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you're lying part II. by 1jarino

you're lying part II.
I was born in 1961. I will mention in your story You are lying.
When I was paid by my father for my previous haircut, my father asked about how long it would take them to have their hair cut again and what to do next. She says that in 3 weeks I will have about a centimeter longer. Probably one lady could always go with her son. My father paid for the haircut, thanked us and we left.
At home, the cat and mom called the kitchen. Father started the conversation. Yesterday, I was really pleased to be without a haircut. We don't care who does what you do to the barber. We decided that you would go to punishment every three weeks to know the next two years, an unfinished school. I'm glad I got a lot of laughs at school for my new hairstyle. When asked who is used to having his family, he seems already accustomed to his family. I quickly recalled that I would have to go to this barber shop 33 more times, no one would miss my punishment, and I would always face mockery at school.
A few days at school, someone in the back catches my shirt. Hi, are you the boy who was at the barber's punishment? I put my finger on my finger, the sign to speak quietly. Yes, I replied. I thought for a while and replied that I had been lying for about 2 years without 3 weeks on the advice of a barber. The boy smiled and wants his mom to be at the barber for another 3 weeks but without punishment. He asked me whether we went to the barber together, or if we went so much with me, he took it like an older brother, because he and Mom feel too small. He knows that the purpose-built will be drastically and you will get positive mockery. I totally liked his idea, looking for his haircut.
The time passed and my hair grew. One evening he can become a father and a friend who waits the next day after school. I don't know yet, but I probably go with my friends to play football. His father smiled at the table of money and demand. You're going to get a haircut straight from school! Want 3 weeks already? Exactly, Father replied. I went in the mirror, looking for my long hair grew in ten times. The barber was right were centimeters longer.
The next day, we meet my mom at school. His mom asked, or I'm going to the barber after school. Yes, I replied, My punishment will last 2 years. Mama may ask if she wants to be reliable so you can make a son to the barber for what I gave her permission. The boy smiled at me and we broke up.
After school, the boy was waiting for me before school. I grabbed him by the shoulder and I got him. Brother, are we going to the barber ?! Let's go, the boy replied.
The barber greeted us both warmly and because he had no customer, he asked which of us would go first. I pointed at the boy, and he obediently sat in the barber's chair. When asked the barber how it will be today, I answered short hips and back. I sat on the waiting chair and watched closely the boy's haircut.
He wrapped the boy in a white sheet and tied tightly around his neck. He combed his hair. He took the electric scissors and bent his head forward with his left hand. He put them on his neck and went upstairs with them. A white strip of the boy's skin appeared. A little while later, the barber tilted the boy's head to the left, and scissors made a 3-inch white stripe above the boy's cheek over the cheek. He shaved his ear and crossed the scissors over it, then did the same on the other side of the boy's head. I liked seeing the boy's scalp. The barber continued. With the help of a comb and scissors he made a transition to the top of his head. When he cut the hair on the top, he cut off the hair on the forehead. He smeared his neck with white cream and then removed it over his ears and razor blade. When the boy jumped off the chair I would like to go home with him but the barber offered me his seat. When asked how it would be today, I answered the same thing as my little brother, and through the mirror I looked at the boy who laughed and put his finger up in the sign of consent. When the barber leaned my head, I closed my eyes, and after every barber movement I imagined the skin on my head whitening. I opened them only when the barber whitened white cream which subsequently scraped off. After the payment we both left.
On the street, the boy asked me to do a squat. Then, with one hand, he began to rattle the back of my head and his other. He smiled and said, Brother, we have exactly the same thing. Finally, I did, and we both laughed at it. We went home and found that we were only about 500 meters apart.
But even at school we were welcomed by classmates with the same mockery. I was angry that classmate Peter, who had never had as long hair as I did in the recent past and I knew that his father does not like long hair I liked most about .........

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