.

Rolf needed to see the barber again! He felt attracted to the man who had wielded the clippers so authoritatively, even though the barber was surely old enough to be his father. Furthermore, the friendly man seemed like a happily married type. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Rolf's groin throbbed with excitement. To be in his chair again!

Rolf decided he would return to the barbershop in the morning. Make up an excuse....like...."I think I left my sunglasses here. Did you find them?"

And so it happened, as soon as the shop opened, Rolf was pushing the door open.

"Back so soon?" the barber asked. "Is something the matter?"

No he hadn't found any sunglasses (because they never existed!). "Sorry about that.... And how are you liking your new short haircut? A man can never go wrong with a butch! Trust me, I'm a barber, I know." The barber beamed with delight as he studied Rolf's clipped head. No more shoulder length tresses for the young preening man to flounce about!

"Oh, it looks and feels fantastic," Rolf gushed. "Although, I have to admit it was hard getting used to the bristles on the pillow case, last night. It almost felt like my head was covered in velcro and kept getting stuck!"

The barber laughed. "Oh, yes! I've heard about that from first-time stubble heads.. You'll get used to it soon enough...." he said, before eyeing a rather large machine on the counter and breaking into a smile. "Unless you prefer...a wonderful silken smooth feel as your head touches your pillow tonight."

Rolf was a bit perplexed. "Smooth feel? I had that with my long hair...."

"Not hair....skin! Smooth, shiny scalp...scraped clean!" the barber announced. The barber reached for a straight edge razor and unsheathed it. "With this. I'd scrape you totally clean. What do you say? Take off the last bit of your nice thick hair."

Rolf felt frozen. He instantly knew he would be in the chair and surrender every bit of his hair to his new barber....it was a matter of making himself move into position. "That's quite tempting...." Rolf said with a slight pant.

"Come on, then. Hop up into the chair! Let's get to it -- turning you into a cueball." And with that, the barber put his arm slightly around Rolf's waist and nudge him forward towards the chair.

Rolf loved the feeling of closeness and the physical touch. The smell of witch hazel emanated strongly from the barber. Rolf felt woozy with excitement as "his angel" ensured that he was comfortable in the chair.

"Does this happen often to your first-time stubble heads? They come back right away wanting more?" Rolf asked.

"I'm glad it happened to you!" the barber said with a wink. "What's your name?"

"Rolf," came the reply as he slipped into the chair. "And you are...."

"Mr. Lee. But just Lee is fine," the barber said as he lightly stroked the stubbled nape. The barber's caress sent a shiver down Rolf's spine. "You will be a regular in my chair, Rolf." The barber gave his client a brief shoulder rub. "When I massage the lather into your scalp, you will feel like you're in heaven!"

"Dressed all in white like that," Rolf confessed, "you do look like an angel!"

Lee smiled sweetly at his eager client. "First, let's prep the stubble with some warm, moist towels. Relax and enjoy...."

Rolf found it very hard to relax when his experience was so stimulating. He wished the barber would cape him quickly so that he did not have to worry about revealing his excitement. Rolf twitched and squirmed a bit in his chair.

As if reading his mind, the barber asked, "Are you ready for the cape?" And then, out it came. Pure white, sailing through the air. Rolf loved the feeling of being enveloped and pinned down, as if he were being outfitted with angel wings and a tunic of his own. Now he was firmly under Lee the Barber's authority. He would be stripped of his last remnants of the might mane he had sported for so long.

The warm moist towels enveloped his head. Rolf gasped with delight at the feeling. "Do you enjoy barbering, Lee?"

"Yes, and my very favorite thing is to take a handsome young man with luxuriant flowing hair and shave every bit of it off! One minute the stud is looking Jesus-like and the next....Kojak!" Lee purred in Rolf's ear.

In silence the barber began massaging copious amounts of warm white lather into Rolf's scalp. His strong fingers massaged the whole surface. Rolf closed his eyes and savored every moment. He anticipated with eagerness the first swipe of the straight edge razor.

"I'm going to swivel you away from the mirror so that the reveal of your new chromedome is dramatic -- a moment you will never forget!" said Lee. Then he fully reclined the chair into an almost flat cot and pumped it up so that Rolf was not to far away from the barber's manly face.

Rolf shivered with delight as he felt the razor's first traverse through his dense pelt right across the top of his head. Lee was ensuring that his caped client could not back out -- although there was no chance of that. Rolf was ready to ditch every vestige of hair. He wanted a silken smooth head. Not a speck of hair to remain atop his head -- all brushes, combs, blow dryers and curling wands would be discarded. All he would keep would be shaving cream and razors to address his "hair" needs!

As he lay in a state of nirvana with his eyes closed, Rolf smelled the barber's witch hazel again very strongly. To his surprise and delight, the barber's face was quite near his. In fact, very near, as he hovered, carefully scraping away the pelt of hair at the side of Rolf's head.

Rolf fantasized that the barber's lips locked on his in a passionate moment of delight.

"You seem to be enjoying this very much, Rolf," the barber commented.

"It's wonderful! I'm so glad I came back," said Rolf.

"I'm glad you came back too," Mr. Lee replied. "Since becoming a widower, I spend so much time at the shop. And when I have clients here, it's better than sitting alone."

"Do your regulars ever come and just hang out?" asked Rolf. "I might keep you company..."

"Please, do!" Lee replied. "I have a private area in the back of the shop where we can..."

Rolf instinctively puckered his lips....and then, embarrassment, tried to conceal what he was feeling.

Lee manipulated the bald head and then brought the warm moist towel to it. "You were handsome with hair....but now, you're quite irresistible, I must confess!"

With that, the barber slapped witch hazel on the tender, newly exposed scalp. Rolf howled at the shock and Lee laughed loudly.

"Since I don't have any other clients, why don't I show you my private part....of the shop!" Lee was grinning from cheek to cheek as he swiveled the chair around.

"My tan lines!" Rolf gasped. "I look like I have on a lady's bathing cap...."

"You look so innocent and vulnerable," Mr. Lee replied with a twinkle in his eye. "Come, let me show you around.

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