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Window Pane + 4 by MDemarlo

Window Pane + Four
Edward Heinz Drive is a parkway that snakes through the west suburbs of Detroit. It begins just off the Ford Freeway which is I94 in Dearborn. The parkway snakes alongside a small creek branch of the River Rouge. Continuing west about 15 miles the parkway passes through Redford, Inkster, Livonia, Westland and ends in Plymouth. Baseball diamonds along with picnic tables & grills, several large hills make good for winter time sledding. During summer months the suburban middle " upper middle class teenagers from suburban cities all around Detroit use the parkway to party. Several hundred teenagers out with their parent’s cars are getting stoned, high, drunk, overdosing and selling their drugs. This goes on from spring up until it is too cold to hang outside and sell / do drugs.
Strawberry mescaline, acid or LSD, Quaaludes and very kind of downer one could imagine. It would get so crazy there have been several times a police helicopter, paddy wagons with police in riot gear trying to break up the kayos of teens on drugs.
We had a choice, Orange Sunshine, or Window Pane Acid. The word was out that the Orange Sunshine had strychnine or rat poison in it and had made a few kids sick. Of course this was all hear say, but still bad trips were the product of Orange Sunshine. I and several of my friends scored some window pane acid, and we all took a hit.
Jack was playing with his hair in his car review mirror. He has blond, thick straight Robert Redford hair only it covered his ears and over his collar. Debbie and Sue became (suddenly) beauticians and the four of us were headed to Sue’s house because her parents were up north at their other home. They were telling the truth because when we went down in the basement of Sue’s house it was set up like a beauty parlor. A swivel "barbers" chair a few big mirrors and one of those old hair dryers that one has to sit under. Jack was sitting in the "barber’s chair" feeling up Debbie with his hands under her blouse. At the same time she was snipping away at Jacks hair. In no time Jack had short hair, and it was getting shorter. It looked good; at least we thought it looked good. No longer was his hair parted in the middle, it was now parted off to the side. We all got side tracked and ended up in the swimming pool. The four of us were only 15 years old and Jack and I both had to get home. However, Debbie was spending the night at Sue’s. There would be no sleep for any of us tonight. I asked my mom if Jack could spend the night. We would pitch a tent in my parent’s yard, wait a few hours then sneak back over to Sues. My mom said yes, but asked what happened to Jacks hair. Who cut his hair like that, it looks terrible. Has his mother seen how botched up his hair is? When my mom called Jacks mom to make sure it was OK for him to spend the night she told his mother about the haircut.
The next morning Jack and I had come down to earth. I went to the barbershop with him. Jack was fairly new to the neighborhood. He was clueless to the reputation of Johns Golden Clipper Barbershop. John the barber was a butcher, a haircut from John was always very short. I probably should have said something to Jack, but I didn’t. Why, not even a week ago my hair was long, to my shoulders. My dad made me get a short haircut. I felt completely out of place and Jack was no help. His jokes at my expense really pissed me off. Haircut transformations were becoming a part of me that was the norm. I would have long hair, then without warning a military haircut.
I lied to Jack and told him his only choice was Johns Golden Clipper.
We entered the barbershop, Jack in the chair and WOW John really lived up to his reputation. I wasn’t the only teenager with a military haircut. His hair was cut like a Marine. I ran my hand up the back of his head and said Dam is that close. The top was flat as could be; he had a wide landing strip. So I made airplane noises, folded up paper airplanes and tried to land them on the top of his head. Walking home he kept rubbing the back of his head, I was falling down laughing. "Its not funny, stop laughing" My sides hurt from laughing so hard. Jack had a tear in his eye, so I ribbed him more over being a pussy over a haircut. Time to man up and handle it DUDE. I read his mind and told him "Don’t even think about wearing a hat" And he never did, neither of us ever took acid again, or got haircuts from girlfriends. By MDemarlo

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