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Brotherly Bond Over a Shave by Blake Wieseler

My brother and I had always been close. As young kids, we’d walk to school together and found a similar interest in sports; him, the basketball team, me, the swim team. Our parents were always very supportive of our decision to pursue sports.
During school, we often wore shorter cuts, usually a crewcut at the longest a number five guard on top with about a three on the sides. We were accustomed to the cut and had no objection. Both my brother and I were pretty successful with the girls. The girls fawned over our nice short cuts and preferred them over the shaggy cuts of our peers.
As high school approached, we began to go our separate ways. He was more interested in girls and other things while I continued with swim team and picked up football. I was in the gym three to four times a week, working to keep up my strength and packing on the muscles, making me even more irresistible for the ladies. I soon met Molly and we hit it off right away. She was a head cheerleader for the football team and one of the hottest girls in the school. At first, I feared she’d want some other mainstream jock other than me as it seemed like every other guy was better looking than me.
One night, I was sitting doing my homework and I was playing with my hair. Dad had been generous and let me grow it out a bit and so I now had about 2-3 inches on top and a number five on the sides and back. Molly loved it. She’d come over and play with it and tell me how sexy I looked with my full head of hair. Anyways, while I was playing with my hair, I got up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.
"Gosh my hair is getting long," I thought. "I should really go short again."
I ignored the thought and went back to studying. Months later, Molly and I had taken things to the next level. She’d come over, we’d have sex and then cuddle for a while. She ran her fingers through my hair and I couldn’t help but love it.
"Matt, your hair looks so hot!," she said, running her fingers through my long mane.
"Thanks hun! I’ve been thinking of going shorter since most of the football guys have buzzcuts."
"Oh no, you can’t do that! I love your hair too much this way."
"Oh…….Okay," I stammered. I attempted to push the thought from my mind for the rest of the evening but couldn’t.
A few nights later, I came home from school to see my brother with a pair of clippers sitting on the bathroom sink.
"What are these for?" I asked, picking them up in my right hand and switching them on.
"I decided I’m sick of my long hair and I’m just gonna buzz it. It just gets too hot and the rest of the basketball team is getting buzzcuts before practices start next week."
"Cody, what will mom and dad think?"
"They said I could do it if I wanted. After all, it’s my hair, isn’t it?"
"I guess so….." I replied, secretly wishing to stay and watch.
"Do you mind if I stay and watch?" I asked timidly.
"Only if you help me on the back. It’s really tricky there."
So thereafter some of my brother’s friends came over and decided to get their hair buzzed too. I sat in silence watching them all lose their long locks and buzz it down to a #1 guard. One guy even shaved his head smooth.
"Thanks Matt," Cody said as he started to pack up his things.
"Hey Cody….."
"So…..The other guys on the football team and even the swim team have all gotten buzzcuts recently and I was wondering if you’d be willing to buzz me down too."
"Of course! Have a seat! How short are you thinking?"
"I think the same as yours would be okay….."
Cody snapped on the number one guard and placed it on my forehead.
"Ready to lose all these long locks?"
Before I could answer, he had already taken the clippers straight down the middle of my head. No going back now……The feeling of the clippers on my scalp was heavenly. It felt so relaxing and I loved getting to bond with my brother again! He soon finished and was about to put things away when I said,
"Cody, I think you should shave my head."
"Are you sure bud? It’s already pretty short?
"I think I’d do better with swim team if I had it smooth"
"Okay, as you wish"
Cody quickly peeled me down to a #000 and then took a razor to my head. When he finished scraping the last of the hair on my scalp I reached up and felt my soft, smooth scalp. I almost shot a load in my jeans. It felt amazing! Cody then said,
"You know little bro, that took some guts to do. Would you do the same to me?"
"Yes, I’d love to," I replied, beyond excited.
Minutes later, Cody, too was smooth. The next day at practice the guys on the team noted how smooth my scalp was and decided to do it themselves. Molly grew to love my bald head and even after being married for three years, she still loves the feeling of rubbing her hands across my nice smooth head. As for my brother and I, we get together each summer and shave each other just like that fine day in high school. We now have something new to bond over, just like we did when we first went from boys to men.

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