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The return of big man by Benjamin

Ok let me just say before the story I called the first story big man because I couldn’t be bothered to make a real name and that was the first thing that came into my mind. So here’s the story this was about a month ago I have grown my hair to a medium length quif as the buzz cut was no longer trending ( I got the buzz cut ages before the first story was posted ) so im at the barbershop and a black guy sting in the chair was being shown his haircut. I looked at him before his haircut and I looked again in the reflection of him and almost burst out laughing his hairline had been pushed back so far he looked like an old man. He stands up and screams at the barber and kicks over a few decorations all while yelling profanities. At the end of his freakout he charged out of the glass door so hard a huge crack appeared in the door. The barber didn’t react and just carried on his work as usual while he sat outside the shop and yelled at people to avoid the shop and showing them his hairline and if they tried to continue he would physically block them however he was quickly thrown away by a huge bodybuilding muscle house that towered over him like a statue

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