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Passion part 10 by Fantasy Weaver


1: Adult content ahead.
2: This thing is pretty much unedited. Hope you've enjoyed the sequel and again, sorry for taking so long to update it.
3: any of you interested in my long-term story about Horus and Hades? (refer to part 4 of Passion).


Part Ten

And then it started. Jasper turned the clipper on, the sound once again making the crowd cower. He brought the clipper forth, slowly, carefully watching everyone’s reactions. Sebastian took a shuddering breath when he felt the metal against the sensitive skin of his nape.

The barber then made his first swipe. His -torturously- slow pace had Sebastian nearly shaming himself with an impatient whine. He held the sound back though. The clipper was pressing into his scalp, running through and severing his messed up hair. Then Jasper’s hand moved, and the machine continued its path all the way to his crown and down to his forehead.

It was pure bliss.

The black hair bunched up and fell from his head into his lap, the weight of it, unfortunately, settling on his crotch. With so many eyes watching them, it was only self-control that kept the raven’s shaft from hardening.

But the barber wasn’t helping, with the way he, with the same agonizing slowness, brushed his calloused hand all the way down this bare path of stubbly skin. The dragging motion made a shiver course all the way down the smaller man’s spine, all the way to the tip of his toes. ‘Oh yes…’ was the thought that surfaced in his clouded mind.

Jasper smiled at the barely concealed expression of pleasure present on his lover’s face. He made the other bow his head down again, as he had lifted it to get to his forehead, and resumed clipping the nape at his unhurried pace. A path was sheared to the right of the initial pass, and another on the left. The platinum haired man didn’t know if the people could see, but Sebastian shook every time the tool passed over his neck.

When Jasper switched to running the clipper up the left side of his head, Sebastian had to try hard, very hard, not to moan at the sensation of his sideburn being stripped away. With the humming of the motor so close to his ear like that, he thought he might faint. Behind his ear now. The hair was pilling up quickly on the cape, all gathering into one dark mass in his lap.

The barber then moved to his other side, clipping him with the same leisurely pace. A look at his boyfriend showed Sebastian that he was smiling. His eyes held the same love and lust as they had the first time this happened.

At the time, the raven hadn’t been aware of it, simply because he had been so numbed in the tide of pleasure. He had been too shy to even glance in Jasper’s eyes as he buzzed his head. As an adult, he could now fully appreciate the passion displayed in the crimson eyes. He could bask in those depths, in the emotion flowing from the taller man to him.

Had they not been surrounded by people they knew, Sebastian had a feeling that this "ceremony" would have been taken on to a higher level. Had they been alone, just Jasper and him, the platinum haired man probably would have made him strip. They would have ensued in much more bodily activities while the barber was running the clipper over his head.

The sides and back were now reduced to nothing but sandpapery scalp. There were two strips of hair left on Sebastian’s head, and Jasper eyed them greedily. His alabaster hand cupped the smaller man’s chin and lifted his head.

They were all looking at him. There was wonder, amazement, disgust, horror, jealousy, but above all, it was there.


In some small form or way, it was there in all their faces. They regarded Jasper with the worship Sebastian had wanted them too. Whether it was expressed through fear or adoration for the spectacle before them, worship was present.

This was what he had worked so hard for.

The hand at his chin tightened.

"Now say it," Jasper demanded. "Praise me, worship me, say it."

Sebastian swallowed as his eyes rolled shut. "I devote myself to you, I praise you, I adore you…" Jasper passed the clipper through one of the two strips of black hair, leaving nothing behind. "…I worship you, and only you, and, if it would please you…" The other strip was sheared down with an intensity that had Sebastian nearly screaming out in joy. "…I would give myself to you entirely."

The room fell silent again as the clipper was turned off.

Jasper calmly removed the cape, sending the hair to the floor. Amazingly, none of the severed strands landed on the candles, or else an awful smell would have drifted through the room. Then the man stood before Sebastian. He pointed to the floor before him, and the raven immediately stood from the chair.

The barber passed by him as he went to seat himself back in his throne. Knowing what he wanted, the younger man kneeled on the spot, but never looking away from his lover.

They simply gazed at each other. For a minute, they didn’t move, barely breathed, and they could not tear their eyes from each other.

Then, after removing himself from his seat again, with careful steps towards him, Jasper came to place both hands on Sebastian’s head. He stared deeply into his eyes and said one phrase:

"Then you are mine."

It was like every one knew that this was the end of the ceremony, as every person in the room broke out in applause. But even in this loud noise, Sebastian felt as though everything, other than Jasper, was drowned out.

Jasper still held his head between his hands. Their eyes were locked. It was as though everything that had happened in the last twenty minutes had been in complete privacy. Everything that the barber had said, everything that the raven had said, it felt like they had been in nothing but the other’s company.

But the constant clapping brought them both out of this daze, and they stood. Sebastian, feeling a little awkward and self-conscious, grabbed hold of his boyfriend’s hand. This one gladly held onto his in a tight clasp. The contact made the man’s nerves stop jittering. They gave each other nods, and bowed to the crowd, earning them even greater praise. Even Nicolas and Scarlet joined them.

Later, after having changed into formal attire, Sebastian was ushered forth by his teachers. Jasper and his two friends soon followed, and all four were surrounded by the mass of people eager to ask questions and give them congrats.

There were speeches, various questions and explanations given. Sebastian felt so flustered at times that he wanted to run away, but the hand in his kept him in place. The most embarrassing moment came when his parents came to join them.

"That was…" his father started uncertainly, a tone of confusion in his voice. "That was some performance."

Sebastian smiled, a small blush tinting his cheeks. "Thanks, I worked hard to bring it to life." His father looked utterly clueless as to what just happened, as he usually was with anything having to do with art.

His mother was behind his father. She had one brow raised at him, a small smile on her face. The raven had a feeling that his clever mother knew quite well what his performance was about. It wasn’t his father’s fault (he had never been an artistic man). His wife was a digital artist, and had her fare share of art knowledge. It was only natural that she would understand, even the SLIGHTEST bit, of what Sebastian’s masterpiece was about.

"So Jasper," she interjected, getting the albino man’s attention, "were you aware of what Sebastian was doing all this time?"

The man laughed, putting one of his arms around his boyfriend’s waist. "I had no idea what he was doing. I don’t even know if what I did was right." In his mind though, Jasper knew very well what Sebastian had wanted.

The night went on, and everyone looked at the other pieces on display. Sebastian was glad that his parents hadn’t really understood his intentions completely, and so he was probably unchanged in their view. Had they taken a look at the descriptive panel of his piece, they would have immediately understood, as the first few words explained his fetish.

Many people simply passed by the panel without paying it much attention. Those who did take a look at it had very distinct expressions. They would stare at him, thinking, wondering what was going on in his head for him to be attracted to something as innocent as hair.

He ignored those looks. He no longer cared what others thought of him. He was being himself. That was all that mattered. If he wasn’t true to himself like this, Sebastian thought he might die with more regrets than the average human should.

Eventually Sebastian did tell Jasper that the showing had stared at five that night -and yes, the barber had been a bit disappointed, but he had smirked and said it was worth his late arrival.

Nicolas and Scarlet departed near eight o’clock, as did his parents. Leah bid them a pleasant evening as well.

There were still some people in the gallery. The showing was to close at ten. They still had an hour before they would be forced to leave, and Jasper was of a mind to do something.

"Hey" he tugged on his lover’s arm.

The bald man looked at him. "What is it?"

The barber led them back to the room where Sebastian’s work was. "Come on. I want some privacy with my man."

It was so rare to hear Jasper refer to him as "my man", and honestly, it was funny in an endearing way. Sebastian let him drag him back to his showroom, and when they alighted there, Jasper closed the doors behind them.

The raven smiled when his lover came to rub his head with one hand. He leaned his frame into the barber’s larger one, and Jasper embraced him whilst running his palm along the denuded scalp.

"Private enough?" Sebastian muttered lowly, his eyes drooping as the snow skinned man continued his ministrations.

Jasper breathed out a small chuckle. "I locked the doors."

Sebastian smirked. "Naughty boy."

A hand made him lift his grey gaze to the red one above his. "Me? Naughty? Who’s the guy who wanted to get shaved in front of everyone? Did you get hard?"

His tone was teasing. Sebastian gave a grin. "I need privacy to get hard."

Jasper narrowed his gaze at the challenge in his boyfriend’s voice. "Is that so?"

They got out of each other’s arms. Jasper took this time to look more closely at the drawings adorning the walls. They were drawings of him. Of course. He soon found out that the bowls of steaming water were kept at this temperature by single unit burners (the kind he remembers using in science class as a teen). Then his interest turned to the fat book on the center altar.

He approached it, and, with his hand, flipped through the pages. Jasper raised a brow. What could his lover have written in there?

As if reading his mind, Sebastian came to him and said, "I can read a part if you want."

The barber thought about this. The pages he was turning had all manner of sketches, scattered words that may or may not have had something to do with his piece, and many more other things. He hadn’t come across any passages though.

"You wrote things in here?"

The smaller man nodded. He took the book in his hands and searched for a paragraph he had devised. Sebastian cleared his throat, eyeing his chosen page.

"‘…At that moment, I saw within this man a kind and generous god, for he, who had suffered more than ought to be humanly possible, showed compassion and sympathy to a soul in the same situation. I will always recall the child’s eyes when this one looked upon him; a wonder and amazement filled his gaze as this divine figure, too human to be a god, but too holy to be a man, graced him with his first rite of passage. And there, I knew for certain, that this entity before me was a gift to us, lowly humans, but if I were honest, this same entity by the name of White should have graced the golden light of the heavens. Because there, above us wretched beings, was where he belonged.’"

Sebastian replaced the book back on the altar, and lifted his gray gaze to his boyfriend, and nearly started crying.

Jasper was looking at him with the most vulnerable expression he had ever seen on his face. His mouth was slightly agape, and his eyes held the tiniest droplets of tears. With a breath, the man turned away, laughing at his own emotional self.

"Sorry, I just never thought…that you could write something like that about me. Especially after everything that’s happened." He smiled, and Sebastian felt relieved.

They stayed close to the alter like this for a short amount of time. The barber was looking at the painting depicting himself in thought. Then, an idea popped in the barber’s head then. He turned his heavy gaze towards Sebastian, thinking it over.

"Sebastian…" he whispered.

The person in question shivered. The sound of Jasper’s voice; he knew that tone well. The older man was in a troublesome mood.

"Yes?" he asked with a tremble in his voice.

A hand slipped over his pant-clad ass. Jasper leaned in close to his ear, and with deliberate slowness, licked the shell. Another shudder went through the bald man. "You’re not completely shaved yet."

Of course that was what was on the man’s mind. Silently, Sebastian asked, "What are you going to do about it?" Eyes quickly flicked to the locked doors.

"I’m going to fix that problem."

The raven nearly stumbled as his lover detached himself from him. Turning to face him, he panted a bit. His lips were dry.

There was a dangerous playfulness in those red eyes. "Strip."

He wasn’t told twice. Never mind the fact that they were essentially getting down and dirty in a very PUBLIC place, Sebastian just couldn’t refuse the order. Besides, he couldn’t wait before getting home to shave himself. They had all the equipment right here. And they had locked the door. And the manager was still entertaining the guests out in the gallery. They would be fine.

His tie was loosened, his dress shirt unbuttoned. Sebastian was so impatient in his undressing that, with shaking hands, he had nearly ripped his pant’s fly open. Then they had been flung away, just like his shoes and socks. All the while, Jasper watched him, arms crossed, looking dashing and charismatic, while also dangerous. His hooded gaze was making Sebastian warm. Then, as Sebastian had just thrown off his underwear, Jasper started taking his own clothes off as well.

When both men were fully naked, and eyeing each other’s endowment, the barber came forth.

"Do you have a mirror?"

Sebastian was taken aback by the question. But, he did recall that he had brought mirrors with him, as they would have been part of the final product, but had decided to not use them in the end. In the altars, there was storage space he had integrated to better transport his masterpiece.

"Yeah, one second" was the absentminded reply as Sebastian went towards one of the altars.

Lifting one of the capes showed a locked section. The key had been retrieved from his pant’s pockets, and with it, he unlocked the section. Inside, there were a few large mirrors. He took one out of its bubble wrap, carefully bringing it to the center altar and placing it against it. The men could see their reflections staring back at them.

Jasper then placed his hands on his boyfriend’s shoulders, pushing him gently to the floor in front of the glass. The other let him do this without complaint. As he was seated, he observed as the pale skinned man went to retrieve a few items from the array: a straight razor with its blade already inserted (it was new), a bottle of shaving lotion, a couple of towels, oil and a brush.

One of the pools of hot water was near them, and so one of the towels was placed inside to warm, while the other was simply dipped, then draped over the altar to cool. The rest of the items were brought beside Sebastian. Then Jasper finally sat himself behind him.

"Spread your legs" was the next command as two white palms pushed the raven’s legs open.

This way, Sebastian’s legs were bent at the knee, his feet planted on either side in front of him, as he sat against Jasper. His left hand was braced behind him on the floor -as Jasper hand instructed him to do- so he wouldn’t fall. His other hand was unoccupied for the moment.

It was lewd. His position in front of the mirror afforded him -and Jasper- a perfect view of what was down between his legs. And they were doing this in an art gallery. AN ART GALLERY. This wasn’t just them fooling around in their room at home; no, this was being indecent in a public place.

But the thrill of that thought was making Sebastian hot. And, as he felt Jasper repositioning himself, he felt that he wasn’t the only one who thought so.

The barber had taken up his stance behind the nearly bald man. He was standing on his knees, his head a few inches above Sebastian’s own. They could see each other in the mirror.

With narrowed eyes, and a devious smirk, Jasper commanded, "Touch yourself, nice and slow."

He did. He brought his free hand to his hardening organ, giving it slow, gentle strokes. The red eyes were shining with approval above him.

"Just like that. Keep it in though."

Sebastian nodded, a bead of sweat rolling down his temple already.

The barber opened the vial of golden oil, and, after some deliberation, decided to pour the liquid directly onto his boyfriend’s head. The gentle drizzle atop his clipped scalp made Sebastian a bit harder.

Then, Jasper massaged his head. But it was different this time. It wasn’t a professional sort of massage, like he did in his barbershop. No; this had a distinctly sensual feel to it. His hands pressed down on his scalp, gliding unhurriedly from front to back, back to front. The smaller of the two could feel and see Jasper’s body moving in sync with his hands. The sight in the mirror was worth drooling over.

A groan made its way up Sebastian’s mouth. It was a throaty sound, far too heady to have been considered innocent. He wanted to speed his hand up, to apply more pressure, but Jasper was watching him. He was analyzing his reactions, piercing him with his fiery gaze. He hummed in anticipation.

When the hands left his skull, the raven took some time to breathe. He exhaled long and low, closing his eyes to prevent the reflection of his barber and himself to cause him any more neediness.

"Open your eyes."

He supposed Jasper was enjoying watching him lose himself. Sebastian had to smile at that as he opened his lust-filled eyes. Just when he thought he could catch a break, Jasper orders something like that.

A snowy arm stretched out to grab at the towel that had been soaking in the hot water. It was squeezed of any excess and brought onto his head. The man had to force his eyes to stay open: that was how good the sensation of the steamy towel was on his head.

"Don’t stop" was the harsh whisper in his ear. A look at his hand showed it to be almost motionless. He resumed his slow pace.

It was hard to both enjoy the treatment to his scalp, which was relaxing, and to keep his hand moving along his member. Perhaps it was just the day’s stress finally wearing off that had him nearly dozing, but for Jasper’s sake, he wanted this to keep going. Well, the raven was also a bit curious to know where his boyfriend was going with this.

Just like normal, Jasper was pressing his hands on the towel, moving them, pressing them again, to make sure the heat was uniformly distributed. He wouldn’t stop staring at him in the mirror. His peculiar eyes stared at his, went to his crotch, back to his face. It was wonderful.

He let go of the towel, and opted instead to occupy his hands with another task. The platinum haired man now placed a dollop of shaving lotion in the middle of the soft brush. And once this was done, he dipped the brush in the water, only a little, enough to soak it through, before squeezing any unnecessary moisture out. His focus quickly returned to the towel, which had now been on Sebastian’s head for couple of minutes; just enough time to soften the stubble.

All this time, the raven had been stroking his manhood, never stopping. Just this minimal pleasure, lasting for so long, was already making his tip weep the first signs of an impending climax. His orgasm was far off, distant, but nevertheless there. If he continued running his hand up and down like this, it would surely be the end sooner than he would have liked.

And Jasper, perceptive, as always, noticed this, and remarked about it. "Not already?" he teased, adding even more pressure upon his lover by running his index finger over the sensitive part.

"Ah, f***, stop or I’m going to explode, you tease" Sebastian grit between his tightly clenched teeth. He really wasn’t helping at all.

A sharp nip on his ear made him flinch. "I know you can contain yourself. I watched you do it while I was clipping you before."

The towel was removed. "That was different-"

"Imagine" the barber interrupted, "just imagine, for one second, if you had creamed yourself in front of everyone. Imagine the humiliation. You wouldn’t have been able to look your parents in the eye after. Everyone would have looked at you like you were some deranged psycho. But you didn’t. Now," he took a breath, gliding his rough palm over his sandpaper-like scalp, "I want you to imagine that again. There are people watching you. You," he emphasized, grabbing Sebastian’s chin to guide his eyes to look at their reflections, "You, yourself, are watching. Would you really watch yourself cum?"
Sebastian breathed heavily, entranced by his lover’s speech. His clouded, burnt silver gaze (a color caused by the flickering firelight) watched his and Jasper’s reflections.


The albino man raised a brow, intrigued. "If…?"

The smaller of the two swallowed. "If you wanted me to, right now, I would. Because that’s how much I’m devoted to you, my LORD." He had made sure to add emphasis on the last part.

A pleased smile was his answer. "Hold it in, and watch. Don’t. Stop."

And with this final, clipped order, the barber started lathering his boyfriend’s head. Both watched, utterly mesmerized by the way the brush moved. It was as though it was one of Sebastian’s own brushes, and each stroke painting his blank canvas of a head with the white paint that was the lather. Jasper not only was a masterpiece, but an artist of his own kind when it came to barbering. His tools may have been different, but ultimately, he would create his own masterpiece; he would create his ideal Sebastian. And the raven, with the utmost enjoyment, watched as this artist worked his magic on him.

Jasper was having the time of his life. The way the thick, rich lather caught the candlelight, and formed shadows in the shallow groves left in the waves of foam, made him swallow his saliva. His fingers, unable to resist the temptation of marring the perfection of the soft ridges, left scratch-like marks in the soapy surface, only for his brush to fix the disaster. It was so mesmerizing. They had never done something so sensual, so intimately arousing. The setting, the atmosphere, the knowledge that someone possessing the key to the room could walk in on them, all of this made him, and Sebastian he was sure, hyper-aware, hyper-sensitive to what they were doing.

When the brush was set aside in the bowl of steaming water to soak, that was when Sebastian started wanting more. He wanted to really stroke himself; not this slow pace he had accepted to impose upon himself. In the mirror, he could see his barber take hold of the straight razor, its blade glinting in the firelight. He followed the sharp implement with unblinking eyes, watching helplessly as Jasper smirked.

He was teasing him. This was made apparent by the fact that, before even placing the razor on Sebastian’s head, he scraped it lightly against the ridge of his collarbone, the skin of his shoulders, along the triangular shape of his scapula. A soft sound, almost scraping, but not quite, was heard each time the snow skinned man passed the tool over his lover’s body. He was careful though, as the raven was moving from having to please himself. When he ran the back of the blade up his spine, the younger man moaned, trying, and failing, to not arch his back at the sensation.

‘Enough teasing,’ Jasper scolded himself. ‘He needs more or he’ll blow up.’ And frankly, the barber didn’t fancy a disgruntled boyfriend. He playfully blew on the skin of his exposed and lathered neck, enjoying the shudder that passed through him. With a final look at the other in the mirror, the platinum haired man raised the straight razor.

Sebastian tried to not move, but he knew from experience that Jasper could deal with a little movement. He waited, patiently, until, in their reflection, his stormy eyes could see Jasper’s snowy hand stretching his skin. Then the blade came down on his scalp, and the first stroke was made. He closed his eyes, forcing them open again, his hand never stopping its motion, and he breathed deeply, trying to retain himself.

It was sinfully arousing. And how funny; being in this place, like at a place of prayer dedicated to Jasper, he was basically confessing any and all blasphemous feelings he had for the barber and his work. He was letting it all out, for only Jasper to see.

His left hand, placed perilously behind him to support his weight, was starting to ache. The barber made another stroke across the top of his head, the familiar scrapping heightening both the raven’s and Jasper’s desire. He could see it, in the red eyes in the glass. He could see how intently, how unflinchingly he was watching his hands shave away any remains of the former glory of Sebastian’s black hair. He couldn’t get enough of such a stare.

Lather was wiped from the razor, delicately, not even slicing the fragile skin of Jasper’s palm, and the shaving resumed. The top of the other’s head was now clean, cleared of any stubble, and perfectly smooth to the touch. But not yet; he would not allow his treacherous hands to slide across his lover’s scalp, even if it was glinting so invitingly at him. However he did allow his fingers to press on the skin, to stretch it, to further shave it.

Tilting his head for the barber, Sebastian had to moan at the feeling of the razor sliding up his sideburn like that. The sound of it shaving was close to his ear, and resonated in his skull. He hummed appreciatively. As much as he wanted to keep his eyes closed, he didn’t. He kept looking at the spectacle before him. The way Jasper’s arm moved to shave him, the way his own bobbed as he gave himself a little self-gratification, it was amazing. The razor passed behind his ear, which had been folded down.

The foam on his hand was accumulating. With a rapidity that came from experience, Jasper took the lather with the razor and wiped it on a towel he had placed on the floor beside them. He resumed, biting his lip as he did so. The pale man absolutely adored doing this. As much as Sebastian could love getting shaved, he loved shaving him just as much. His own shaft was standing to attention between them. Unlike Sebastian though, his hands were occupied, so pleasuring himself was impossible.

The other side of Sebastian’s head was now cleared away as well. All that was left was his nape -Jasper’s favorite part of his body, besides you know what. He lifted his red gaze to find Sebastian’s grey eyes cloudy, yes, but reverential. He gave him a suggestive smile.

"Faster" was the only word he said.

Sebastian complied, moving his hand faster along his organ, extracting more pleasure. His head was pushed down slightly, baring his neck for the taller man to shave. And he did so, bringing his hand to stretch the skin taught, and ran the blade along the lines of his neck. The raven panted, his reflection doing the same.

"Don’t come yet" Jasper instructed softly, his voice taking on a "come-hither" tone.
Sebastian didn’t know if he could hold it in much longer though. His breathing was irregular, he was sweating, shaking. The straight razor shaving his nape didn’t do much to help, in fact, it only made his ordeal worse. Wetness flowed from his opening, sounds of strain escaping his lips. And still he watched.

"Faster." The other obeyed, moaning breathlessly. The barber made another stroke. Only one was left. "When I say so, you can come. I want you to look at yourself when you do."

"F***, Jasper just-" Sebastian groaned, cutting his phrase off as his lover passed the razor one final time over his neck. He couldn’t hold it anymore.

"Come" was the soft order.

The order was like the sound of heaven. It was his salvation. Unblinking, Sebastian stared at himself in the glass.

His mouth opened on a sound he was not all that familiar with; it was like a wounded animal, mixed with the sound of primal lovemaking. His body, unable to support itself anymore, collapsed. His left arm buckled, but Jasper caught him, and held him. As soon as the demand had been issued, the bald man’s hand had stopped any movement.

But the barber was not going to have that. As soon as his arms were around his boyfriend, the pale man’s hand snaked its way to the bobbing shaft between Sebastian’s legs. He pumped him, his hand squeezing and stroking. As sensitive as he was, this only caused him to moan out, his legs trying to close to stop the motion. It was so sensitive it almost hurt. But this too, Jasper was not having. His legs placed themselves between his, and kept them open, forcing the smaller of the two to ride out his climax.

His body arched, writhed, convulsed. His throat was raw from his constant panting and groaning. His hands fisted his barber’s arms tightly, trying to stop him, but all in vain. His body jerked, his back arched, his load spewing out of him like it never had before. And Jasper just kept running his hand along his shaft, pumping as much out as he could.

And high above them, perched on the center wall, the portrait of a god-like Jasper watched in silent approval.

When his hand finally stopped, and Sebastian’s body slumped in his arms, the barber made for him to turn around.

"Suck me, please" he silently begged. The sight of his younger lover loosing himself was making his own problem ever more prominent.

Sebastian delivered though. He bent down, his mouth taking in all of him. It didn’t take much; a few bobs of the scalped head and Jasper was spilling copiously. The raven swallowed it all. Then his mouth was removed and they held each other.

Silence had settled over the room again. The harsh breathing was the only sound, echoing off the walls. Both men were sweating, panting messes. Their bodies were slick and shinning in the glow of the candles. They were spent, utterly devoid of anything other than the person in their arms.

After a while, Sebastian spoke up. "That was…" He was at a loss for what to say. There were simply no words to describe what he had just lived.

"Yeah" Jasper agreed, he too not knowing how to express himself.

A pale hand rubbed absentminded circles over Sebastian’s bald head. The smooth texture was appeasing. And the motion was very much welcomed on the other’s part. After another beat of silence, Sebastian licked his lips in thought.

"This was better than the performance."

The barber smirked, a scoffing sound escaping his upturned lips. "Of course it was. I made you orgasm."

Sebastian shoved his shoulder half-heartedly. "Asshole." Truthfully, he was just as amused as his lover was.

Jasper then sighed, looking around at the mess they had created. "I guess we should clean this up before someone comes in."

Sebastian laughed, placing a kiss on Jasper’s jaw. "I love you."

The other held him tighter. "I love you too."


The gallery stayed open for two weeks. People visited the exhibits, and critics even joined in.

All the students had graduated. The diploma ceremony would be held in the fall of that year, but that was still months away. Now, Sebastian could relax, could catch up on some much needed sleep and social time.

Socially speaking, Leah had become good friends with Scarlet and Nicolas over those few weeks. Scarlet especially seemed to have taken a liking to her (and she swore it had nothing to do with the fact that Leah was "her type"). Nicolas finally introduced his girlfriend Haley to them as well. The girl was very sweet.

But mostly, what the bald man liked was simply staying at home, and revisiting the opening night. He would take out the CD and watch his performance in the living room.

Those who had missed Sebastian’s performance could still see it via video. Sebastian had asked some of the other students to film his ceremony for both other guests and, by all means, for conserving purposes.

Well, most times when Jasper and him watched that film, they weren’t interested in the art as much as they were in what they were shown doing. Many nights they would be in their living room watching it, though they would be doing less than innocent things while doing so.

In a way, how Sebastian saw it, the film wasn’t simply his art. It was him. It was Jasper. It was other people with trichophilia. It was all these things and more. It was his and Jasper’s passion, on display, for all to see.

It was proof to him that, no matter what, he and Jasper would always be passionate about each other.


The End.

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