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Big man by Benjamin

I was at my friends house playing on his PlayStation at the weekend. His dad went into a draw and picked up an object and plugged it into a scomet he called my friends name and sat in a chair his dad pulled out. I then saw the object his dad had picked up was some hair clippers he turned on the clippers and before I knew what happened his dad had trimmed right down the front of his hair and kept going till all was left was a standard buzzcut my friend dusted himself off and resumed playing. His dad then called me and asked if I wanted a haircut. Me not knowing what to really say I just mutters sure and got in his chair. He wasted no time and within five minuites my medium length quiff style had been reduced to a buzzcut. I didn't really care though as that was the trending style in my school and most boys had their hair like that and my mom was going to get me a haircut like that at the barbers so I suppose this whole experience just saved her some cash and got me a buzzcut.

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