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Thats what you get when you PISS me off by CharlieBrown

There was once a boy named Juan who was only 18 years old when he came out to his parents. His parents were so furious they decided to kick him out and disown him. He had no place to go and with no money or a job he desperately needed someone to be able to take care of him and thats when he decided to go to gay bars in hopes that he can find an older gay man that will take him into his own home. He eventually became intimate with a much older gay man named Stevens who was a 55 year old balding white man who was grossley overweight and dishevled looking, but at the end of the day Steven has an income and a home. Unfortunately for Juan he doesn't love Steven at all infact he's disgusted by him but he needs a home so he'll put up with Stevens antics and gross deminer.

This story will be written as Juans POV.

Yes I know my bofriend is more than three decades older than me but hey at least he takes care of me. Stevens is extremely overprotective and even placed a tracking device on my phone just so he knows where I am all the time. He knows all my passwords and never lets me walk alone in public. He always keeps an eye on me and chaperons me everywhere. Every week Steven drops me off to my favorite barbershop so I can get my popador trimmed. After he drops me off he goes to the local grocery store for about a half an hour then picks me back up. Little does he know in that half an hour me and my favorite barber Philip flirt with each other. I love it when Philip tells me how handsome I am and runs his fingers through my thick jet black hair but after 30 minutes sharp I know Steven will step right into the barbershop to pick me up and I always keep track of time because I don't want Steven to catch me flirting with the barber, God forbids. Althogh I'll always be greatful for Steven for taking me in I desperately need to find some passion and thats why I've been flirting with Philip he makes me feel genuinly happy. I'm always tormented between choosing whats logical and whats passionate. Steven is the logical choice because he takes care of me but Philip makes me feel special...

Steven walked me right into the barbershop and yelled, "Alright Philip give Juanito his lil trim like usual... I'll be back to pick him up in a half an hour!"

Steven walked off as I sat in the barbershar. Philip began to massage my shoulders as he asked, "Why do you even put up with that guy? He's so repulsive inside and out... especially out!"

I sighed and responded, "Phill you know I need him... without him I'd be homeless."

Phill rolled his eyes, "Damn I wish I had a place of my own so I can take you in but I live with my parents..."

"Its ok Phill... at least we can be together every week thats still good enough for me."

Phill smiled and replied, "I'm gonna give you the best hair wash ever!"

I moved to the seat close to the sink so he can wash my hair. As he tilted my chair back I can feel the warm water thoroughly going through my hair and it felt amazing especially when Phill massaged my scalp and washed my hair with lavender shampoo.

After Phill tenderly dried my hair he told me how beutiful I looked as we passionately made out. Phill moaned, "Damn you're so handsome especially your amazing hair..." until Steven barged into the store and yelled, "HEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING??"

I gasped as everything raced inside my mind! Why the hell did he came early? It wasn't even a half an hour since he dropped my off. I tried to calm down Steven by telling him, "Babe... its not what you think, Phill just finished washing my hair I swear!"

"Shut the Hell up!You think I'm stupid? Get in the car right now!"

Phill tried to plead with Steven, "Please sir..." But before Phill can finish Steven angrily pointed his finger right at Phills chest and grumbled with his teeth clenced, "This is the last time you'll ever be Juan's barber."

Stevens pulled me into the car as he slammed the door. Furiously driving home. I was so terrified I tried to calm him down, "Stevens you know I love you, come on please dont over react."

Stevens furiously spoke in disgust, "After all I've done for you. Allowing you to live in my home, eat my food, and sleep on my bed this is how you repay me... by cheating on me with the barber who is paid by ME to give you a haircut from MY OWN MONEY. Well guess what you'll never see that barber again and from now on I will be your barber! You got it?"

I just sunk my head down and replied yes as he drove me back home.

As we got home Steven yelled at me, "You will go sit outside like a good boy and face your punishment."

I obediently went outside and sat on the yard chair waiting for what was in stores for me. He finally came out menicingly with a pair of clippers that he uses to shave his pubes and a blow dryer.

"Now this will teach you to be humbele! Humble and greatful for what you have! You will sit there and be shaven bald. A shorn head will be the only haircut you'll get. No more going to the barbershop since I cant even trust you to get a haircut by someone other than me!"

"Please Steven" I sobbed, "Just give me a chance I promise I'll do better."

"I am giving you a chance. Since I'm a person with a great big heart I won't throw you out the street if... you comply with your punishment and thats getting shaved bald!"

I cant believe he's making me do this. Shave my head bald or be homeless? What the hell? I thought about it in tears. I realized that being shaven was better than being home less... and besides I dont even have a job so no one will judge me by my appearance...

"Ok..." I solumley said

"No no... I want you to beg me to shave your head bald! Beg for forgiveness and beg for repentness!"

As I struggled chocking back tears I began to say, "Ok...please shave my head!I deserve it... I deserve to be shorn bald! I deserve to have my pompador shaven by the clippers you use on your pubes! Please shave me bald... I'm sorry."

I thought he might have given me murcy by my speech but all he did was grab my bangs and turn on the clippers with a wicked smile on his face.

I shut my eyes hard as the loud buzzing noise from the clippers got louder and louder as it came closer to my head. Steven teasingly said, "What a shame" as he drove the clippers through my mane.

I could feel the clippers shearing off my hair. Steven kept pulling and tugging on my hair as he drove the clippers on my head. In a couple of minutes my head felt so light and hot as I could feel the clippers scrapping my head. Soon he turned the clippers off as he rubbed my head vigerousley. From the moment he placed his massive hand on my head I new I was shorn bald as I felt his hand on the tiny stubbles of my head.

"Shorn with a zero thats more like it! You wont be needing to go to the barbershop ever again because this will be your haircut as long as you live under my house!"
Steven pulled out his phone and took a picture of me sitting down submissively with a shorn head while the floor littered with the hair that used to be on my head. He plaaced his massive hand on my head as he showed me the picture he took of me. "This is you now... look at your grey shorn head... no more pretty boy hair YOU'RE BALD NOW! I hope this will teach you to be humble and greatful that I allow you to live in my home even after you betrayed me."

As I sat on the chair realizing that the picture of a shorn headed guy with his head down was me. I realized that I had deserved this punishment. I turned to Steven as he was fondeling my bald head with his hand and told him, "Thank you for shaving me bald. I deserve to have a shorn head and I will learn to be more humble."

Steven smirked and told me, "If you keep up with this attitud I suppose I can eventually forgive you but you punishment isn't over now get on your knees so I can wash off the little hair on your bald head."

I obeyed as I got down on my knees to allow him to wash my bald head. At first I expected him to use a hose to wash my head but instead he began to urinate on my head. I tilt my head down so the piss wont get on my eyes. I felt the hot urnine landing on my shorn scalp as Steven began to moan. As Steven held his penis with one hand he used the other hand to scrub his piss all over my bald head. Finally what seemed like eternity the urnine stopped as my head was drenched with piss.

Steven got the blow dryer and began drying off the urine on my head. Steven told me, "Thats what you get when you PISS me off! You are not allowed to have a shower for 3 days. I want my piss to marinate on your bald head. Understand?"

"Yes sir." I obediently said. My head felt sticky as the piss began to dry.

"Now stand up." As I did Steven grabbed the back of my head and vigorousley sniffed my scalp, "Aah yes! Your shorn head stinks of MY piss. Now I'm going to drive you back to the your old barber as you break his heart and tell him your little romance is off! The harder you let him down the more you please me!"

I bit my lip as I tried not to cry. I didn't want to anger Steven by showing him that I have feelings for Phill.

After an awful car ride Steven finally parked his car infront of Phill's barbershop. Steven held my hand as we walked into the empty barbershop to meet Phill's bewildered eyes. Phil gasped at the sight of me, "What happend to your hair? Did Steven do this to you?"

I bit my lip and finally managed to tell Phill, "F*** you. You mean nothing to me. All you did was mess up my relationship with Steven... I wanted Steven to buzz my hair... he's my new barber now and I never want to see you again." I was overcome with conflicting feelings. I hated Phill for not saving me from this relationship. All he did was give me flowery speeches about how he loved me but he never wanted me to live with him.

"Juan... you don't actually mean this? Come on being homeless is still better than living with him!"
"Hey!" Steven barked, "You heard this coming from Juan's own mouth. He doesn't want you. You're just a home wrecker and if I see you anywhere near Juan..."

With that Steven took me back home. Finally back in the living room Steven plopped down on his lazy chair and took off his boots. I just stood infront of a mirror staring at my reflection. I hated how much I've changed from a happy go lucky guy with a thick pompador to a guy who's eyes are red and puffy after so much crying... a head completely shorn with grey stubbles that stunk of piss.

"Hey baldie... come here and get on your knees!"

I obedientlty complied as I got on my knees right infront of him as he menacingly sat on his lazy boy chair.

"Since you cant use your head for thinking 'cause you're too damn stupid... how about you put your bald head to good use!"

Steven raised his foot up, "My feet itch so rub your sandpaper head all over my feet!"

I prayed that the humiliation would stop. If only he could just let that innocent flirting with Phill go! But I complied... I held his foot and placed it on my shorn head as Steven slowley rubbed his crusty smelly feet on my bald plate...

"Oh yeah... your bald head feels so good on my feet!"

And thats the story of poor Juah :(

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