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Father McGinnis' Barbershop by Manny

"Mark Kopana and Todd Lever, to the office, please. Mark Kopana and Todd Lever, please report to the office immediately," the voice crackled over the school public address system.

Mark and Todd at first were glad to have been called out of math class, but when they got to the office, the sting of the abrupt summons became quite apparent. Out of the principal's office rushed Fred Brockmann. His hair had been horribly butchered.

Fred had been the envy of the whole group of cool cats at Purcell High because of his thick, wavy, gorgeous blond hair. His mother had let him grow it down to just above his shoulders and completely covering his ears.

But now, the bangs had been hacked off near the top of his forehead and in a very amateur way around the ears and off the collar in the back. Fred was fighting back tears as he rushed out of the waiting area where Mark and Todd were in a holding pattern.

"You boys should have gotten back-to-school haircuts, shouldn't you have?" the secretary asked rhetorically, glaring at their lengthy locks. "Father McGinnis is beside himself with the bishop's visit tomorrow. He wants this place to look like a decent Catholic High School, not some rock and roll fan club."

Just then, Father McGinnis' door opened; the priest popped his head out and glared at the two boys. "Mark Kopana, I'll see you in my office, at once!"

Mark's heart virtually stopped. He was next in the priest's amateur barbershop. Mark had always been an obedient and respectful boy, especially when it came to the clergy. He reluctantly stood and did as the priest had instructed. There was no use arguing.

"Close the door, Mark!" the priest ordered.

Mark's eyes became wide as saucers as he saw huge clumps' of Fred Brockmann's hair around the straight wooden chair that obviously served as the tonsorial parlor.

"Father McGinnis, I promise I'll get a proper haircut tonight," Mark stammered as he mopped his own thick blond hair away from his eyes. His hair was not nearly as long as Fred's and since it was straight instead of wavy, presented a much neater appearance.

"I rather enjoyed my stint as a barber. Taking the shears to Fred was actually a bit of fun. I cut his cocky attitude down to size with a few quick snips using these," the priest said, picking up the scissors menacingly. Then he tapped the chair. "Be a good boy, Mark. It's your turn to shed that horrible long hair. Come now, sit! I'll use these to chop off the over growth, and then I'll finish up with those." The priest pointed to a huge set of electric clippers that Mark had not noticed on the credenza behind his desk.

"Oh, no, sir! Please, have mercy!" Mark implored as he groveled before the authority of the priest.

Father McGinnis walked over to Mark and adopted a less harsh tone. "You do have such nice hair, Mr. Kopana," he said, eyeing it carefully. Then he reached up and stroked it a bit, pushing the bangs away from Mark's handsome face.

Mark felt slightly uncomfortable but was grateful that the priest seemed more approachable. "You won't cut it too short, will you?" Mark whimpered.

"I could let you off the hook and let you take care of your own business this evening. Visit the barber and get a nice, back-to-school haircut. That's what you should have done like most of the other boys...." Father McGinnis deliberated aloud. "Perhaps I could allow you, just this once."

"Oh, thank you, Father McGinnis!" Mark exclaimed. "You are very good to me."

"But you still need to be punished for flaunting school policy and showing up here looking like one of that awful Beatles -- such terrible music they make," the priest continued. "So, it's your choice. Amateur haircut with the clippers or a spanking with my paddle of discipline."

There was no way Mark was going to opt for the clippers!

"The paddle, sir," he said meekly.

"Okay, then. Drop your pants...and briefs," the priest instructed.

"Drop my pants and briefs?!" he stammered. "But, Father...."

The priest reached for the clippers and snapped them on. The howl of the teeth chattering was awful. "These are an option...if your modesty is an issue."

Mark hustled to unbuckle his belt and dropped his pants. Then he reluctantly lowered his white Fruit of the Loom underpants.

Father McGinnis did not avert his eyes. Instead, he chuckled as he scoped out the length of Mark's little friend. "So you're a boy after all," he laughed, taking Mark by the torso and firmly leaning him over the desk. "With this long hair, I was beginning to wonder...."

Mark felt extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable. But, saving his hair from the amateur barber who was intent on inflicting a ghastly amateur hack job was the most important thing.

"Such pretty hair and a pretty face too, Mark, you could make a nice young lady," the priest mused.

As Mark lay motionless over the desk, Father McGinnis continued to examine and caress his blond mane. "Perhaps my secretary should take you to her Beauty Shoppe and have these nice locks set with curlers. You can she could sport matching bouffants, Marcia!" he laughed.

Mark continued feeling vulnerable and exposed. But, the priest's caressed strangely warmed him inside. He pictured himself a ladies' beauty shop with curlers in his hair and he felt an unwelcome exhilaration.

Father McGinnis continued stroking the thick, blond hair as he reached for the paddle that was in his lower desk drawer.

"Perhaps you will enjoy this," he whispered in Mark's ear as he delivered the first sting. THWACK!

The paddle sent a jolt of electricity through Mark's submissive body. The sting across his virgin rear end throbbed.

The priest did not hesitate. THWACK, THWACK!! The blows landed harder with each smack of the paddle.

Mark took it like a man and did not whimper. The paddle added to his confused excitement.

"Now, pull your pants back up and sit over there on the couch, Mr. Kopana. I want you to watch what I have in store for you friend, Mr. Lever!"

Mark hustled to get his pants back on and struggled to force his little friend back inside the school uniform.

The priest opened the door to his office and ordered Todd in.

Todd glanced at Mark and seemed thrilled to see that he still sport his trendy long locks.

Without warning, Father McGinnis grabbed Todd by the huge mane of wiry curls that almost doubled his head size.

"Ouch!" Todd shrieked, as the priest pulled him by the hair to the makeshift barber chair.

There were no tender caresses or choices for Todd or for his afro-style (which Todd referred to as his 'Jew-fro'). The priest quickly fastened a big barber cape around his neck and fired up the clippers. "This will teach you to flaunt our school's traditions!"

With that, Father McGinnis thrust the naked teeth of the clippers straight into Todd's mop of wiry curls. Todd cowered, as if attempting to dodge his fate, but Father McGinnis kept control over the brutal divestiture.

At the end of the first drive across the top of Todd's head, the priest pulled off a massive shank of curls that desperately clung together. "This would make some good, heavy duty steel wool for our kitchen staff to clean the pans with!" he chortled.

Mark was aghast at the swath of stubble that looked like a massive center part through the afro. Father McGinnis' clippers had taken his hair down to the skin. Just naked scalp.

"My father will bring the largest law suit against you," Todd protested.

The priest stopped at smirked, "He will, will he? Fraid not, you little sissy. I spoke with him this morning and he fully supports you coming home bald! In fact, he seemed quite pleased and even told me to teach you a lesson you will never forget. And that's what I intend to do."

A few more swipes with the clippers left Todd looking like he had a severe case of Male Pattern Baldness. The fringe of wiry curls that wrapped around the sides and back of his head made Todd look like a circus clown.

Father McGinnis' ire did not abate and Todd suffered the rest of his humiliation in silence. Without his huge mop of hair, Todd had been reduced to a cowering, whimpering scared-y cat. The collections of shorn clumps of curls on the floor was amazing.

Once the lad looked like a marine recruit, Father McGinnis undid the cape.

"What about him?" Todd stammered, as he pointed to Mark.

The barber did not reply. Todd rose from the hard wooden chair and felt his clipped head.

"Get back to class, Baldy!" he ordered Todd. The shorn lad scurried out of the principal's office feeling very small and wanting to disappear.

The priest called out to his secretary, "Annette, bring me that extra uniform we keep for the girls -- the leotards and skirt will be sufficient. Oh, and if you have a nice hair ribbon or barrette, that would be wonderful. We have to get Marcia ready to be escorted back to class."

Mark's heart virtually stopped beating. Father McGinnis could not mean for him to.....!!

The priest had an enormously large smile on his face as he grinned at poor Mark. "If you insist on wearing your hair the length of a girl, we'll we will see to it that you have the clothes to match!"

The secretary entered with the items Father McGinnis had requested. She had a gleam of delight in her eye. "Shall I call my Beauty Shoppe and make an appointment for Miss Kopana? She would look delightful with a bouffant like mine...."

Mark had visions of Father McGinnis and Mrs. McCready parading him through the school halls dressed like a girl.

"Come on, now, Marcia. Let's get your skirt on and get you back to class," Father McGinnis taunted.

"I guess, I, uh...." Mark gulped nervously. "Uh, it it too late for me to opt for the haircut?"

"Oh, you liked Todd's makeover after all?" the priest exulted, watching the poor lad squirm. "I was beginning to think you thought it was a little on the short side." Then he took Mark by the hand and led him across his office to the hard wooden chair.

"Please, Father McGinnis!" Mark begged. "Please don't shave me bald.....I'd do anything!"

"Anything?" Father McGinnis asked with an intrigued look on his face.

Mark thought for a moment he saw Father McGinnis pucker his lips slightly. Would he do it to save his hair? He was 18, after all...and Father McGinnis was quite handsome for a middle aged man. Mark lightly stroked the priest's cheek and then ran his fingers through his well-groomed hair that was just beginning to gray slightly.

The trap Mark set for Father McGinnis worked perfectly. As the priest moved to plant a kiss on Mark's lips, the lad dodged in the nick of time.

"Perhaps you are the one he needs some discipline for attempting to abuse your position of trust, Father," Mark snapped. "When I tell the press what happened...."

"Nothing happened! Please....it would ruin me. And the bishop is coming tomorrow. Oh, Mark, why don't you scamper back to class now and come tomorrow with a nice, fresh haircut," the priest pleaded almost breathlessly.

Mark eyed the clippers and the cape. He enjoyed the upper hand. "Yes, I suppose I will. But, first, there's something I'd like to do."

Mark took Father McGinnis by the hand and led him to the chair. "I noticed you were getting a bit shaggy. The bishop would certainly not approve!"

"No, Mark, please!" Father McGinnis pleaded.

The lad did not relent. He forcefully ensured the priest was seated on the hard wooden chair. The cassock and clerical collar with all its authority would not save Father McGinnis. In a flash the cape was tightly in place, obliterating the authority of the clerical collar.

Mark plied this fingers through Father McGinnis' thick chestnut colored hair with fiery auburn highlights. "Um....thick and silken....quite lush for a man your age. But, you seemed to like the length you gave Todd Lever. So, you too will sport nothing but stubble, Patrick!"

Mark snapped the clippers on. Patrick McGinnis' nice business style quickly succumbed to the balding clippers. An awesome shade of white scalp was left in the wake of the clippers. Clumps of shimmering copper-brown hair fell atop the wiry curls and the shanks of blond hair.

Mark enjoyed teaching Father McGinnis a lesson in the need for clerical chastity.

"Are you finished?" the priest asked sheepishly as Mark snapped off the machine.

"Not quite," Mark noted, as he stepped back and admired the bald head he had created.

Suddenly, he felt an urge, a very strong urge. He grasped Father McGinnis' face and brought their lips together. Mark kissed the bald man with unreserved passion.

Finally he released his prey. The priest's face was red with surprise, coupled with elation and shame.

"Keep these clippers handy, Pat. I want your stubble nice and sharp. Shall we say, Thursdays will be our day for me to play barber? You will not be sporting a full businesscut while I'm still in school. Is that understood?"

"Yes," Father McGinnis panted, still recovering from having his breath taken away by Mark's unexpected smooch. "I will be waiting for you, eagerly....."

"Clippers, then a kiss...." Mark said as unfastened the cape.

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