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Change with Grandpa 2. by Jajko

Change with Grandpa 2.
In the early seventies. When I reached my 13th birthday my parents were 3 months off duty abroad and during that time I got 4 very short hairstyles from my grandfather and I got the nickname REGRUT! With the arrival of my parents, I thought my parents would be angry with my grandfather, forcing me to fashion my hair, but I was wrong. My mother was surprised at first, but then she said I was so pretty.
Grandpa then moved out and I was relieved that I would not have to get regular short hairstyles every 4 weeks. Time passed and my classmate asked me if I would go to the barber again on Monday, which I said no, and that I would start growing my long hair again. But on Friday after coming from school he was a grandfather with us and that he would be staying a few days. He had a surprise for us that he wanted to talk about on Saturday and invited his classmate's father to the boys he had met in the barbershop. So we all met on Saturday and he started calling him to represent an educator at an English private boarding school. He worked there for several years until he retired. He showed us a school magazine where there were pictures with the text since coming to school. The boys wore white briefs and a tank top. I was not used to briefs, so it was more like a girl's underwear. Then they wore a gray school uniform with shorts and gray knee-highs. Gray jacket with a school sign and a gray cap with a peak on the head. There were pictures of the student room, the storage of personal belongings in cabinets, but also the classroom. Everything looked like a box. Grandpa praised the school's good results and how it will make exemplary students even lazy students, even with corporal punishment. He also had private photos of several spanking tools, as well as students in various positions in punishment, whether dressed or in briefs or with a stick. I didn't like that school at all. The schoolmate's father warned his son that if he does not improve, he will write him there. Grandpa was also pleased that he had such success with his lecture, which he finished with words. He wants to start school with a decent hairstyle and therefore decided to go to a haircut on Monday and take me, too, for 4 weeks have passed. I tried to avoid it, but my dad and mum said they didn't see a reason to go there with my grandfather.
On Monday after school my grandfather took me to the barber again. We were there as a classmate with brothers and father. Even though I've been here five times, every time I started cutting my hair and I felt his electric scissors on my head, the whole head wanted. I knew what the hairstyle would be and what the mockery would be at school, so I had one big knot in my stomach. Before I jumped out of the barber's chair in the mirror, I noticed that my classmate and his family had come to the barber shop. A moment later the barber stood with a small mirror behind me to show me the pale skin on the back of my head, just like my hips.
I stayed in the barber shop until the end and left my classmates. I sat down at a place where I had a good view and watched as the barber cuts them. I realized that I liked it when I saw others on the white light on their heads that I liked it, but it certainly wasn't a hairstyle for me.
Fortunately my grandfather was in England at a boarding school and I could grow my hair to my liking. My classmate also used to call me if I was coming with them, but I always refused. I would like to see them again as their barber scalps, but I was afraid I would have to sit in the barber's chair too.

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