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Please Maam, Take it All off!! by Jason10

My name is Jason, I am an IT Specialist, car enthusiast, painter and lastly, I love my long lushes’ black hair, I have a girlfriend, her name is Naomi, who is a dime, she wears a long platinum bob styled in a way that, just looks so hot and sexy. My family is overseas and it's just me working here. I'm living with Naomi at their house,I told Naomi father and mother that I love his daughter and that I will do anything for here, they made me part of their family.

I work with Naomis Father and Brother in the Family IT company. Her father is bald, he's always giving me s**t to me, for having long girly looking hair and Naomi’s bother Nathen recently got promoted in his work at the IT company and soon he was also shaving his head bald due to all the stress and hair loss and by the way Nathen is engaged to one of the most beautiful lady, her name is Sarah, Sarah styled her hair with bangs and ponytail, Noami other sister has black hair with straight hair and thick bangs and Noami’s Mother has your typical mum styled long bob.

Noami's mother, and sister and Sarah loved my hair and even suggested I grow it out even longer, Noami's father was not pleased when he heard that from my mum, he suggested getting a haircut like his which is and just take it all off. Noamis mother told him, well hes not bald just yet like two ok.
That thought of taking it all off, kept ringing in my head, as I wanted to try the look and please her brother and father plus it would be a good image at work.

We are going on a family trip for 1 month in the old countryside, their will no Wi-Fi, internet, live tally and etc. This trip is to create bonding with each other in the family. The family had a large cabin house in the country side that was very big it had 5 bedrooms, a tennis court, swimming pool etc.

A Trip to An Old looking barbershop.

Me and Nathen and his Dad went out for our haircuts, there was two ladies working their. There wasn’t much option thy only offered short haircuts and headshaves.
The two Barberette started shaving Nathen and his dad's stubble to a zero again and then finished it off with the razor. Next, the Barberette goes, I stand up,They questioned me to say why is your hair so long and not short and bald like Nathens and his dads. No Justin Bieber haircuts here honey. I told her that im getting sick of having this long hair and I want something shorter, then I just bit the bullet and said please Take it all off Maam and make me bald maam, she and the other Barberette was pleased and delighted with my answer and Nathans dad was overjoyed as well. She said no problem, you'll be looking like man in no time.

She buzzed it down to a Zero real quick, all my long lushes’ hair falling on my lap and the floor, she then got a hot steamy towel and placed on my head, softening my hairs for the straight razor headshave. Soon she placed hot shaving foam on my head and got out her straight razor with changed blades and started scraping against the grain, she kept doing it until It was smooth all over, she the placed another hot towel on my head to open up my pores. Lastly, she applied some hair removal cream or balding cream or oil. She told me that this will kill my hair follicles and make be bald faster. Yea, so They sold this 50ml bald cream oil, they said that if you apply it daily, you become balder and balder and your hair doesn’t grow back.

Nathens Father brought a lot of balding cream/oil, He gave me his balding oil, he said that this oil will keep you bald and slow down the hair growth, apply it every morning, welcome to the family he said. He made me apply it daily and It smealt nice. Naomi's mother even said I should keep it, as they look fits in with the family, Noami her sister and even Sarah liked it. But Noami hated my new look, she said I look older and ugly, I told her well Noami you better get used to it because it's not growing back.

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