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Negotiations with Jack by P.J.

As I started guiding Jack to the big red leather and chrome chair, I could sense his growing apprehension. Meanwhile Kyle was deep in conversation with Gray.
"Jack, I'm finally going to get a chance to show you my barbering skills first hand, my man" I said, almost gleefully. Urging him forward.

Jack, looking more and more anxious by the second, glanced at himself in the big mirror. His thick heavy bangs sliding down over his face, completely obscuring it, almost to his chin.
I was almost trembling with anticipation. A hundred different cut possibilities were racing through my mind.

"Pete, please, you gotta stop this", Jack growled low. "I'm not ready, it's not long enough to trim yet". "Nonsense my boy" I chirped happily, propelling him closer to the chair. "Have a seat and relax" I said soothingly. "And who said anything about a TRIM, anyway. Let's see what your NEW friend Kyle has in mind for you." "Pete, no, please", Jack pleaded. "I'd much rather have you do this with just the two of us, privately. I want it to be just us, man. I want you to be able to take your time with me, go slowly, I want it to be a pleasurable experience for both of us" Hmm, I thought to myself, was he referring to the haircut, or something else entirely? I looked closely at his reflection in the big mirror as he started to take a seat. He had a pleading, kind of half smile, half grimace on his face. He reached up and pulled the huge bang shank off to the side and tucked it behind his right ear. God, how I loved this hair, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to see all this gorgeous thick bulk fall to the floor as I sheared it off with the fast feed Osters, giving him his first razor shaved high and tight?( we barbers have fantasies too) I realized with this thought, that would only satisfy my jealous bone, I didn't like the fact that Kyle was openly flirting with MY friend. I was also coming to the realization that I was possibly interested in Jack beyond our close friendship. Considering the fact that seemingly so was his new friend Kyle. Wow.

I'd also picked up on the fact that Gray wanted to be more than friends with Kyle. Kyle was either totally oblivious to this, or didn't want the relationship to go beyond friendship. He could also possibly have been playing up to Jack to try to make Gray jealous. I hadn't heard their conversation while I was busy coaxing Jack into the chair. Hmm, so many possibilities, so much testosterone swirling. And so much long hair to work with, God, was it getting hot in here, I better have that heating system checked. Wow.

Jack had reluctantly settled in the chair. Observing himself in the big mirror apprehensively. I quickly taped and caped him, finally getting my hands into that lustrous plush auburn mane as I pulled the thick waves up through the neck opening , I deftly held the mane off to one side with one hand and snapped the cape with the other. Then let the thick locks swing back, greedily running my fingers through it again. Mmmmn. I've waited a long time to do this.

Jack was clearly not comfortable. Making small squirming motions, tugging at the neck opening of the cape. "Wow, Pete, do you always pull it so tight on your clients man? I've never noticed that before". "Just try and relax Jack" I purred in his ear. I couldn't resist having some hands time in his mane. I wove my hands into the thick wavy shank hanging off his nape and finger combed it down straight. His reluctance to cut all these many months had resulted in his mane being almost long enough to reach his shoulder blades in back. wow. I knew that most of his anxiety was about his bangs, they had been chopped severely short compared to the rest of his hair during the early days of his research. The thick fringe now hung past his upper lip, mid way to his chin, when it slid free of his right ear. The sides were just nicely laying on his shoulders now. All in all quite an impressive mane, give the dark auburn color and the slightly wavy texture, and overall thickness.
I took a vented brush in hand and began slowly brushing it out, I wanted this session to never end. This was heavenly. Long silky locks sliding through my fingers. My mind wandered for a second or two, OMG, where else could I be doing this with Jack? I felt the familiar stirring. Wow. I had to bring this back to the here and now, and quick. "Kyle, I believe you are the decision maker here if my memory serves me correct" I said, beckoning him to come closer to the chair.

Gray hung his head, pretending to be busy with his phone as Kyle got up."Yes, of course, sorry Pete" Kyle said, never taking his eyes off of Gray though. Standing now, he reluctantly strode to the chair. I noticed Gray give a quick glance toward the chair and give an exasperated sigh.

Jack sat, his amazing mane now brushed straight down all around, thick fringe obscuring his vision completely. The shop lighting making the lighter summer highlights shimmer against the deeper auburn color.

"Oh, Jack, wow", Kyle exclaimed as he stood next to me now. He raised his hand, looking at me for permission to touch Jacks hair. I quickly nodded in the affirmative.
Kyle reached up with both hands and split Jacks thick bangs so he could make eye contact. Smiling demurely, he said "Oh, Jack, I knew you were in need of a trim, but I guess I hadn't paid close enough attention to realize just how long and shaggy your hair really is." Jack was fairly cringing now. "Kyle, man, I told you guys I don't need it cut yet, it's not long enough, I'm not ready". "Nonsense Jack" Kyle cooed, "It looks like you are more than ready for a good cleanup, man" Kyle said, gently running his hands through the heavy thick locks at the back of Jacks head, roughing them up slightly. "I'd say you're definitely ready for some much needed attention". "Hmm Pete, you know, I was quite taken by the haircut on the guy that was leaving the shop as we came in. What was that cut"? Kyle smiled innocently at me.

I laughed, oh boy, this was going downhill fast. I know once I stated what the cut was , that Jack was going to probably leap out of the chair and high tail it out the door too. Kyle's smile now took on a more playfully evil look. I, surprisingly, immediately took on a papa bear protecting his cub attitude, realizing that as much as I secretly wanted to give Jack a high and tight, I didn't want Kyle to be the one dictating it, or witnessing it either, for that matter.

Putting my hands on Jacks shoulders, somewhat to reassure him, and somewhat so I had a possibility of applying the necessary pressure to keep him sitting once I finished my sentence. "I'm pretty sure Jack wouldn't go for a razor shaved high and tight Kyle" I said quietly. Gray, popping his head up, was suddenly interested in our chair side conversation. Jack started to rise, I applied gentle pressure on his shoulders, "Sit man. That's not going to happen....at least not today" I said reassuringly. Jack slumped back in the chair.
Kyle's smiled again, "hmm, well if you won't go for that, how about a nice tight #1 butch then" Kyle said as he fondled Jacks long thick locks. "All this gorgeous thick hair, severed at the roots, sliding into your lap, then on to the floor. Leaving a nice velvety stubble for someone to caress." Jack was squirming, trying to get away from my tightening grasp on his shoulders. "Kyle, I'm not sure why you think I'd go for anything like that man". Jack whimpered. "I think we're done here", he added firmly. "Alright, alright", Kyle said quickly, putting his arms up in defeat. "I was just testing you to see how far you might be willing to go". "Pete" Kyle said, "how about just trimming him up so this mess looks like it is deliberate, instead of a grown out mop, if he insists on leaving it long." Kyle stepped back, closer to Gray, smiling demurely at Jack. "Would you go along with that at least jack? You have to admit, you are quite the shaggy dog man." Kyle said quietly. "It's too bad you didn't allow me to take care of this" Kyle continued." I'd most likely be stripping off the long thick bulk, and give you a nice short back and sides at least."Kyle said, smiling and running his hand through the plush locks on the side of Jacks head." All this gorgeous thick hair sliding off slowly in the clipper blades. I thought I noticed a slight tenting in Jacks lap, hmm, terrified yet aroused, interesting. Whoa, I thought, waaaay to many hair fetishers in this room! Kyle slowly retreated to his seat next to Gray. "O.K. Pete, he's all yours, trim him up." Kyle said looking defeated. Jack sighed audibly.

I took the opportunity and seized the moment. Gently grasping Jacks chin, I turned him to face me. " Listen", I cooed softly, I'll make a deal with you." Jacks eyebrows shot up in surprise. "I'll give you a light trim, just making this amazing mane look neat, on two conditions." "Oh, Pete, anything to save my locks, man" Jack anxiously replied. Surprising myself, I said, "Number one, after these guys leave, you sit back down here and allow me to give you a proper haircut of my choosing. I promise it will be an experience you'll enjoy".( and hopefully never forget I thought to myself) I gently caressed the heavy thick locks hanging below his nape, now my turn to smile demurely at him. "Number two", I proceeded to say, "you and I then head out to dinner first, to show off your new cut, and then back to my loft for the rest of the evening, however long that might be." the last bit said with a more sly smile.
Jack glanced over at Kyle to see if he'd overheard the exchange. Kyle was fixated on Gray, who was studiously ignoring him, much to Kyle's dismay.

"Oh, Pete" Jack exclaimed quietly, visibly relaxing in the chair for the first time. You have no idea how much I'd like that", he said, ending with a warm smile. "Just no short cuts PLEASE," he pleaded. I caressed his thick locks again, "as much as I'd love to take the clippers to all this and give you a manly high and tight, I promise to leave it long, lush, and well groomed....for now". My silent lust filled look said it all. Jack looked somewhat perplexed, but visibly relaxed a bit more too.

Meanwhile, Kyle had taken a seat next to Gray again. "So big guy, what are we going to do with this mane," Kyle said roughing the back of Grays thick mane with his hand playfully. Gray, like Kyle had not been able to keep up with regular trimming, and also looked quite shaggy and in need of attention. Gray shrugged him off. " I guess maybe I'll get the high and tight then, since you can't convince you NEW friend to get it, how about that" Gray said, glowering back at Kyle. "Or is that reserved for just the guys you try and seduce?" Kyle's eyes popped open wide. Gray continued "What, you think I haven't noticed the way you've been fawning over Jack? I guess I've just never been around you when you try and seduce someone, Kyle. I'm realizing that it makes me a bit uncomfortable" Gray replied. Kyle's shocked expression spoke volumes. "Gray, dude, seriously, do you mean you're jealous?" Kyle asked quietly. Gray looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, "well, I hadn't thought of it quite like that but, yeah, I guess, maybe, yeah, just a little."

"Dude, your serious aren't you" Kyle replied, looking at Gray incredulously. "I guess I am" Gray said quietly .
Kyle reached up and ran his hand through Grays thick fringe, pushing it all back. "You're not serious about the high and tight are you" Kyle asked again, staring deep into Grays eyes, faces close now. "I love your mane dude", Kyle murmured. "You've gotta know that man." Well Gray said, "what do YOU want me to do with it then?" Gray replied. "Do you like what Jack and Pete did with mine"? Kyle inquired. "Dude", Gray said softly, "you look smokin hot, but then again, you always have , at least to me" Gray replied, offering a tentative smile. Eyes staring hopefully into Kyle's. "Gray, man, I guess I didn't see what been right in front of me all this time, I didn't see this coming at all" Kyle said, starting to smile himself. Gray said, "it's always been there for me, I was hoping at some point you'd notice me". Kyle, now smiling demurely, said" Ah, yes...yes, I think I'm O.K. with it too. We have much to discuss man." Kyle was warming to the idea of a shift from pure friendship to something more with his lifelong friend. He was intrigued, to say the least. "What about Jack then" Gray said. Kyle replied, "You know how enamored I am with a great head of hair Gray, and how I love cutting hair, I just wanted to see Jack getting it cut short." Kyle replied, smiling wickedly. "Looks like that isn't going to happen though".
Pete announced, "O.K. Jack, sit back and relax, one trim up, coming up!"

"Make him look good please", Kyle replied. Jack smiled at Kyle. "I trust Pete, man, I've seen a bit of his work".
I knew I'd be revisiting this mane shortly, for a much more in depth cut so this would just be a rough shape up for what would come later.
I proceeded to trim a good inch, inch and a half off of the back, rounding it slightly at the corners, to better blend with the sides. Jack gasped theatrically as I dropped the smallish hanks of hair in his lap. Hmm, was that tent still there? I did a bit of end layering just to remove the bluntness and moved to the sides. Again, I'd be revisiting these too, so I just trimmed them , evening them up, and end layering so they had some shape and laid better on his shoulders.

I was also mentally formulating what I'd be doing later. God I couldn't wait to REALLY cut this mane. So many possibilities. But I had to somehow leave it long though, or I wasn't going to get any further with Jack in the relationship department. Taking the clippers to him, as I so desperately wanted to do , would be a friendship ending move to be sure.
Next I combed his precious fringe down. Jack visibly tensed up. "Easy buddy", I cooed. "I'm all too well aware of how you are feeling right now." I replied. I made a fuss about what to do, combing, then playing with the plush locks. ( I just wanted to have touch time with it if truth be told) As I moved it back and forth I'd get a momentary look in Jacks wide eyes. I knew I could only take this so far, any indication of cutting them short, and he'd have a fit. I took my small trimming scissors up, and made some small choppy cuts texturing the edge a bit, and giving it a slight angle to the right, Jack had a left parting. Small bits of hair drifting down into his lap, yup, definitely something going on down there. Jack almost flinched with each snip. Man I thought, he really has an issue with this. I'll have to work on him later.
Even this small amount of trimming had a big affect on his overall look. I stood back and announced to the guys, "there, finished, what do you guys think?

Kyle and Gray both stood up and walked over to the chair. "Wow , Pete" Kyle replied, "this looks great, how do you like it Jack?".
Jack examined his fresh cut in the big mirror, visibly relaxing again. "Oh, Pete," he said, "this looks terrific". Jack looked at Gray, "Gray, what do you think, you've been awfully quiet through all this"? Gray smiled, looking first at Jack, then at Kyle. "looks fantastic Jack, nice clean up don't you think?" Gray replied.

Jack, not liking attention focused directly on him, said, "Well Pete, you have one more cut to do yet, I suppose its best you get to it." Nodding in Grays direction as he said this. Pete undid the cape and let Jack stand. Jack smiled as he ran his hand through the freshly cut mane as he looked at himself in the big mirror. He turned to Pete and said, "Nice work Pete, not sure you'll be able to convince me to do anything more later though", he said, winking at Pete. Pete gave him a mischievous grin and replied "We'll just have to see now, won't we ." I had caught what I thought might be a double meaning in Jacks comment. Hmm, this was new territory to be explored when I had him back under the cape. Hmm indeed.

"Gray, I believe it's your turn in the chair, man", Pete said, slapping the leather seat. Let's see what the guys have in store for you now.
Gray stood, and walked over to the chair slowly, never taking his eyes off of Kyle. He slid into the chair, running his hand through his plush locks, looking hard at his reflection in the big mirror.
"Now if I remember correctly", Pete announced, these two get to pick what you are going to look like, right"? Pete motioned to Jack and Kyle, standing near the chair, both studying Gray intently.

To be continued.......

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