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Change of Stylr by Claude

As I roll out of the bed I felt like I had been run over by a Truck or maybe two. I could barely get my head off the pillow. I stumbled toward the bathroom half asleep said hay buddy and closed the bathroom door. As I took a piss and thought who the hell was in my room I opened the door but no one was there, I turned leaned over the bathroom sink, thinking I was in worst shape than I thought. Then things came into focus, as I looked up in the mirror I realized that wasn't someone in the room that was my reflection in the mirror, I looked again and turned to the full-length mirror in the dressing area I was in shock, What the Hell Happen? As I kept staring in the mirror my mind was racing but the events to what happen to me was a complete blank. I pulled off the rag tied on my head and sat down on the bed and thought how could this have happened to me, who did this and where the hell was Gene. I tried to think back on how this all happened but I could remember nothing.

Let's go back to the beginning.

Well it all started with a co-worker "Gene " (a computer programmer) that cannot be more of an opposite of me! He is 5'9" out of shape, drinks like a fish, buys his clothes at K-mart, but does have the best looking flattop I have ever seen. I, on the other hand am 6'3"in great shape work out almost everyday and would never leave the house unless I am perfectly dress in coat and tie, clean shaved and hair styled just right. I even shave twice a day if I have a date or a meeting in the afternoon due to the 5 o'clock shadow I have by noon each day. A big night out for me is one lite beer. So yes I guess I am on verge of being a nerd in most people's books.

Although we are so different we are best friends at work and have lunch everyday talking about sports and I hear about the love of his life, his Harley. He is always going to Bike Rallies all over the county. When we go out for a drink after work a couple of times a week (my 1 his 5 or so) we meet his other buddies and all I hear them talking about is their bikes and riding the open road. He told me one day at lunch that he had order a new Harley and that he would love to sell me his old one so we could go riding together. He said that he knew I would love it. I did have a dirt bike when I was a kid and remembered how much fun it was. So before I knew it, I was at his house trying out the bike and I have to admit it that it was great and yes I am now a Harley owner. We road a few time but it was late fall and I am not a cold weather person so our riding was at a minimum. After one of our rides and my complaining about the cold, he said I am planning to go to Daytona for Bike week in a few of months, all my other buddies are only coming down for 3 days this year, But I am planning a nine day trip and would really like for you to come along and see how much fun it really is to have a Harley, I promise it will be an adventure. You can find out what it is like to ride the open road in the Hot Sun.

After a little coaxing I agreed and we planned the trip. First we would ride down to Myrtle Beach SC for a Few days and then to Florida for the big event. Being a mortgage loan officer and the rates so low I was swamped and have not had time to do anything but work 7 days a week. I have made a ton of money but have had no time to ride with Gene, but now that the day of the trip was here and I was ready for a break and the adventure he promised.

I got to Gene's house around noon, he opened the door and I was in shock. I have never seen him in a t-shirt before. He had a Harley tattoo on each arm, his normal perfect flattop was now a perfect shaved high and tight horseshoe flattop and it was awesome looking on him and his goatee has been trimmed to a great looking biker stash. He looked at me and just laughed he said you are going to get beat up in every bar in Daytona. I said what are you talking about as he laughed harder, I looked in the mirror I had a polo shirt and Kaki pants and looked good to me. He said go put some jeans and t-shirt on before we go anywhere. When I said I did not own a pair of jeans but I did bring some Polo and Tommy t-shirt the laughter began again. Gene said "you are going to have to make some changes before we get to Florida and meet up with my buddies or I will never live this down". I asked him about his new cut and he said that it was something he did for biked week every year, but usually grew out enough that no one noticed when he got back to work. I told him how great it looked but I would never have the guts to do that.

We made it to Myrtle Beach late on Saturday and went out for a few drinks and hit the sack early. We got up the next morning and I went to get ready and Gene took my shaving cream out of my hand and said there will be no shaving this week and don't think of picking up that hair dryer pretty boy. Yes sir, I said, as I thought he is really serious about me not looking like myself for this trip. I thought you know this could be fun trying to be someone else for a week. He then took me to the Flea Market on Highway 17 and bought some jeans that looked like they were taken out of the trash. We could not fine just the right t-shirts so he took me to some shops on Ocean Drive for T-shirts and a Confederate Flag bandana for my head. I was at least kind of looking like a Biker now or his version of me as a biker. We went out drank a lot and came in very late, Gene was up at the crack of dawn pulling me out of bed to get on the road. Boy did I feel rough, but I must say just getting a shower, not shaving and putting that rag on head in the morning instead of my usual 45 minute routine in the morning was kind of nice for a change. We checked out, ate a heavy breakfast and headed for Daytona.

I could not believe what I saw when we got to Daytona. This was like a new world to me and after a few days of not shaving, wearing that rag on my head all the time and not worrying about my appearance so much was getting real comfortable. The big stuff was really happening toward the end of the week. I do not think I have been completely sobers since we left Ohio, I have drunk more in the past few days than I have in the past year I think, Gene call some girls he knew and we met up with them for the rest of the week. We were doing things that I would have never dreamed about doing. We had a lot of things planned Friday so we got an early start, I think we had jack shots for breakfast but from there everything is a blur. And that gets us back to where we are right now.

The door opens and Gene walks into the room. As he walks in I scream what the Hell did you do to me last night, I took a swing and missed and fell over the other bed. He tackled me and held me down until I calmed down some. He said look at me! See this black eye this is what I got from trying to stop you last night, I finally calmed down and he let me up. I asked what the hell happened as I looked in the mirror for a real close look. I had a tribal band tattoo on my upper left arm with Harley printed in block letters in the center of two tribal looking bands and a smaller matching one on my right ankle with no writing. My head had been shaved and my new beard had been trimmed to a large goatee with a tailback following up my jaw line to the bottom of my ear, I had a thick loop earring in my left ear and then I saw it, a matching ring in my right nipple just showing through my thick chest hair. If I saw me on the street I would have never recognized myself.

Gene finally said something. "Boy did you have a time last night" and laughed. I said I couldn't believe you did this to me. What are people going to say? At least I did not have a wife to explain this to. Gene quickly got off the floor and said I had nothing to do with this, it was all your idea, I tried to talk you out of it but after you punched me out , I decide, Well buddy have at it. Well, tell me what happen, I do not remember anything of the whole day yesterday. He then told me the story. We had beer and jack shots for breakfast and by noon you were wasted, then you got on the kick about how you were having the best time of your life and you really did not want to go back to Ohio and be the nerd everyone thought that you were. You wanted to get something to take home so you would remember this trip the rest of your life. Well with the help of the girls a tattoo was the way to go. You know I did not have much of a problem with that, so off we went. We stopped by got a bottle of Jack and headed to the shop. The shop was busy and was located in back of a barbershop. You can thank me now that you do not have a naked girl riding a Harley on your forearm or calf. I did talk you out of that. After a few shots at the parlor you were in no pain while they finished the tattoos. When you got up to leave you decided you needed a Biker haircut to go with the tattoos, I told you no you did not need a haircut and that I was taking you back to the hotel. That is when you punched me out; I mean knocked me senseless for a few minutes. For a nerd you know you pack a good punch. When I got my senses back you were in the barber chair getting sheared. I decided then that you were on your own and I would just make sure you got back home in open piece. The barber gave you a long flattop that really look good, if I say so my self but you thought it should be shorter then shorter and before long your head was shaved you did not like the beard with the bald head so that you had him trim it to a goatee and the style was up to the barber. I tried to get you to go but you kept saying something was missing you looked at the barber and said I need an earring just like his. The girls agreed and took you to the back to the tattoo parlor again. The piercing room was small so I waited outside. I thought you were in there a long time and when you came out I found out why. You had a matching ring hanging on your chest, you were so proud. We then headed off for more partying and you were the king of the night. Well, that is the story of the day you had. I sat there is disbelief what was I going to do when I get home. I stood up and looked in the mirror again and studied my whole new appearance. I really did not look bad standing there in my boxers, the new look really showed off all the work at the gym. The baldhead seem to make me look more defined and I had a strange feeling of power for some reason and the goatee was way over the top but it was real thick and looked pretty cool if I say so myself. Luckily the tattoos were not huge and I always did like the arm band styles. The rings were really too much but overall I liked what I saw. I turned to Gene and said well this is one vacation that I will never forget and we both stated laughing. But seriously what am I going to do when I get home. What will I tell people? Gene said tell them you lost a bet and leave it at that. Every man has made a stupid bet one time in their life and this one can be yours. But I am telling you all joking aside that you look awesome. In fact the women went wild for you last night, look on the desk. I picked up a stack of napkins with phone number after phone number and 3 hotel keys. The shaved head and goatee is you man. I looked again to take assessment one more time I said you would think my head would be whiter than this since it had never seen the sun before. Gene said the girls used some super self tanner they had at the parlor on you head to make it look better because it was like a light bulb when you got out of the barber's chair.

Gene said I am going to get a shower so we can get ready for one last night of partying. I still just sat there and starred at myself in the mirror the whole time Gene was in the shower. I got up and took a shower the feeling of the water on my baldhead was incredible. But rubbing my head the stubble bothered me so the next thing I knew I was in the shower shaving my head. I trimmed out the goatee the best I could and came out to get dressed. The feeling putting my biker clothes on was amazing some how different with the new look, I really felt like a different person. Gene was surprised I had shaved my head again. He kept saying I would have never believed that you would look so great with a shaved head. We went out and people even treated me different the Bikers all acted like I was their long lost brother and the women were all over me, I had the best night of my life at least I remembered this one..

We got back home on Sunday I told Gene I was thinking of calling in and take Monday off and telling my boss that we has some engine trouble and got in late. I have to get a little prepared for meeting everyone at work with this new look. Gene said fine with him and he would call in also to cover my story. Gene came over after lunch on Monday and there was my head sparkling in the sunlight. He said I am so glad you are going to keep the shaved head you look great. I said, I don't know why but if I get even a little stubble, I just can't stand it and have to get rid of it. I told Gene that the story would be that we made a bet on a raced in Daytona and that if I lost I would shave my head and keep it that way for 3 months or if you lost you could not get a haircut for 3 months and as you can see I lost. And if I do decide to grow my hair back you can just call off the bet. Gene agreed and he even offered to shave his head if I felt it would be easier at work tomorrow. I told him no but thanks for the offer. I told him that if I truly did not want this change to have happened something would have stopped me before going this far. We had dinner took a few more pictures of my new look and went to the One Hour Photo and got the pictures developed to be sure all the pictures came out and my transformation have been documented. Gene left and I took one last look at my new image in the mirror and took out the earring, but for some reason I left on nipple ring. I am really not sure why maybe just to keep a little of that craziness a while longer. I also trimmed the goatee down to a more business like style. I can't believed I am saying this but I put a suit on and I really look great I love the way I look, but tomorrow at work will be the tale.

Tuesday morning came quick and my heart was racing when I pull into the parking lot. I walked in and several people asked if they could help me or that this was a restricted area of the building, needless to say everyone was in shock. My boss just laughed and said he had made some dumb bets in his life but this tops his. That was all that was said and life went on as usual.

3-month update

My 3 months are up and most people think that I should keep the bald head. I have gotten a lot of great comments and some not so great. My family hated it my co-workers loved it. It is hard to explain but I would have thought that I would have less confidence with no hair, for some reason, but I think I have more now. I was always a top produce at work and that has not changed so the new look has not effected that. Everyone has accepted the new look with no questions asked. I have even met a new girl that loves my shaved head. So things could not be better and I thank Gene and Daytona for a life changing event, that has change my life for the better. I actually enjoy life now and not just live it and the shaved head is here forever.

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