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Barber - part 2 by Chovanec

As I wrote in the first part of my story, while returning from a visit to a new barber shop whose barber was a retired military barber, we met my best friend and his father. My dad's friend was excited about my new hairstyle and he didn't like the hair of his sons.
After returning home, I ran into the room and studied my new hairstyle in front of the mirror. I've never had such short hair. As I study my hairstyle, my father and my best friend came into the room. I felt very embarrassed in front of him, because he had much shorter hair than me and suddenly the situation turned around and I felt so naked with a new haircut. In that shuddering friend, he asked my father whether I could go with him to his older brother and father to the new barbershop. My father agreed.
At his friend's home, his 16-year-old brother tried to convince his father that the hair I had was fashionable and he was old for him. His arguments did not help, on the contrary. Their father gave them both a minute to wait in front of the house. We walked the path to the barber in silence. In the barbershop sat three already-trimmed soldiers, with a hairstyle similar to my own, waiting for another soldier sitting in the barber's chair. When they saw me one remarked. Welcome colleague. The barber smiled when he saw me and noted that he liked seeing me, but he wasn't expecting me so soon. Then a friend of my friend entered the interview that I am now not a customer but only an escort with new customers. Everything went so fast we didn't even realize the barber's chair was empty and the barber, he called. Who will be the first and looked at the brothers. But their father decided it would be his older son, who looked at my head and very reluctantly sat in the chair and was seen to say goodbye to his hair. The barber only asked their father if he wanted it as I had been trimmed and their father agreed.
Before the barber was combing his hair, he turned him away from the mirror, as I was. From my waiting chair I didn't have a very good view of the barber's work, so I focused more on my friend, who had tears in his eyes, stroking his hair and looking at his brother 4 years older in the barber's chair. I felt sorry for him, but I was also glad that I would not be alone at the start of the school year for mocking friends. Only my barber disturbed me from my thinking: Next please. A friend reluctantly stood up to replace his brother and I changed. From the new place, I had a good view of the barber's chair, but also of my friend's older brother, who seemed to be looking for his hair on the back of his head. Reflecting myself, I started stroking the smooth skin on the back of my head. Suddenly, the sound of the scissors cut off silently, and I looked at a friend whose head was tilted and about 10 centimeters blond hair began to fall from the top. The barber was advancing all around his head. My friend still had his hair covered by about half, but only until the barber put his head on his side and after about 2-3 cuts I saw the whole exposed ear. I looked at his older brother on a waiting chair who was still exploring his new drastic hair with his hands. In the meantime, the barber has changed his scissors and his friend's left side of the head has begun to whiten. Finally, the electric scissors were silent and the barber applied the crumbled foam to the back and hips of a friend's head, which he shaved over. When he wiped off the remnants of the foam and finished the last adjustments, about a centimeter of blond hair that blended with his white skin remained on top of his friend's head. From a distance it seemed as if without completely hairless.
When paying the barber gave the boy's father two cards for a 50% discount on a subsequent visit valid for 3 weeks.
In a few days we started school on the first day, the first hints of hair appeared on the white skin, but we still got a lot of ridicule from our classmates, whether we escaped from the army or even from prison.

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