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My Aunty - A Bold Punishment - Part 2 by Jason10


But first you need to show me that you can and are prepared to stay bald. So everyday I want you to shave your smooth, like really smooth like a bowling ball
I want you star work next week at the local petrol station, helping
You need to deveope disclipline first, I will inspecting your scalp daily

My aunt was nice lady, but she was strict, but fair as well. I go to Apopogise to my Aunt.

Me "Aunt I hate this look, I want my Hair Back"

My Aunty "Why do you hate, this look, hun".

Me "Aunty, Im Very sorry, I have been an idiot and a clown"

My Aunty "you Sure have Hun"

My Aunty "But, you must be punished for your behviours of late and Only then you will be forgiven.

Me "What punishment Aunty, isn’t shaving my head getting the bald head enough of a punishment"

My Aunty "well hair grows back, honey, so its not really a punishment".

Me "WHAT!!!!"

My Aunty " Its summer so are you ready for these consenquences. we can do these the hard way or the easy way"

Me " what are the options?"

My Aunty "Well the hard way is one whole month of …….
+No Car
+No TV
+No Junk Food
+Extra chores
+Be Home Before 6pm
+Help the Maid
+Take Aunty Shopping
+100 Push ups Daily
+Read my Aunts Favorite Boring Book.

Me "ok whats the Easy Way"

My Aunty "Im glad you asked hun, well the easy way is that , You must shave your head smooth slick twice a day meaning every morning and when you go to sleep at night for one whole month straight, that is your first test.

Me "That’s way to long, I cant even last a Week"

My Aunty "I'm being generous and nice here, I could have said, 4-5 months and you need to show me that you can and are prepared to stay bald. So every day I want you to shave your head smooth, like really smooth like a bowling ball and I also I want you to start work next week at the local petrol station, helping Katy. you need to develop discipline first, I will inspect your scalp daily"

Me "WHAT!!!, Ok Im sorry Aunty"

My Aunty "Listen your punishment is, you need to show me that you Hate having hair and are willing to stay bald as your punishment.

Me "Aunty what are you saying"

My Aunty "you young man, you need to develop discipline, this is going to a long process, so first, you need to get use to the hardship of being bald and what its to to bald, thats what you get for making fun of that old Man at super market."

My Aunty "Like I said you need to develop Discplined, your uncle has been shaving his head for twenty plus years and you cant even do one."

Me "Ok Aunty, Ill Make sure its smooth and Bald as it can be"

My Aunty " Ok, and don’t even think about wearing a Hat, My Aunty Laughing"

Me "Of Course not, Um Aunty what is the punishment if its not smooth ?"

My Aunty "Well the Punishment is Ill extend your Head shave Duration by 1 Whole Month"

Me "wow so that’s the catch from the Easy way one Whole month, Are you Crazy ?"
My Aunty "Congratulation, you just rewarded your self with an Extra Month, for talking back and disrespecting me"

Me "Iam Sorry Aunty, Please Forgive me"

My Aunty " Rules are Rules"

Me "But, But".

My Aunty "No Buts, End of discussion, Ill be inspecting your head every morning and night, and you better hope its smooth and oh yea dont forget about my friend Katy, she looking for you to work at the local gas station office manging files, stock and finace.

Me "no problem Aunty, Ill go see her First thing tomorrow.

My Aunty "good"

My Aunty Leaves, rubbing my bald head and brushing her long bob hair back, Oh one more thing Me and your uncle are going shopping, Do you Need anything hun?"

Me " No Thanks Aunty, Im Good"

My Aunty "Ok now start calling me Maam and your Uncle Sir, Understood"

Me "Yes Aunty"

My Aunty "Still not Learning are We"

Me "Iam Sorry Aunty, I mean Maam"

My Aunty "Laughing, and see you later baldy".

I went into my large room which also had a small bathroom so a Master Bedroom, but I just couldn’t stop staring at my bald head and that to think that I had to keep this look for two whole month or 60 days straight was crazy, Please someone tell me this is all a bad dream. I fell on my bed to take a nap, the pillow felt very weird on my bald scalp. I take a Nap for 4 Hours.

Uncle "Knock Knock, Special Delivery"

I open the door and its my bald uncle and Aunty and they brought me two Large Boxes.

My aunty, "here you go hun, this Box contains the necessary items to keep your baldy slick for the summer"

Me "Thank you MAAM"

My Aunty "That’s much better baldy, stroking my head in delight, oh I feel some stubble but I am going to let this one pass, and dinners in 60 minutes."

Me "don’t worry Maam, I'm going for a shower and ill shave my head aswell"

My Aunty "Wow I am impressed, your learning fast"

My Aunty Leaves.

I guess my hair must have grown into a light stubble when I was sleeping. But anyway I go to open and check out the two boxes that they brought for me.

Box One
12x Pack of Gillette 2 in 1 ProGlide Shave Gel.

Box Two
2x Gillette Fusion5 Razors with a 12 Blades to change.
2x Head Blade Moto with 6 Blades to Change.
Wahl Balding Clippers
Alcohol Aftershave
Bottle of Almond Oil
Bottle of Coconut Oil
HeadBlade Scalp Care Cream
HeadBlade " Head Lube Glossy
Sun Tan Lotion SPF 50
Some Cheap Bottles of Random Shampoo.

This was a lot of Stuff, to say the least, I was Confused and didn’t know what to use and I was even more confused about the Wahl Balding Clipper. WAIT WAIT WAAAIIIIT.

Does my Aunty want me to shave my beard as Well. No No, Hell No, I say to my self. Not in a Million Years, that bitch, has some serious demands.
Maybe she does, after all it is summer and its bloody hot outside. So I opened the packet of the clippers, plugged it in and said well here goes nothing.

Buzz Buzz, the Clippers made light work of the beard and I had a stubble in no time. Again I looked different and the skin was just so pale. I didn’t have time to think. Anyway I need a shower ASAP and a Headshave, so I grabbed the cheap Shampoo bottle, A bottle of Gillette Cream and a one Gillette razor and raced of to the shower/bathroom.
I set the shower or turn the knob to the hot side, and shower for 4 minutes, I grabbed the cheap shampoo bootle and start vigorously rubbing shampoo on my scalp, I try to remove any dandruff or dead skin I have on my scalp with my nails as my hands will just be to slippery on the bald head. I soak up the hot water on my scalp and face for another 5 minutes and turn the shower off and dry my self. I come out of the shower in towel.

I fill the sink up with hot water and lube up my head and face with shaving cream, making sure I do not miss a single spot.

I start with my head first, I start by shaving against the grain, A single pass as devoided any hair, so long story short I shave all over my head in against the grain direction. It was hurting a bit, but I kept reminding my self "no Pain no Gain". I re-lathered my head again and shaved it again, this time in a sidewards direction.

Now I start with the Face, Again I started with Against the grain direction, shaved my cheeks, chin and sideburn and moustache, all have been devoided of any sort of hair. I go and check that it's all smooth over my head, as I can't afford, to be given another month, of being bald, just for being careless and missing a spot. Well, its all smooth and not a stubble or hair is on my face except eyebrows and eyelashes. I transformed Again into a different person.

I go into the Box and grab some aftershave, and rub it on my face and head. The Aftershave was stinging my head and face. No Pain No Gain.
Now I just got some Coconut oil and rubbed it all over my head, which made my face and head shine even more, the shine was enhanced by the overhead light orange lights in the bathroom.

I go downstairs and help me, Aunty and Uncle, with Dinner.
My Aunty Sees me, I go and tell my aunty to feel it and inspect. She rubbed her hand all over my scalp, but she couldn’t find a hint of stubble. She just Smiles, and gets back to work, without saying a single word.

I could tell her she was impressed.

My Aunty " Hun Why did you shave your beard clean, your allowed to
keep a stubble, just not any hair on you head, sweety.

Me "I don’t Know Aunty"

My Aunty "Look Hun I know I am your Aunty and I love you sweety, but if you call me Aunty one more time, I will extending your Headshave routine by another month, Ok. Remember discipline, DISCIPLINE!!!".

Me "Yes Maam"


I was sitting at the middle of the table between my Uncle and Aunty. I Kinda Notice that both of them were just staring at my Bald head.
The Overhead lights made it so shiny.

My Aunty "More Salad Sweety"

Me "No Maam"

My Aunty "You sure, Salads good for your hair"

Me "No Maam, Iam Bald"

My Aunty "Ok that’s Much Better, Sweety"

My Uncle "The bald head really Suits you, don’t even think about growing it back just yet, I know you don’t like it, but its for your own good and character"

Me "Thank you sir and I know sir"

My Aunty "It's Going to be a Long time before he has any hair, laughing"



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