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Emmett Gets Turned on by MBP by Manny

I lingered at Emmett's stall at the community yard sale, trying to come up with a reason to engage him in conversation. I had no need of anything on his tables. But my desire to continue gazing at his piercing blue eyes which looked like two pools of inviting, refreshing water was intense. Emmett was handsome, and his manly face was framed by gorgeous plush brown hair styled in a retro-shag, over his ears and covering his brows. His locks shimmered in the early afternoon sun.

"Do you have any old magazines?" I asked. "I'm particularly interested in National Geographic or travel types."

"Nope, not a reader," Emmett replied with a laugh. "What about these DVDs? There are some great action flicks -- some of my favorites....like this one, Legends of the Fall." He held up the jacket and the young Brad Pitt's flowing mane was prominently featured. "Last time I saw Brad in the news, he was sporting longish hair again. He's held up well over the years."

"That was one of my favorite movies," I replied. "Maybe I'll take it -- I can hardly remember the plot. Four bucks is sort of pricey, though. What else can you interest me in, Emmett? You're on a roll as a persuasive salesman."

"How about a set of electric hair clippers with a complete barber kit -- only used once!" he said, pointing to a small box.

"What's the story there?" I asked.

"Had a roommate who thought we could save money by cutting each other's hair. Bought this kit, read the instructions, watched a few DIY youtubes....and, disaster! Poor Howard! He was the guinea pig and I butchered his hair. The more I tried to fix things, the worse it got. He ended up with a butch cut -- a #2 all over...but we had a good laugh. At least I warned him it was a bad idea, that I was no professional barber!"

"And did he return the favor and try his hand on you?" I asked.

Emmett flicked his locks back from his face. "LOL. Actually, I wanted him to have a go at my mop. It was even longer back then and I was desperately wanting it cut -- when this fringe starts covering my eyes, it's a major irritant."

"Gee, with the way you're talking, I'm surprised you didn't instruct Howard to give you a butch too!" I commented.

"I considered it.... Besides, I thought it was only fair. I mean I had my fun pushing the clippers into his thatch. But, Howard declined. Said there was no need to inflict another disaster....that he'd just write off his $20 investment in the barber kit. And now, it's yours for only $15, Tony! Shall I bag it up together with the DVD?"

I opened the box to see what else came with it. I imagined how much fun Emmett and I could have in the evening if we got into the habit of cutting each other's hair. I took out the barber shears and snapped them open and shut a few times. "Somewhere deep within me, I'm feeling like I myself would be an excellent barber. What do you say I give you $15 for the kit and the DVD -- and we'll both try our hand at barbering. I think Howard was on to something. You give me a haircut and I give you one? Or, maybe I should say, I give you a haircut and then you give me one!"

"And, afterwards, we can watch Legends of the Fall together!" Emmett remarked. "I'd sort of like to see it again, now that I'm getting rid of it...."

Then Emmett looked at my hair. It was a standard business cut -- perhaps a little of on the longish side. "Hmmmm, are you sure you 're up to an amateur haircut? You could end up with a butch like Howard! What would everyone at the bank say if you showed up with a good old-fashioned butch?"

His eyes twinkled. I sensed him very much wanting to repeat his feat of reducing a nice head of hair down to stubble. My stomach churned a bit at the thought of it, but I was glad to be connecting with him. Losing my fussy little business cut to bond with Emmett could very well be worth it.

Then Emmett continued, "I think I learned a lot from my experience with Howard. Lesson #1, don't try to take off too much at once. A much lighter touch is needed. Lesson #2, the bigger the plastic guard, the longer it leaves the hair. I started with the smallest one first, thinking that was the best tactic for only taking just a little off."

I admired Emmett's long glossy hair. Certainly, he had no personal experience with clippers.

Then Emmett added, "And, by the way, no clippers at all on me. Just a trim, although these bangs are quite heavy and long. I think those thinning shears are what I need," said Emmett as he pulled out the other set of strange looking scissors from the box.

"Yep, your hair is quite thick and heavy. The thinning shears are exactly what you need. Do you agree to be first in the chair?" I asked.

Emmett flashed me a thumbs up. I took out a $20 and handed it to him. Emmett and I had a date! And I would get an opportunity to fondle his lustrous hair as I gave him a trim. Then, perhaps, I'd feel bold enough to massage his shoulders.....those broad manly shoulders. My mind wondered as to where things would go after we swept up the snippets in the kitchen. Of course, it was a little nerve-wracking thinking of me possibly ending up with a butch. My hair was one of my best assets -- an amazing chestnut color with fiery auburn highlights. But I was willing to risk it to develop a closer, more intimate relationship with Emmett.

As Emmett handed me the bag with the barber kit and DVD in it, he said, "It was a pleasure doing business with you, Tony. How does Friday at 7 pm sound for my second attempt at barbering?"

"And my first! It sounds great. Let's do it at my place," I said, taking the bag. "Emmett, please watch some more DIY haircuts on youtube. As you mentioned, the office environment where I work is quite conservative and a butch might look out of place," I chuckled.

Emmett hammed things up a bit by whistling a few lines from The Barber of Seville. His blue eyes sparkled and I thought he flashed me a wink as we bid each other good-bye.


I felt very nervous and excited on Friday evening as I waited for Emmett to arrive. I already had the makeshift barber shop set up in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Quite a bit of equipment was included in that $15 kit!

"Come in, Emmett," I welcomed him, as I opened the door. His hair looked very sexy and amazing as he flicked it away from his eyes.

"So glad I'm finally going to get the fringe trimmed. It's been driving me even more crazy than normal ever since we set up our date...." he replied.

Our date?! He too was viewing things in that direction.

"Should we head straight into the barber shop or do you want a beer first?" I asked.

Emmett pulled off his tight tee-shirt and revealed a wonderfully sculpted torso. His chest was covered with a lush furry pelt. "Haircut first!"

I led him into the kitchen and pulled out the chair for him to sit. "Too bad I don't have a cape so that the snippets don't get caught up in this I said," quickly brushing his furry chest.

I was happy Emmett did not recoil from my impulsive touch or even miss a beat in our conversation.

"Well, if everything goes okay tonight, maybe we could invest in one. You know, I've been thinking that if we develop some good skills, we could interest others in our little kitchen barbershop....like Rob McCoy and Steven Putman. Rob could stand to have that huge bush of hair he sports mowed off close to the scalp!"

"Agreed! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, you need to see if I pass muster with the way I handle this barbering business," I said as I plunged my fingers into his plush long locks. The feel was divine! I also noted that Emmett did not try to escape my caresses. "So, any specific instructions before I unleash the shears on you and start reducing this mane to something more manageable?"

He hesitated. "You know, uh," Emmett stammered nervously. "I was thinking that long hair is a lot of work. I, uh....." He shifted uneasily in his seat. "Well, uh...." He just could not get it out. Finally he said quickly, "Cut the bangs quite short, besides thinning them. Well off the eyebrows!"

I began to brush the tresses straight forward. The thick veil of brown hair fell half way across the blue eyes. I attacked the fringe with the thinning shears. CHOP, CHOP, CHOP....then I combed through it and watched a mass of hair fall to his lap.

"Boy, your hair is thick! Why do you have a phobia about the clippers? A set of fastfeed electric hair clippers is what you need for this mop, and I rather think a very short crop would transform you." I simulated the action of the metal teeth of the clippers going up through the mass of hair at Emmett's nape.

He squirmed in the chair and cleared his voice nervously.

"I was thinking, well, along the same lines," he blurted out. "Tony, I want a butch! There, I said it. Just like I gave Howard."

"Oh, Emmett, a butch would help emphasize your blue eyes even more!" I gasped, surprised at where this was heading. I carefully brushed his long bangs away from his enticing eyes. Emmett smiled shyly as I studied his handsome features.

"I always regretted it, not having Howard butch me back then. It's just my girlfriend....she so much loves my long hair!" he confessed.

Girlfriend?! She needed to be taken out of the picture. At once. I reached for the clippers. Suddenly, I felt extremely motivated to mow off the silken mane. Emmett's tight butch could certainly provoke a break-up!

I stripped the machine of the plastic guard. Emmett would leave my kitchen BALD and shock his dear, manipulative girlfriend! I grasped the fringe and held it up, away from the forehead. I was coming straight to the hair with the naked teeth exposed when Emmett's cell phone rang.

"Oh, that ring tone. It's my girlfriend. I have to take the call, Tony," he said.

He quickly fished the phone out of his pocket. "Hey! Oh, not much...."

I couldn't believe I was going to be put on hold waiting for the casual chat to end.

".....I'm at Tony's place. Actually, he's giving me a haircut. No! Don't worry. Just a trim....these bangs are getting on my nerves. Okay, okay! But one of these days, I'm having the whole lot shaved off...!" And with that, Emmett hung up.

"Does she control your hair length?" I smirked. "I never imagined you as the hen-pecked type. I mean, you're so manly! Such a stud."

"Oh, stop it, Tony! You're making fun of me...." Emmett blushed. "But, I really should be more assertive in our relationship."

"Relationship? It sounds like she dictates and you comply!" I picked up the clippers and snapped them on. "Ready?"

"No, she'll freak out. Just trim my bangs...and maybe an inch off the back."

Talk about disappointment! But my main goal was to secure Emmett's friendship.

"How about the beer before we take care of this?" I asked, with my fingers lingering in his locks, with a tender caress.

"I'd like that very much...." he mumbled.

As I handed him a beer, Emmett confessed, "I wish I hadn't taken that call. She can be so annoying. You were almost ready to take the clippers to this." His hand mopped his hair away from his eyes. "Well, perhaps there will be no clipper action tonight for me, but these bangs are going to be cut short! That much I know. And she's been forewarned."

When he had finished our interlude, I got Emmett back in the barber's chair. I combed the long bangs down. Since my attack with the thinning shears, they were much more manageable.

"Shall I take them off to here?" I asked, pressing the blade of the shears just above the eyebrow.

"Shorter!" Emmett ordered defiantly.

"How about up here?" I asked, moving the blade near the top of the forehead, as a sort of gag.

To my huge surprised, Emmett said, "Yes, very very short bangs. Snip them off right there, to that length!"

My hand trembled at the thought of decimating his sexy long bangs. But, if it would help wrench him from the sway of his manipulative wench....

My fingers began itching to start his transformation. Snip, snip, snip.

Dramatically, the curtain of hair fell to Emmett's lap. I was stunned by the awful look of the extremely short bangs! It was like a Prince Valiant haircut on steroids.

"Oh, Emmett," I gasped. "It's too short!"

Emmett looked at the huge clump of lifeless hair on his lap and jumped up from the chair. The severed clump fell to the floor. He ran to the bathroom. Then I heard a howl -- it was a sound halfway between pain and pleasure. "Yikes!"

I ran into the bathroom. "I'm so sorry...."

Emmett's eyes were wide and struggled to come to terms with his new, hideous haircut. "No, Tony! I told you to do it. Don't blame yourself." Emmett looked into the mirror again and burst into laughter. "OMG!"

He pulled at this stubby bangs. "This looks ridiculous."

Then his faced eased into a sly smile. "You know what? I'm going to do it...." He stared again in the mirror. "That's it. Fire up the clippers! BUTCH! I want it all off. A #2 all over. Debbie will just have to deal with it."

"Let's up the ante!" I exclaimed. "A #1!" I imagined his furious little girlfriend when she saw the stubble.

"Sure!" he said gleefully. Then Emmett tussled my hair. "A #1 all over for both of us!"

I about s**t in my pants! OMG...he wanted me butched tight too!

"No, Emmett..." I stammered.

"Your fussy little business cut. It's coming off tonight. In fact, it's coming off first!" Emmett's muscular arms enveloped me and he pulled me close to him. I was like putty in his tight hold. As he held me against his furry, muscular chest, I knew I would succumb to whatever he wanted.

"This barber wants to give you a tight butch, Tony. A #1 all over," he cooed into my ear. Emmett stroked my wavy thatch of hair that was my pride and joy. I drank in the tender touches of his hand in my soft, silken hair. "How bout it, sport? It's time to shed your fussy 'every lock perfectly brushed into place' hairdo. You and me both butched down tight! We'll both feel so bonded when we both sport bare, clipped heads."

Emmett held me in his arms for what seemed like an eternity. I picture Emmett stroking my stubble. I was more than ready to get butched!

"Will you comfort me if I have trouble accepting it once it's all over and my hair is on the kitchen floor?" I asked.

"You bet, pal," he whispered as his lips came very close to mine.

Then Emmett began unbuttoning my dress shirt. It felt heavenly to watch him carefully disrobe me. I wished he would moved to unbuckle my belt and pull down my pants, but instead, he led me shirtless to the kitchen barber shop.

Emmett made me sit in the chair and he played with my wavy forelock for a few moments before reaching for the clippers. Then he gathered the prime mass of hair and held it prisoner while he snapped on the clippers. Click! The machine sprang to life. "This lush lock is coming off!" he said in an animated voice. I was frozen in fantasy and unable to react to the impending head shave. I watched the chattering teeth of the machine come up past my eyes. Before I could say anything, the vibrating teeth plowed into my dense forelock and began traveling along my scalp.

Then, my mind caught up to what didn't seem right as I watched the machine approach. There was no guard on the teeth!

"Emmett!" I yelped. "Is the plastic guard on?" My heart beat furiously.

"What's that?" he asked.

I freaked out. There on the table lay the small plastic guard. I had taken it off right after the girlfriend called.

"Uh, oh...." Emmett murmured.

"Stop!" I demanded.

He complied, but it was too late. Emmett pulled off a generous clump of my hair and dropped it in my lap.

"Your scalp is very, uh...visible. Very white." he said, unable to mask the concern in his voice.

"Emmett!" I howled. "Is it awful?!" I sat, frozen in fear, imagining the damage and what we could do about it.

It was my turn to go check things out in the bathroom mirror. Carved out of the fussy business cut was the prime chunk of my forelock. A huge patch of white scalp was painfully visible. I touched it mournfully.

"I'm so sorry," Emmett stammered as he watched me stroke the stubble that felt like very fine sand paper. "I forgot all about the guard. I was so excited to get the butch going..."

"No, it was my fault," I said, trying to compose myself. "I was the one who took the guard off to begin with. "I don't think there's anything we can do about this. I guess I, for one, am getting shaved down to the wood all over. Cueball! Chromedome....."

I slinked back to the kitchen and flopped back into the chair, resigned to my face my future with a shaved head.

Emmett resumed his barbering activities and pushed the teeth of the clippers through the prime part of my fussy business cut, sending huge swaths of my shiny chestnut colored hair to my lap and the floor. He continued shaving off the whole top of my head. The vibration on my scalp felt stimulating. My big consolation was the Emmett too would shed the sexy mane that his girlfriend doted on (and hopefully trigger an end to their relationship).

As I was dreaming about stepping into her place, Emmett let out a howl of laughter. "OMG. You look just like you father, Tony! Severe MBP and all...." He continued with peals of laughter as he smoothed down the remaining fringe around the side of my head. Then he took me by the hand, "Come, see yourself in the mirror. You look....oh, adorable!"

I was sort of curious and enjoyed the fact that he was holding my hand.

Getting a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I knew exactly what Emmett meant. I did look like my father! In fact, I looked like a middle aged man with severe male balding pattern.

"I'm not sure I would call this look adorable, Emmett," I commented.

"You're right, it more like, uh, more manly! Very mature and oh, so.....sexy!" Emmett gushed. "Please, keep it like this! You look vulnerable, yet manly."

I burst out of my stunned disbelief and demanded, "What?! Keep it like this? You must be crazy!"

"It would be a hoot, Tony. Oh, please, do it fore me...." Emmett implored with his two huge blue eyes adding to the earnest petition. "I love this little fringe wrapped around your head. I know it sounds strange, but you look very appealing to me like this."

I eyed Emmett's furry chest.... Ever since he peel off his shirt, I'd been nurturing a fantasy. My hand began to stroke the manly pelt.

"I'll tell you what...." I began, frankly, disbelieving the very thing I was about to say. "I'll keep the MBP look, if you let me shave this." I stroked his furry chest again. "In fact, I want to shave your whole body....from head to foot. Lather, razor and all. Into the shower we'll go and you will come out smooth as a cucumber."

"You'll be careful when you handle my prize possessions, won't you?" Emmett asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Suddenly, he took my face in his hands and his lips came to mine. He were lost in a new, different and exciting world.

I plied my fingers through his long, sexy mane. The balding clippers would soon be taking it all off.

Finally, I took the lead. "Emmett, my barber chair is waiting for you. All this wonderful hair needs to come off...."

He looked at himself in the mirror. "I absolutely cannot wait....for the clippers, or the steamy shower....and everything else thereafter. And, I'm going to warn you, you'll need a whole package of razors for my legs. They are extremely hairy, just like my chest."

I grasped his wonderful mane and tugged him playfully back into the kitchen. "Your old geezer barber doesn't approve of girly boys with long hair!"

Then clippers came to life and Emmett's transformation from a shaggy and hairy-chested to smooth and sleek began in earnest.

"As he watched the first shanks of his brown hair fall to his lap, he murmured, "I can say bye-bye, playboy look and bye-bye Debbie!"

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