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Teenage Pop Star becoming a Man by Tall and Sexy

One day I went to the bar with some of my friends looking for some dates. Now I had recently broken up with my girlfriend for another girl which fell through shortly after. Very few people knew about it so I thought. I was a bit of a player. Part way through the night someone said something about Justin beiber. I made a comment about how is music sucked an his hair sucked and made him look like a girl.  Shortly after a very hot girl walked up to me and we flirted and I bought her a drink. Her name was angie and we talked for quite a while. She told me she was a stylist at a salon downtown and had just finished college a year ago. We ended up going back to her place where we went to the couch and started to kiss and undress. That's all I remembered until I woke up. My head hurt and I then realized I was tied to a chair with my arms and lets tied up. I was naked except for my boxers. She was standing in front of me. "what is going on??" I asked. "well I know why u left Cindy (my ex) and I'm here to make sure you don't cheat on anyone again.  I'm going to give you a nice, shall we say, teenage pop singer haircut like, ow idk, Justin beiber? I think so let's get to work and FYI if you fight it or don't return for bi monthly haircuts I will make damn sure that you won't get a date in this town again. Alright?" she said. I nodded. She came up behind me and started running her fingers through my hair. My hair was about shoulder length, minimal wave, dark brown and simply styled. I had a beard and was very hairy all over. "well lets get started." as she grinned.

She combed my hair out including my bangs that fell past my chin. She then started cutting all the hair up to about chin length sending large chunks of hair to the floor. She then took her razor and started razoring the ends and layering my hair. She angled the bangs so that one of my eyes could be seen and then finished. "ow I almost forgot! It's time for a color change don't you think?" she said. With that she applied generous amounts of color to my hair. Then she comes around in front of me and took her shirt off. Wow among everything going on I got excited without knowing it. She grinned and said "you know, Justin being so young wouldn't have such a hairy chest" an with that she ran the clippers over my chest and then shaved it smooth with a razor. She gave my back and face the same treatment. She then looked at my armpits. "well Justin wouldn't have that dark of arm hair know would he?" and she slapped some color on the hair in there. Then she slowly moved towards the bulge in my pants and slid my boxers down. "wow so no manscaping that's for sure and she proceeded to shave me smooth and then applied more color to my hair. I stood there in shock. When the color was done she instructed me o go shower. I didn't even think of running so I showered and when I got out she was waiting for me with a change of clothes. She had bought teenage pop clothes. She watched me dress. Her selection included tighty whites, red skinny jeans, a white tshirt, and a black hooded sweatshirt. She then straightened my hair. I looked like a taller Justin beiber with platinum blonde hair. She instructed me that I was to return every other friday for a trim and touch up for 3 months. I agreed and then she let me leave. 

For the next three months I went to her house and was shaved smooth everywhere but my head. My hair was trimmed and then given new clothes that fit the teenage pop star look. At the end of three months she told me I was done but that if I ever cheated on another girl again worse things would be in store.

The next day I went to a nearby barber. It was a military barber seeing as the base was close by. I walked in and a marine was in the chair getting a high n tight recon. I walked in and took a seat while the barber finished.  "son I don't normally do haircuts like that." said the barber. "don't worry sir I'm here for a good chopping." I said. The barber was in his 60s and the marine in his 40s. The barber finished up and the marine paid but then sat down. "I want to watch this." he said. As I crawled up in the chair the barber asked what it would be. I replied "well I don't want a long style like this anymore. I want something short and sharp looking. Something that says I'm a man and I can take it." if you can pick the best haircut that fits that and then surprise me that would be great I said. "alrighty then." the barber said. With that he fired up his clippers and started removing my right sideburn working around until the left burn was gone. Then he clipper over combed the top. He then added some product and then worked on the top seeming to take it down very short at the center. While he was doing this the marine (mike) and i started talking about the Super Bowl and things like that. The barber then turned the clippers off after a while and added some more product. He then shaved the sides and back of my head and even shaved right down the center of my head which startled me. He wiped the cream off and then rubbed an oil in and then spun me around so I could see in the mirror. "one horseshoe flattop to say I'm a man!" the barber exclaimed! Wow I was shocked. It was awesome!! Mike said "welcome to the life of becoming a true man!" I loved it. I became a regular and still 30 years from then I still keep the horseshoe. I couldn't ask for a better outcome from a terrible situation and I am now married an have 2 beautiful kids and have never cheated and will never cheat on another girl again! 

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