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My next epic game by Julian

*What are the games about*

I’ve been living my haircut fetish fully for years now. It took me a long time to stop fighting with it and just enjoy it as an important part of my life.
This is harder than it sounds, not only for the phycological barriers I had to endure, but for the nature of my fetish. I find that most guys in the community are easily aroused just by looking or getting a short haircut or a shave head.

For me is different. What excites me is not the length of the hair, is the situation where the haircut is lived. For me, getting, watching or giving an unwanted haircut is amazing. And I mean unwanted. Just going into a barbershop and ask for a haircut, willingly, has no appeal.

This means that I must orchestrate situations for me to be in that position. It takes imagination, effort, and most of all, courage. In an article I wrote in 2016, I explained some of the games I have played during the years. I would say the most successful and exciting was the one I played in September 2019. I managed to be in a position where a guy gave me a full body shave and an extremely short haircut. The character I was playing didn’t know what was coming.

And when I say "the character I was playing" I mean that for all those games, I do play characters. In one hand there is de bad guy who sets the whole thing up, the victim who is the one who gets the unwanted haircut, and the most important roles: normal people who believe the story is real and play their part, sometimes wonderfully, like the barber of the September experience, and sometimes very poorly, which usually ruins the experience for me.

For example, in my last haircut, the villain was Santiago, a Captain of the army who found a military barbershop and texted them specific instructions for his new driver, David, who had to get a very short haircut for his new job. This barberette, wasn’t that good. She was too nice, the haircut not very good and not very short. That one didn’t go quite well. But it doesn’t matter. I had so much fun planning the whole thing, finding the right place, the contact number, writing the message, and setting up everything. Each game can take months until its finally played.

*Requisites for a good game*

As I said, the whole point is getting an unwanted haircut given by someone who really believes I don’t want the haircut and still cuts it. As simple as the barber who cut my hair because I showed him the haircut regulations at my new job or as complicated as the "massage with a bonus" barber who knew I had the fetish but thought that the haircut was going to be a complete surprise.

I have had some amazing experiences of getting haircuts at the mercy of fetish friends. They are very good and exciting. But, when I am able to get a haircut from a person who will cut my hair and he believes I don’t want it, but still does is… oh my God.. that is so incredibly exciting. With fetish friends, they know I don’t want it, buy they also know that a part of my does want it.

*My next game is cooking*

I can’t execute complicated games every month. I have to time nor energy to do it. But I like to have a game I can fantasy for a while, planning every detail and finally, finding the right time and place to do it.

I’ve this idea about my next big game and I decided to share with you: in-home haircut for my sick brother in law.

I realized that there are barbers who specialize in giving haircuts to people who can’t go out. They go to hospitals and nursing homes for example and cut the hair of people with all sort of difficulties. So… what if I can put myself in that position. What if I have to get a haircut that I don’t want, that is way too short, and that I don’t decide about? That would be so exciting.
So, I have been thinking about it and I have come up with a plot that might work. There are 3 characters needed for this game.

1. Marcelo: the brother in law, who is financially responsible for the patient and who deals with his sickness. David, his wife brother, it’s been a real burden. Marcelo has to talk to the psychiatrist and take care of all the logistics regarding David’s condition.

2. David: he has a psychiatric problem. A kind of agoraphobic disorder and maybe some depression. He does not go out of the house and does not take a good care of himself. He just lay in bed all day. He doesn’t even get dressed, just wear a t-shirt and white old-style underwear. His hair never gets combed and rarely washed.

3. Javier (or whatever his name in real life is): He is a barber who offer his services in Internet as specialist in sick and elder people. He charges a lot more than a regular barber and has experience with patients. Ideally a man who shows that is willing and able to go short without hesitation.

Time and location: That must be carefully planned. I need to let grow my hair enough and find a good moment in life. My goal is to be able to do this as early as I can in 2020.
The script

I would say that planning the script is one of the most exciting parts of the game. Remember that these games are not enjoyed just when they are performed, but the main part of the excitement is experienced before, and even after, if I am lucky enough to get it on video.

So, after many drafts, here is the script I have come out with (by script, I mean the way Marcelo will approach the potential barber in order to hire him for David):


Good afternoon Javier. I’m Marcelo and I am looking for a barber who can come to my brother in law apartment, since he is not able to get out due to his condition. The place is located in _______, How much do you charge? (here a bit of logistic exchange).

Great, sounds good. My brother in law’s name is David and he has an agoraphobic condition that does not allows him to go out from home. His doctor has suggested that due of hygiene and comfortability, we should get him a haircut with a specialized professional, that has experience with patients. I saw that you go regularly to hospitals and nursing homes.

(some chat about his experience here).

He is medicated so he is not always very lucid, and he tends to forget things. It’s probable that he will be reluctant and doesn’t want to get the haircut. But, since getting a haircut is always a high stress situation for him, the doctor recommends cutting his hair in a way that we can delay these events as far as possible.

What the psychiatrist says is that it would be better if you can cut his hair facing away from the mirror, in order to spare him from stressing if he sees that you are cutting a lot of hair..

(He will probably ask now about the desired style: - so how do you want me to cut it? -)

It really doesn’t matter how, but that you cut a lot. We need you to please give him a big haircut and you are authorized to cut all you want; however you want. Just don’t left him completely bald, but besides that, you decide what’s best.

And according to the doctor instructions, is better if he does not realize that he as lost a huge amount of hair.


*What I love about this game*

This game sounds like a perfect game for me. I get all the excitement of ordering for myself a haircut from my worst nightmares. I give power to the barber to do whatever he wants but not precise instructions, since it would ruin the whole thing. A huge part of the excitement comes from not knowing what would happen.

It also provides the space for me, as David, to complain and ask for just a trim. I can live that character fully, with all the dreadfulness involved.

It would be challenging to play the role of a medicated agoraphobic, since I am not familiar with that at all. Maybe I should smoke pot while waiting for the barber. We’ll see.

*Spanish Version*

Here is the script in Spanish, for my fellow friends who speak my mother language (this game will be most likely be played in Spanish)

Buenos días, Javier, mi nombre es Santiago y estoy buscando un corte de pelo a domicilio para mi cuñado que está en situación de no poder salir de casa. El piso está en… xxx . ¿Cuánto cuesta el servicio?

Muy bien. Se llama Andrés y tiene un cuadro agorafóbico que le impide salir de casa. Su doctor nos ha sugerido que, por cuestiones de higiene y comodidad, le mandemos cortar el pelo con un profesional con experiencia en manejo de pacientes. Vi que usted atiende a pacientes en hospitales y residencias.

Está tomando medicamento, por lo que no permanece muy lúcido y se le olvidan las cosas. Es probable que en el momento proteste un poco y no quiera que lo peluqueen. Como cortarse el pelo es una situación de alto estrés para él, el doctor recomienda hacerle un corte que le dure lo más posible y así espaciar más estos eventos.

Lo que nos dice el psiquiatra es que lo mejor es que se lo corte en un lugar sin espejos para que no se estrese cuando vea que le están cortando mucho cabello.

- ¿Y cómo quieren que se lo corte?

La verdad es que no importa mucho como se lo corte, sino que le recorte la mayor parte del pelo que tiene. Necesitamos que le de una buena peluqueada y tiene autorización de cortar todo lo que quiera y como quiera. No llegar a raparlo completamente, pero aparte de eso usted decide lo que más convenga.

Y de acuerdo a lo que dice el doctor, lo mejor es que él no se dé cuenta sino hasta el final de que le cortaron una enorme cantidad de pelo.

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