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Douglas meets the Bros by CleanCut

Like most skinny nerdy kids on the first day of school, Douglas was nervous as hell. Standing in the doorway of the high school he began to sweat in anticipation. Middle School wasn't that fun, he did well in school and the teachers liked him but he wanted more. He had basically no social or sexual status and people either ignored him or shoved him in a locker. But high school was going to be different or Douglas would die trying. He wanted to join a sports team or a club or something that would make him stand out. Something to attract the ladies, or maybe even a guy or two he thought softly to himself. He hiked up his backpack and began to walk into the hallways.

Only to fall right on his face.

He tripped over the ledge of the door frame, something symbolic there. He sat there rubbing his red bruised nose, holding back tears of pain and embarrassment as other students stepped over him. No one thinking twice about a nerd on the ground. This was not going the way he had planned.

"Hey get moving sport!" said the loudest, deepest voice Douglas has heard in his life. A meaty paw of a hand reached down to help him up. Douglas graciously accepted the hand and got to his feet. He looked at the man connected to the giant hand to find he was equally gigantic. He looked to be in his mid forties, with a mischievous s**t-eating grin. His skin was tanned and weathered from years of being outside playing sports. He was broad and at six foot five his bald head grazed the ceiling.

Douglas had never seen a man that big or a head that shiny. It was completely hairless and smooth. Looking at it you would've never thought hair had even ever grown there. This was the epitome of a Man's man. And it made Douglas shrink. Moving his shaggy length bowl cut of brown hair back into place. He collected his backpack and mumbled some thanks to the giant teacher.

"Oh no problem champ, happy first day of school. Time for new beginnings!" and then he slapped Douglas on the back with a hearty belly laughed and moved on down the hallway. The jolt from the slap put him back in the floor where he started. The whole moment took less than thirty seconds and he began to think he imagine the hairless Adonis.

Douglas sat there for a second watching the huge man walk away. He was wearing a polo that barely fit his arms, Nike trainers, and gym shorts that hugged his ass when he walked. And his butt was just like the rest of the man, big. Supported by two truck like thighs. His tree branch like arms world occasionally reach up to rub his smooth chrome dome. Douglas wanted muscles and a body like that. Though it just didn't seem to be in the cards, he could barely be patted on the back. He got up to walk away and then ran right into the lockers he was so distracted by the strange bald headed man. So for the third time in his short high school career, Douglas was left on the ground, rubbing his bruised nose.

"What's up sucker, what're you doing on the ground" said a nasally voice with a laugh and then a normal sized hand reached down to help him. Douglas was overjoyed to see it was connected to his best friend Robert.

"Oh hey Robert, nothing I just ran into these lockers. By the way do you know who that is?" he said pointing towards the giant man still lumbering down the hallway, with his cheeky smile patting kids on the back and welcoming them to school.

"Oh him, uh that's Trainer Dick, he's in charge of In School Suspension, ISS. He also runs the weight room and helps out with all the sports teams. Literally all of them. Why was he a dick to you, as his name suggests?" Asked Robert with a protective look on his face.

"Oh no he was very nice to me, I just didn't know who he was" said Douglas as he and Robert began to linger down the hallway themselves.

"Nice to you, that's weird" said Robert scratching his head. "Yeah I'd steer clear of that guy, total Meathead. Doesn't care about or respect anything but muscles and sports. My older brother told me about him. Apparently if you get In School Suspension he just makes you work out in the weight room the whole day. That's why no one really gets in trouble haha!"

"He makes you work out all day as punishment, is that allowed?" Said Douglas aghast.

"Yeah really, that guy is a crazy fitness nut. The school lets him get away with it because the school suspension rate has never been lower. He wants everyone to be a Meathead like him." Said Robert with disgust dripping off every word. "But luckily we won't ever have to interact with him."

"Yeah we won't." Douglas said kind of disappointed.

"According to my older brother that weirdo chooses a special project each year to train into the next Meathead. There's one in each class, Brody Jackson is a senior: Captain of the football team, Ryan Wells a junior who captains the Basketball team and Tyler Bulge a sophomore who pitches for baseball. First sophomore pitcher in years, there's a rumor his freshman year he was a wimp and then Trainer Dick got a hold of him and gave him rhino steroids, now he's a muscle head whose going to be the next captain of the baseball team. It's all rumors though I think, either you’re athletic or your not." Robert said with a shrug and then turned into his classroom with a parting "Later loser!"

All day long Douglas couldn't stop thinking about trainer Dan's bald head and huge body. "I bet he never got pushed against lockers in middle School" he thought to himself. The rest of the day went on uneventful until sixth period. It was math class and Douglas was feeling really tired from the first day of school. Meeting new people and learning where everything in the building was really added up. He couldn’t help but lay his head down on his desk for a little bit.

He was woken up by the school bell ringing, it rang three times meaning it was the last bell of the day, students rushed passed him as he shrugged sleep off. Trying to remember where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. He slipped on his backpack and moved to get out of the now evacuated classroom. Then began a slow sleepy walk to catch his bus home.

"Watch out there young buck" Said a familiar booming voice! Douglas turned up to look up and almost ran into two guys holding big cardboard boxes. He reeled backward and was about to fall but found himself supported by two large arms.

"You alright there buddy?" Asked trainer Dick smiling down at the sleepy boy in his arms.

Douglas could barely see his face with the gleam coming off of the man’s forehead. Shrugged off the huge arms and regained his balance. Suddenly much more awake.

"Oh it’s you from this morning, can’t seem to catch a break can ya?" He said with a hearty laugh, breaking into that wide s**t eating grin again.

"uhhh I guess not" Said Douglas nervously, getting his bearings.
Trainer dick’s head was still as shiny as it was this morning, the rest of his clothes were just as immaculate. He was wearing a different polo from this morning. The two guys carrying the boxes set them down. They had shiny bald heads just like Trainer Dicks. So close you could barely tell that they ever had hair and both had deep tans across their noggins showing they’d been bald for a while. It made them look even more handsome. Their sharp jawlines and cheekbones offset by the lack of dome foliage. Besides the bald heads they looked like trainer Dick exactly. Smaller than Trainer Dick was of course but both were still huge high school athletes, the arms and legs showing the work they put in every day.
Though these two were different than other athletes Douglas had met, sparks of intelligence and mischief in the eyes. These guys were too cool to ever be seen with scrawny scholars like Douglas.

Though one of them reached out his hand with a big toothy grin "Sorry about that bro didn’t even see you there! Name’s Brody" He shook Douglas's hand kind of hard but not out of spite just because he couldn’t control himself. The taller shyer guy behind him raised a hand and did a little head nod, sizing him up " I'm Ryan".

"Douglas, Nice to meet you, uh I gotta go" he said positioning his stuff better on his shoulders, still a little groggy from the nap. And also anxious from being around these huge men. He took a few steps away and looked out the school window just in time to see the school buses fade into the horizon.

"Douglas, that’s a fine name" Said trainer dick picking up some t-shirts that had fallen from the boxes. "What are you doing here after school, clubs?" He paused a little bit and raised an eyebrow mischievously "Sports perhaps?"

"Oh no I accidentally fell asleep and missed my bus" Douglas stuttered, "Could I use your phone".

"Yeah I got one in the office, here carry these would ya" He tossed Douglas the bunch of shirts he had gathered. "Follow me squirt"

All though appalled at the familiar nickname, Douglas followed. Picking up the shirts that Brody and Ryan dropped along the way. But it wasn’t all bad, he got to get a really good look at their hairstyle’s or lack there of. Douglas got to hear their conversations about the hottest girls in school and who was dating who and all the summer hookups. Brody and Ryan knew everything it seemed.

"Thanks you two, you can go ahead and start warming up I’ll be in there in a second after I help lil' Dougie here"

He had never been called Dougie in his life, just not cool enough for a nickname. And he just looked like a Douglas, at least that's what Robert said.

"Sounds good Trainer Dick" Said Brody Emphasizing the joke that was his name, "and don’t forget today’s shave day!" He said enthusiastically slapping the back of ryan’s head leaving a hand shaped mark.

"Oh already, I thought just happened" Said Ryan wistfully but not upset.

They kept up the jeering and the rough housing elevated as they went down the hallway. Douglas was still thinking about the red hand print on the back of Ryan's smooth head.

"Shave day?" Douglas asked hesitantly.

"Oh yeah, I shave their heads every other day" Said trainer Dick, rearranging the shirts boxes in the corner of his office. "Once you start, you’re pretty much bald for life. Changes everything about a man" He said that with a smirk to the floor. "Could you hand me those shirts?" He said holding out a hand.

Douglas forgot he was even holding any, "Oh yeah of course!" He looked down at the white and pink shirts. "Figgleton High School Wrestling Club" the lettering was so explosive and douchey, exactly what’d you expect from a high school sports shirt. And it had to be bright pink too, the school colors were too flashy for a guy like Douglas.

"We have a wrestling team?" said Douglas confused.

"We will!" said Trainer Dick getting excited "We’re starting a new program this year! Looking for new athletes of all ages, especially freshmen. What year are you Douglas?"

"I'm a freshman" Douglas said sheepishly, doing his best to avoid the trainers stare.

"Well that’s awesome, we’re really looking for some strong freshmen recruits who we will develop into leaders."

Douglas almost interrupted him "I’m not really interested or strong for that matter, and I don’t do sports. I like reading and singing."

"Oh that’s just because you haven’t done them long enough, you don’t have any training. And well that’s what i’m here for, My title is literally trainer. You just haven’t done it properly, building muscles is just food plus work divided by time, it’s all science you nerd." He said that last word like it was the funniest joke. "Anyone can get muscles. People who are muscular aren’t dumb they're just smart about different things." He said it so matter of factly.

Feeling even more trapped than he was before, "I guess i’m just not an athletic type, i’m not flashy or cocky enough to be on a sports team."

"You don’t need to be flashy and as for confidence, hey sports just do that to a person. Once you get to know everyone on the team and just start hanging out. You’ll just feel more comfortable. And hey everyone wants some more friends. It’s only four years, that’s such a short amount of time to just try to do something else." Trainer dick was done putting the shirts away and was now sitting down at his desk. "And if not just blame on it trying something new and go back to being a nerd in college. What else is there to do in high school."

"I mean I have been thinking about doing something different." Douglas began "But wrestling? I've never been in a fight and I'm not aggressive or manly enough for that. And don't they have to wear like women's bathing suits." He said staring at the ground, a little confused on how he got to having this conversation. Trainer Dick mistook it for interest.

"They're called singlets. And you wouldn't be fighting you'd be wrestling. They're two different things smarty pants. Yeah but mostly you’ll just be in the weight room everyday getting stronger and then have practice every other day learning to wrestle. I think you’d like it, there’s a lot of tactical thinking involved, mind games. You have to be plenty smart to become a great athlete, and the rest let me worry about. But you can’t be subtle about it."

"Look I’m not interested, I just wanted to do something a little out of my comfort zone this year. Highschool is gonna be better than middle school, if only a little and that's all I need. This is a little too intense for me. Again, not really one of these jock type of guys. Can I please use your phone?" Still shuffling awkwardly from side to side. Douglas tried to sound strong and firm in his voice but compared to Trainer Dick he wasn't even close.

"Too intense?!" Dick said with a belly laugh.
"Don’t lie to yourself kid, you’ve been staring at my bald head all day. And you couldn't stop switching between looking at Brody and Ryan’s. And this is the most intense haircut there is. You like bold manly things. Sports would fit you, you’re strong willed and have good posture for a small guy. That’s a good starting place. You know not everyone starts as a jock but anyone can become one." He paused waiting for Douglas to say something, it didn't happen as he was too busy looking at his shoes. He smiled another s**t eating grin then pushed his phone across the desk so he could call his parents.

Luckily Douglas's dad had gotten out of work early and could pick him up on his way home so he didn’t have to sit outside the school long. He sat in the car running his interaction with Trainer Dick over and over in his head. He had seen right through him. Maybe he should try a sport, definitely not wrestling but maybe tennis or cross country could be fun. Those didn't require muscles he didn't have. He spent the rest of the ride texting Robert memes and thinking about new video games.

The next day of school started just as he expected and this time he made it to first period without landing on his butt even once. Though there was a surprise waiting for him as the first bell rang. He was just getting his stuff out of his back pack to study history, his favorite subject, when the teacher came over with a slip of paper.

"Douglas you've got ISS, in school suspension, report to Trainer Dicks Office." And she laid the piece of paper with those three letters on his desk and walked away. He gathered his stuff confused and nervous to meet the giant again and left the classroom in a daze with sounds of "oooh your in trouble" coming from his classmates.

How could he have gotten ISS he didn't do anything yesterday that would warrant it. None of his teachers seemed to have a problem with him yesterday. He kept slowly waddling down to the office he made his phone call from yesterday. As he turned the corner he saw trainer Dick standing outside seemingly waiting just for him with that same twisted grin on his face. His eyes lit up hungrily upon seeing Douglas.

"Well look who we have here" he began in that booming voice that was used to shouting drills. "And I thought you were a good boy, but turns out you're the first one to get ISS this year. Not very scholarly of you sir"

"I'm as confused as you are" he said softly, avoiding the hungry gaze still on him. Begrudgingly still moving closer to the giant Mr. Clean.

"Well I'm not confused. You fell asleep in class yesterday, you told me so yourself. Academics are of the utmost importance. You can't be on a sports team unless you have good grades. All of my captains have straight A's."

Everything clicked for Douglas, he had walked right into trainer Dick's trap and now he was stuck in his Olympic presence for the whole day. Trainer Dick was smarter than he seemed.

"Academics are important to me sir and I didn't mean to fall asleep. I didn't get much sleep that night and the first day back always wears me out. I'm really sorry and I promise it won't happen again! Please can I just return to class." Douglas said sounding a little more confident then yesterday. He stood up straighter and looked him in the eyes trying to show him he was serious.

The hulking man just looked down at him with even more amusement and chuckled.
"You're not getting off that easily, and plus if you get tired easily we'll spend today building up your stamina so I know you won't snooze in class again. Drop your back pack in my office and we'll head to the ISS room." Trainer dicks eyes never leaving Douglas's face, searching for any hint of resistance. But Douglas knew there was no fighting it and defeatedly did as he was told.

The Trainer put his arm around him outside the back of the school to the ISS room, which was also the weight room. Robert’s brother was right about ISS it was in the weight room, which was basically a three door garage filled with workout equipment, and one of the doors was already open. They walked through the doors to find three other students waiting for them. He quickly recognized Ryan and Brody from yesterday. How could he not, he hadn’t stopped thinking about they’re big arms and shiny heads. The third boy was a little shorter than brody and had muscles that were just a little leaner than the other two. His head was just as shiny and tan as the others were.

"Hey it’s bowl cut McKlutz from yesterday, welcome!’ Said Brody with a smile on his face running to meet them at the entrance. And although that insult would’ve probably made middle school Douglas disappear in embarrassment coming from Brody it just sounded like another nickname. Douglas did a sheepish smile and waved from behind the big trainer, with a quiet "Hi".

"See I told you it was going to be him" Said Ryan with a soft smile sauntering up behind Brody with his long gait. Ryan was tall and had such a kind face that kind of offset his intense haircut.

"Coach we’re ready whenever you are" This voice came from the new boy who just caught up.
"What’s up little dude i’m Tyler" and he reached out his fist for a bump.

"Yeah just one second hotshot, i’ll be right back. This is Dougie" and with that the trainer disappeared into the back of the room and started digging through a closet. Leaving the freshman alone with the three jocks. Douglass shifted nervously feeling very out of place with his jeans and graphic tee next to these three jocks in tank tops and workout shorts.

"So uh, are you guys in ISS too?" He asked his voice only cracking a little bit.

The three of them chuckled like that was absurd. "Nah man" Brody began, offhandedly stretching his arms above his head. "The three of us workout for the first three periods everyday, nothing beats a morning pump up. We’ve got special permission from Trainer Dick."

"We study very seriously though" said Ryan, "we do some online classes and have study groups after practice, although it’s mainly me just tutoring these two idiots."

"Ha what idiots, I help you with math everyday" said Tyler elbowing Ryan in the ribs.

Douglas felt overwhelmed by all of this bro camaraderie, and smaller than he ever had before. He was just about to get a word in when some clothes hit him in the face. Looking down at silver sports shorts and a white tank top with the schools letters in pink and silver.

"Put those on quick, if you need privacy you can change behind the weight room. But we don’t care we’ve been in locker rooms too often to care about that." The trainer said beginning to stretch.

"Not that brody wears a shirt much anyway" Sneered Ryan.

"With Guns like these they don’t fit!" Said Brody going into some cliche body builder poses.

Douglas thought this day couldn’t get any worse so might as well embrace it and stripped down to his boxers in front of the boys approving glances. He put on the shorts Dick gave him having to pull the drawstring all the way tight it was still a little small. He then pulled the tanktop over his head, he had never worn one in his life. Too self conscious about his skinny arms to do so and just thanking his luck the Trainer didn’t hand him one of this gaudy Wrestling t-shirts from the day before. Just thinking of that conversation made his head spin.

"Alright lets begin with warm-up stretches, Tyler you lead today. Dougie you just do whatever these guys do and if you feel your muscles straining that means it’s working, when it begins too hurt you’ve gone too far. I’ll be here if you need any help, or if you start slacking. You’re the only one in ISS so we’re not letting you go easy. We’ll do arms, back, chest, abs and legs in that order. BEGIN!"

Douglas almost plugged his ears after hearing the coaches real Drill Sargent voice.

"Sir, yes sir" Said the three boys and formed three sides of a square and began stretching.

Douglas muttered a sir yes sir too and hesitantly completed the square. Stretching was easy enough, Tyler called out everything nice and clear and didn’t go to fast. Brody gave him some pointers on his form every now and then but he kept up better than he thought. He got nervous when the boys moved over to the weights and began doing curls. He couldn’t do nearly as much weight as the other three. Embarrassed to only do fifteen pounds but the other boys didn’t seem to look down on him or tease him at all. They just kept giving each other knowing looks like they shared a joke Douglas wasn’t in on. Chest and back went by quickly and ab was grueling but was over soon enough. And soon it was almost third period. Douglas was covered in sweat and wheezing a little bit but was having a better time than he thought. In fact he was almost having fun. Almost he thought.
The boys explained all the techniques and exercises in a way he could understand, making sure Douglas was targeting the correct areas and not over-exerting himself. The only annoying part was he had to keep moving his sweaty hair out of his face. He had never really gotten this sweaty before so his hair didn’t usually fall in face. When it was dry it went over his eyebrows a little but now wet it was almost touching the tip of his nose. And every time he moved it out of the way he could see Trainer Dick’s S**t-eating jock grin surface again. He had been silent pretty much the whole time doing his own set of training, leaving the upperclassman to guide the freshman. Douglas kept powering through it only resting twice, silently vowing to never ever fall asleep in class again.

"Lunch time Boys" Said Trainer Dick holding up four big grocery bags of food. Douglas hadn’t even noticed he had left. He tossed each boy one of the huge bags of food, filled with big sandwiches, granola, fruit and salad. He barely caught it he was so tired. He sat down in a circle in the grass outside the weight room with the other three boys and fell into some nice conversation, these certainly weren’t the type of jocks he had imagined. These three talked about girls and drama in school, sports of course but also the application of physics and even a few sarcastic jokes about philosophy. Brody surprised him by bringing up the newest video game Douglas had his eyes on. Maybe these guys weren’t so cool he chuckled to himself.

"What’s so funny Dougie" Said Tyler leaning over to give his hairy head a noogie.

"Nothing bro" he said shaking off the bigger boy and also shaking off the fact he just said bro unironically. "Just laughing that i’m actually having fun in ISS"

"Haha yeah it is a little surprising at first that hard work can be fun, but it’s all about who you’re with. Trainer Dick keeps us moving but keeps the mood light. Plus lunch always tastes better after a good pump" Said Ryan through bits of sandwich. "That rush of blood you’re feeling in your muscles right now, that’s you’re muscles stretching straining and growing. Feels good don’t it! I know it’s hard to believe but we were all your size once, but once you start you can stop the pump!" he gave a little flex.

Douglas smiled and nodded surprised there was a word for the sensation he was feeling all morning. Not fully believing these three athletes at the top of their game were ever his size. He was just about to finish his lunch when that big booming voice scared the crap out of him again.

"Tyler! Get over here, you didn’t think you were off the hook for not being here yesterday did you" Said trainer dan from inside the garage, he was standing behind a chair and holding a bucket with a comb, a razor, shaving cream, and some wireless electric Clippers." "Trainer Dick purposefully didn’t match Douglass eyes, knowing he had locked onto the tools.

"Yeah i know, i’m surprised you didn’t do it first thing this morning. I was on vacation and our flight got delayed." He said as he sat in the chair, quickly pulling off his school tank top.

"Gotta keep you looking like the man you are! Gotta keep up maintenance, glad you kept shaving over break!" said the wannabee barber as he toweled off Tyler's sweaty covered head and then recovered tyler’s head in a thick lather of shaving cream.

"Hey it’s like you always say: if you wanna be bold you’d best be bald!" Tyler said bouncing his legs a little.

"What a man! Now stop bouncing or i’ll cut you with this razor." Said the trainer as his face became the most focused Douglas had seen yet.

Douglas was shocked at how easily Trainer Dick removed the foam, in long smooth easy strokes. Starting from the top of the head right down the middle and then moving down to the side burns and then finishing at the back of the head. Once he was finished he lathered Tyler up again and then shaved him again with those slow even strokes except this time in the opposite directions. When he had finished the back the second time he grabbed Tyler's head on both sides and moved it slowly forward, back and side to side, scanning for even the smallest spot of stubble.

"All clear, smoother than a baby’s bottom! Ryan do the honors!" Bellowed Trainer Dick. And then Ryan came around the side of the weight room holding a bucket water and then dumped it over Ryan’s head like he had just won a game. Tyler gasped from the cold hose water and then shook himself a little to rid himself of the droplets. Not that they had anything to cling to anyway.

"Hahaha that never gets old" said Tyler as he stood up and stretched again, his hands then rubbing his noggin like a bowling ball.

"A;right anyone else here looking to look like bold and manly" The trainer bellowed again, making eye contact with Douglas for the first time since he had started shaving Tyler’s head. Douglas, to his surprise, didn’t look away from his glance. Just twisted his mouth a little bit in thought. He couldn’t believe that he was actually considering this intense haircut that had frozen him with fear just twenty four hours earlier. Maybe it’s because he had been around it all day long. During the workouts he couldn’t help but glance at how cool and manly the other boys looked with their shiny heads. And the workout would’ve been a lot easier if he hadn’t had all this hair, and he couldn’t help but thinking that he did want to workout again. The other three boys smiled and almost laughed looking at the other boy think the proposition over. They knew too well the thoughts he was having because they had gone through the same thing when they were a freshman. There was just something so enticing about Trainer Dan’s personality and approach to life. And like he said what else was there to do in high school, he might as well make an attempt at being bold. That’s what Douglas wanted to try in high school after all, right? Being bold and being active. He stood up and brushed the grass off himself and looking more confident then he ever had. And then raised his hand like he was answering a question in school.

"Yeah i want to be bold." It was only in his normal speaking voice, but he didn’t sound sheepish at all. Trainer Dick smiled.

"Yeah bro! I knew you had it in you!" Said Brody who had stood up beside him and gave him a smack on the back. Although he was tired Douglas remained upright.

"Get on over here Dougie, i knew you were an intense smart young man!" said the trainer, picking up the electric clippers. The other three boys started chanting "Dougie! Dougie! Dougie!" over and over until he finally sat down in the chair. Douglas still couldn’t believe he was doing this, what would robert think. He was a nerd, but his aching muscles told him he wouldn’t be called that much longer. And he sighed and finally relaxed and trusted Trainer Dan to make him look like the other jocks.

"Here hand me your tank lil’ bro" said Tyler still rubbing his newly shaved head. Dougie pulled it over his head and threw it to the sophomore.

Trainer Dick didn’t waste anytime with his young charge’s transformation and plowed the electric razor down the middle of his head leaving only a stubbly path in it’s wake. Dougie had never had a clipper cut before and the buzz on his scalp vibrated in a fantastic way. The sudden breeze jolted Dougie and made him shiver a little and then laughed. This must be what these guys feel all day long. He thought he could get used to that. Two more passes and the top of his head was all brown stubble. Leaving him looking like an old shaggy man with male pattern baldness. This got him some jeers from the other boys calling him grandpa and such but the insults didn’t sting at all. It was just good fun. Just guys being dudes. Ryan even took a few snapchats and Dougie didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

"Alright boys lets not leave him hanging" and the barber peeled off his sides and backs just as easily as the top. Those long smooth strokes gently taking off his old shaggy bowl cut without cutting or pulling his head. He’s done this a lot thought Dougie. And the air around his head felt great, he was starting to feel a little high from the blood rushing to his head to warm him up. Then he was startled again as Dick put a big mound of shaving cream on the top of his head and the worked the lather around to cover his whole head. He imagined he looked just like Tyler had moments before, like he was wearing a white swim cap. And then began the smooth strokes over the razor, pulling off any remaining trace that hair had ever grown there. Dougie couldn’t help but thinking he would probably never see stubble again and chuckled.

"Stay as still as you can Dougie" Said the trainer, firm but amused. "I don’t want to cut you, the first time is always the hardest because you skin is still tender. It hasn’t been exposed to the sun like these knuckleheads over here." that got another round of laughter from the boys, who were intently watching the lower classman’s drastic haircut. "Just got to do it one more time and then you’ll be a real bold manly man!" And with that another dollop of shaving cream hit his head.
The even strokes this time barely had anything to scrape clean but Dougie could tell that is was removing the tiniest bits of hair still daring to be on his head. It lasted for what seemed like hours. He didn’t notice the semi he had pitched in his silver shorts. The other boys and Trainer Dick had noticed, but they just shared a knowingly look and smirked. They had all been there and knew exactly what he was feeling. The rush of never being around such obnoxious boisterous boys before and now here he was half naked sitting in a weight room becoming one of them. He was lost in a daze when to big hands, the same hands that had helped him up, vice gripped the side of his newly shaved head. Trainer dick moved his head every which way searching for any imperfection in his work. The feeling of someone else’s hands on his head was awesome, he had never felt anything like it before. He could tell that it was just as smooth as the other boys.

"Alright Brody! Do the honors!" Bellowed the drill sergeant voice and Brody came around the corner with an even bigger bucket of water than Ryan had used on tyler. Douglas’s eyes widened at the sight but then quickly shut as he knew what was about to happen. The water was dumped straight over his head, washing away all traces of shaving cream and leaving him drenched. The boys erupted into cheers and Tyler pulled him out of his chair and lifted him onto his shoulder cheering loudly. Ryan using his full height reached up and slapped him on the back of his bald head. And dougie knew there would be a basketball sized red hand print there, it stung but it was so cool!

"Alright, alright boys calm down" Trainer Dick said still smiling approvingly. "You three hit the showers and head into school you still got class the rest of the day" This got some disappointing sounds from the jocks still waving Dougie around like he won the championship game, but only half heartedly because they knew they’d be back in three hours for practice.
"And don’t forget the baby oil, i want to see the heads shining when you get here for practice."
The boys cheered and rang choruses of of course duh, what’s the point if it don’t shine, and see you later Dougie, as they headed back to be the scholars they were.

After they left Trainer Dick sat with him in on the weight benches as they digested lunch as he called it. "See i knew from the second i met you yesterday you were the guy i was looking for. Sports and working out isn’t that hard. And athletes aren’t any different than nerds, they’re just smart about other things, like lifting nutrition and game strategies too. The only difference is they’re not subtle about it. And with that haircut I don’t think anyone can call you subtle anymore. You’re an intense athlete!"

"Thanks Trainer Dick" Dougie said still rubbing his head "As much as i hate to say these words, you were right. And those three are really cool. Thanks for holding me accountable for falling asleep." Dougie smiled a big toothy coocky , s**t-eating grin.

"That’s what I like to hear champ!" he said as he stood up. "But you still got lots to learn and we’re not done with ISS yet! Let's get back into it you still got legs! And then we have to go over nutrition, muscle groups and beginner wrestling drills today." Trainer dick just slid in the last part so nonchalantly Dougie almost didn’t notice.

"What uhm, wrestling moves?! Look i want to do sports now but i still don’t really think that’s for.." dougie didn’t get to finish his sentence.

"Nonsense, you’re bold, you’re brave, you’re BALD! Nothing is too intense for you now. You had no trouble changing in front of the boys earlier, so walking around in a singlet will be no problem for you. You got the perfect body type for it, with a little help from me that it is. Plus by the time the school year’s over you’ll be looking so good and feeling so cocky you probably won’t want to wear anything else half the time." That got another big belly laugh out of him. Dougie had a nervous look on his face and couldn’t really picture it but he couldn’t have pictured today going the way it had if he tried. Plus Trainer Dick had been right so far, so why not trust him and see where it went. Maybe he would like wearing a wrestling singlet as much as he said he would. Even if it was that flashy pink and silver, Douglas wasn’t a flashy guy but maybe Dougie was."

"And you better get used to being called Dougie because i think that’s all the bros are gonna call you from now on. It took me a little time to transition from Richard to being called Dick, but now it suits me so well it just stuck!" And Dougie had to agree, Trainer Richard just didn’t have the same ring to it. "Now lets get to work, Dougie!"

"Sir yes Sir" Dougie beamed as he threw his tank top onto a nearby pull up bar and started legs.

Dougie went home that day without seeing any of his other classmates, ignoring weird looks from people on his bus. He was too busy rubbing his new chrome dome. His parent were a little surprised but agreed that he looked great and it was his hair he could do what he wanted. His dad just couldn’t kept smiling and he couldn’t have been more excited that his son was joining the wrestling team. It may have been a sudden turn around but he couldn’t help but admit that his son was suddenly more confident and sure of himself than before. He didn’t know who Trainer Dick was, but he couldn’t wait to meet him, and thank him over and over. Also he couldn’t get over how handsome his son looked bald, sure he had a pale head right now showing that there used to be hair there but that would tan soon enough, and his jawline was accentuated so nicely by it. He went with him to Dick’s Sporting goods that night to get him some workout clothes and a new pair silver Nikes that Dougie thought were the coolest. They also kind of looked like the ones the Bro’s and Trainer Dick wore. His dad even bought him a few singlets knowing he’d need some for practice, one that blue and covered his whole chest and a flashy white and red one with skinnier staps that just had enough room for a roaring tiger logo on the front. He’d grow into the stretchy fabric his dad said.

The next day he walked into school wearing his new Nike trainers, some black Adidas joggers and the white Figgleton County High School Wrestling Club shirt he was given the day before as he was leaving. Yes he was flashy and maybe even a little douchey, but he was bold and confident and didn’t care anymore. His shiny bald head gleaming with just a little baby oil, caught the light blinding his fellows students. And if the other students jeered at him and teased him, it didn’t matter because one of his three bald bros would suddenly appear and have his back. He was finally somebody. Robert didn’t really get it, even after he explained over and over that jocks are just sport’s nerds, but Dougie had a feeling he’d come around. High school was gonna be great.

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