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Kid got lice at the barbers by Benjamin

A few weeks ago I was at the barbers waiting when a relatively large woman wearing a bright pink tracksuit and a blue shirt walked into the shop with her son who’s greasy dirty looking black hair had grown down to his waist he sat in the waiting area a few seats away from me with his mother and could smell booze and cigarettes on her . I saw little white pellets in his hair as he walked to the chair and proceeded to scratch his hair. He sat in the chair and the barber took a comb through his hair and stopped focused and panicked she had combed out lice and eggs of this hair she walked over to his mother and quietly explained the situation.Then the boys mother shouted at the barber about how she was required to cut her sons hair and she would be reported to the manager for being lazy. The little boy was in tears and ran out of the room crying and scratching his head the mother angrily marched after him and left the building I decided I did not want my hair anywhere near where he had been and decided to leave and go to somewhere else.

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