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Justin (easier to read) by Mmsimm

Justin got out of his truck and sauntered across the yard a loose branded T-shirt flapped in the wind as he made his way over towards the garage. His trademark baseball cap was firmly in place leaving his thick blonde hair poking out underneath.

"Hey man, I got your text" he said as I whiped my greasy hands on a rag and shook his hand.

"Good, I’m glad you’re willing to come and chat about your bill" I replied.

Justin’s 450cc motocross bike had been in my shop for two weeks now since he brought it in for repair after his latest crash.

"Yeah, I didn’t know what you meant about making a compromise I get paid next week I swear I’ll settle up with you then... I just need the bike back form my race this weekend!"

I nodded, "you’ve got a habit of making me wait Justin, this isn’t the first time.. that’s why I’ve kept the bike until you’re able to pay!"

He looked pained as he sat on the stool next to my work bench whipping off his cap and sitting it in his lap. He looked down his thick blonde tresses falling forward and covering his face. He sat like that for a second and sighed before pushing his hair back from his face and Looking up at me. "I don’t have any money man, I need to try and win this race so I can at least get some prize money before payday then I can settle everything up I promise.." he sighed again grabbing a big handful of his thick blonde mop. "I can’t even afford to get this cut and it’s driving me mad" he tugged at his head before shaking it sending his hair flying. His hair rested on his shoulders and framed his face perfectly where it hung down almost to his chin, his ears unable to be seen over the lapping locks.

"I know it’s hard Jason but I have bills to pay too, I’ll give you the bike back..." I said almost instantly regretting my choice but I couldn’t say no to a guy with such spirit and passion for what he did. "Really?" He asked, the faintest twinkle in his eyes.. "Yes I replied but it comes with conditions.. firstly you’re never getting a break from me again.." He nodded, his mop moving with his head. "Secondly, next time you pay me before I even touch your bike!" He nodded again sending more ripples through his hair, "lastly..." I paused, putting my hand on top of his head and grasping a handful of his soft blonde tresses in my fingers. "You’re going to get a free buzzcut" I said as I pulled his head back by the hair so he was looking up at me.

"A buzzcut?" He asked shakily as I released his hair and stroked it back into place leaving him staring up at me my fingers lingering slightly in the long locks as he continued to look up at me.

"Yeah, you said you don’t even have enough money for a haircut and I myself am a pretty good sheep shearer" I laughed much to his shock. He sat stunned in the stool, "c’mon" I said ruffling his hair as I moved to stand in front of him "you’ll be a lot cooler without this thick shaggy mop under your motor cross helmet" my fingers shook his hair out over his face and it fell covering his pale blue eyes, down past his nose and almost covered his mouth. "You’ll be able to see again too" I laughed again as he sat submissive tossing up his options in his head.

He pulled away slightly looking up at me as his pushed his hair back off his face and stood up. "I’ve never had a buzzcut before, in fact I have never had a clipper cut before.." he said shakily still. I took a step back and he looked at me seriously, "you’ll let me have my bike back if I let you buzz my hair?" I nodded and he paced away a few steps his hands in his hair.

"Of course, a deal is a deal... your bike in exchange for all that shaggy hair. I need to know you mean your word.." I said as he turned to face me.

"Fine" he said quietly, "do it then" he muttered defeated as he walked back to the stool, I grabbed his shoulders and turned him to sit on it facing away from me and into the small grubby mirror I had on my work bench. I smiled at him in the reflection "how short will you cut it?" He asked as I stood behind him and scooped his bangs back off his face and held them up from his forehead.

His eyes focused on me the whole time as I slid my fingers down the thick clump of hair towards his scalp. "A three I think" I said as the came to rest on his scalp and I made a mocking cutting motion with my fingers. I dropped his bangs and ran my hands through the back of his hair, lifting his hair from where it lapped over the collar of his t shirt and running my hands slowly upwards. "So much hair" I exclaimed as he grimaced at me in the mirror.

"Yes, I know" he replied matter of fact, "I have always had it long but this is very long even for me it won’t be too short when you’re done will it?"

I didn’t reply knowing it would be but clapped him on the shoulders, "top off then" I said grabbing at the shoulder of his t shirt before moving to my drawers. He said nothing as he slid the T-shirt over his head sending his hair cascading as it was released from the neck of the garment as it was slowly pulled off over his head. I placed it on the cleanest part of the bench and rummaged in my top draw looking for the pair of clippers I had stashed in there. I found them and handed them to Justin, "plug them in there" I said, pointing to the socket on the opposite side of the work bench. He got off the stool his muscles flexing slightly as he stretched across the bench to plug the clippers in. His hair fell over his face once again before swinging back to settle on his shoulders as he sat down again clippers in his lap. I found the comb I was looking for and the number 3 guard. "Fit that on while I comb this out" I said motioning to his hair and passing him the guard.

I started at the back, slowly combing through his thick hair as I stroked it back into place and felt how soft and luxurious it felt under my palm. I continued working slowly and methodically around his head as he fumbled with the guard and clippers in his lap "fit it from the front to the back and go easy on it" I offered as the guard finally clicked into place and he smiled at me sheepishly in the mirror. "If you’d have broken it then you would have been having an even shorter haircut" I chuckled as I finished combing his bangs forward over his face and placed the comb on the bench. I saw a small smile from under the veil of hair as he sat submissively his lush hair resting on his naked bronze shoulders.

"Ready?" I asked as I gestured for him to pass me the clippers. He looked up at me in the mirror through his hair and muttered "no but I want my bike back so you better buzz me I guess" I nodded taking the clippers as he went back to looking down at the oil stained floor.

I felt a pang of guilt as I placed one hand on his shoulder and flicked the clippers on. He tensed as the low buzz of them echoed dully thought the quiet garage and into the fields beyond. I placed the clippers low down on his nape and lifted his hair with my free hand, he sat still and waited as they slowly pushed up toward his hair as I held it free of the humming teeth. Eventually they made contact and emitted a deeper hum as I pushed them slowly and determinedly up deeper into the lush growth of hair. My hand moved up with the clippers and as they moved, I carefully collected the severed locks of hair in my fingers pulling them away in my fist as the clippers came away from his head. I was in awe of how much hair I held bunched in my fingers, soft and lifeless.

I saw Justin look up at me through a curtain of uncut hair and I held the hair up to show him in the mirror before dropping it onto his shoulder where it tumbled down into his lap with an almost Audible thud. His eyes watched it tumble as if in slow motion as I rubbed the small swathe of short hair on the back of his head, it was as smooth as velvet and light in colour from his untanned scalp.

"F***" he exclaimed, fondling the clump of hair in his lap and stretching it out in an attempt to comprehend the amount of hair that had been cut. "That’s way f***ing shorter than I expected!" He yelled, standing up quickly sending the felled hair falling to the floor as he fondled the back on his head feeling the path of the clippers and the stubble they had left behind.

I turned the clippers off and placed them on the bench. He paced up and down the garage a coupe times muttering under his breath as his uncut hair danced around his now red face. "That’s so short" he said, storming over to the bench and grabbing his cap and shirt. "Dude" I said, trying to calm him as he barged past me and out to his truck still fondling the back of his head, he rammed his cap back on his head as he wrenched the door open and I stood staring at him in shock. I had not expected that reaction! His hair looked in tact still, enough being left on the back to cover the stripe left by the clippers especially well disguised by the backwards cap. He didn’t get in his truck though and I could see him steeling himself with a couple of deep breaths.

I turned away and walked off into my back office to give him space. A few minutes later the door of his truck shut firmly and I expected the engine to turn over but it didn’t. I listened carefully and heard footsteps approaching, I walked out of the back office to see a sheepish Justin stood there, topless with his hat firmly in place golden hair spilling out from beneath it.

"I’m sorry man" I said, walking over to him and grabbing his hand. "I know you said you hadn’t had such a short haircut before I just thought you were exaggerating!" He nodded, smiling as if to try and reassure me and looking at his bike over my shoulder. "I need that back" he pointed, "so you better finish chopping this off" he said with another big sigh. I nodded and ushered him back to the stool where the lifeless clump of hair sat on the floor. He sat and I took off the cap, combing his hair out again with my fingers.

"There, now lets not make this any more painful than it needs to be!" I exclaimed, pushing his head forwards until it touched his chest. "I will hold you in a headlock and wrestle you to the floor if I need to you understand?" He nodded sending waves through his uncut locks.

Ok I said, one hand firmly pressing him down into the stool, "here goes" I said as I flicked the clippers back on. The second drive went parallel to the first widening the velvet swathe of stubble and sending more long locks cascading onto Justin’s shoulders. He sat motionless as the clippers continued their relentless path up the back of his scalp separating the honey highlighted locks from it. Piles of hair accumulated on his shoulders before they grew too heavy and tumbled down into his lap.

He sat silent still his fingers entwined in the mass of hair collecting there. Looking in the mirror you wouldn’t know any hair had been cut at all it still lapped over his ears and covered his handsome face but the back told another story, now covered in peach like fuzz his scalp showed through in stark contrast to his bronzed shoulders, the tan line exaggerated even more how long the locks that had hung there had been. Extending well beyond the normal line of a T-shirt.

I crudely parted his bangs and the hair on top of his head over from the left side, holding the hair away from the hungry clippers as they pushed up his sideburn. He looked in the mirror watching now as the clippers moved slowly upward, sheaves of hair failing down in their wake. His bangs out of his face and reality starting to sink in further as he got his first glimpse of how short his hair was being cut.

He winced as I manipulated his head with the fistful of hair I still held as the clippers moved further around his left side removing mounds and mounds of hair that slipped away smoothly bouncing off his shoulders and onto the floor. As I made the final pass of the clippers on the left side I released my grip and he straightened up looking at a strange half shorn reflection in the mirror and feeling the stubble around his exposed ear.

"Jesus Christ, you are really making me work for this I look like a recruit for the army being shorn on induction day!"

I smiled and laughed "that’s the plan, I want you to look I’m the mirror for the next couple of months and think of me every time you do. I want you to remember how I cut your hair and remember to pay the bloody bill!"

Secretly I was elated, I had held the fantasy of doing this for so long. Ever since I had seen Justin at the first race meet, and I had been trying to hatch a plan ever since. I slapped him on the shoulder and made my way around to the right hand side of his toned body, I pushed his bangs in the opposite direction where they lapped generously over his shorn hair giving him a crude undercut which I found quite appealing.

I worked away steadily once again controlling his head with a thick fist of hair from the still shaggy top of his head. The silence shattered only by the low buzz of the clippers as I reduced the other side of his head to stubble. The floor was covered in long blonde locks and many of them rested in clumps on his nude shoulders.

I let go of hair hair and flicked the clippers off and looking at him in the mirror. The now free hair lapped over the shorn sides and flopped down over his face, he looked at himself in the mirror and turned side to side rubbing the back and sides of his head before pushing the still floppy bangs out of his face.

"Looks pretty cool like that" he said as he pushed it back a couple of times repeatedly.

"Yes it does actually" I remarked fondling the hair at his crown as I styled it down the back of his head twisting it to lay flat. "Keep it like that then" I said, "but don’t you ever forget to pay my bill again!"

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