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My Aunty - Punishment Extended - Part 3 by Jason10

I went into the room, taking a look at my self in the mirror, I really hated the look and to think I got two months to do this. I went to Bed.
Next morning I took a shower, I felt stubble on my head, so I lathered up my head and shaved it again. I took longer to shave it because I didn’t want this punishment to be extended further so I was extra careful and cautious to make every spot extra smooth, then I finished it off with some aftershave and oil, to make it shine.
I went down stairs, then there she was.

My Aunty "So did you Reshave your Head today"

Me "Yes Maam"

My Aunty "well it looks pretty slick and bald"

Me "Wait Aunty, So your not going to rub it and check it"

My Aunty "No I trust you, After All you don’t want a Extra Month do?"

Me "No Maam"

My Aunty "Good, well 59 more days to go "

Me "Maam, Iam going to see, Kate at the Petrol Station and do some summer work"

My Aunty "Glad to hear that, bye " take care, and dont forget, no wearing a Cap and remember to put on some sunscreen on your bald scalp."

Me "Yes Maam".


But outside home, It took a lot of getting used to, especially to other women and girls, as people would just stare at my shiny head. So I go the local petrol station for my summer job, which Kate gave me to do, while Iam here and staying at my Auntys and Uncle for over 6 Months.

The Staff at the Station and their current hairstyles.

Sue " Counter " Bangs and Pony Tail

Diana " Counter " Bangs and Bun

Jess " Stock manger " Short Bob

Tom -Gas Pump " Balding MPB

Jim " Gas Pump " Short Haircut

Me " Computer Nerd - Bald

Kate " Boss and Owner " Long Angled Sleek Bob

I go in and Meet Kate back in the office of Petrol station. Kate was a very strict, business women, she had a business bob sleek haircut, that was angled and styled very nicely.

Me "Knock Knock".

Kate "Come In"

Me "Hi Kate, Iam Ready to Work"

Kate "Wooooow, what happen to your hair, whilst staring at my head."

Me "its all gone"

Kate "I can see that, whist brushing her lovely hair"

Me "Its tidy and perfect for the heat"

Kate "yup and you look Professional with the bald head too"

Me "So kate do you like it ?".

Kate "Like it ? I LOVE IT!.

Me "Thanks Kate"

Kate "Good, now lets get you started baldy, follow me, youll be working here on this desk, well get your computer set up and you can start working shortly".

Me "Thanks Kate"

Kate "No problem sunshine"

Time to Work.
Time to go home

Long story short for past 25 days

+I have been working hard at the petrol station, Kate even phone and told my Aunty and Uncle about how hard I was working, which they were very pleased off.

+I have been shaving my head smooth bald every morning and night due to my punishment, to be honest I still haven’t accepted the look yet.

+I have been very good, been doing chores and help my Aunty, around the house, taking her shopping and etc.

Until one morning.

My Aunty "Morning Hun 35 More days to Go huh, your getting there and nearly half way there"

Me "yup thanks maam, I cant wait to have my hair back"

My Aunty "goes and feels my scalp"

There's a slight pause and her reaction seems different

Me "Maam"

My Aunty "I can some feel stubble here on top and some here at the back"

Me "Iam Sorry Maam, I will get rid of this Stubble"

My Aunty "Ok, but Iam Adding a Extra 30 days"

Me "But Please Maam, Please No"

My Aunty "No Buts"

Me "F*** Sakes!!!, Aunty!! your crazy!!, I F***en hate been Bald!!!"

My Aunty "Still not learning are we, Well congratulations Baldy, you just earned your self a bald ticket, Iam extending your punishment by…… So lets do the maths because of your in for quite a punishment baldy.

You had 60 days, which you have completed 25 days, sooo

+35 days still to go
+30 days for the Stubble that you forgot to shave off.
+60 days for Swearing and Mouthing off at me
+30 days for Calling me, Aunty

So that’s a total of 155 days.

So today is Thursday, 29 October 2019 and you can stop shaving your head on Friday, 2 April 2020.

My Aunty "wow Iam such a Genius Aint I, It all adds up to 155 Days or 5 Months and 5 days, hahahah’

Me"Yes Maam, you are"

My Aunty "Remember if cant to the time then don’t do the crime, Simple"

I hugged my aunty and told her how sorry, I was for call her that, she forgave me.

My Aunty "but remember, you still have to do the time, hun"

Me "yes maam, I know and ill be even more carful and ill make sure that theres not a single whisker on my head."

Me "But Maam, could I please, get my head waxed, so it will be easier to shave"

My Aunty "you sure about this, waxing will damage your hair follicles and you could permanently be Bald"

Me "Please Maam, let this painful process, be a Forgiveness to you"

My Aunty "Well Ok, ill accept your forgiveness when the Proccess is Done".

Me "Thank you Maam"

My Aunty "Ok you have my word and I order you to grow out your hair for 10 Days Hun, so the waxing can pull your hair"

Me "yes Maam"

So I haven’t been shaving my head for 4 days and at work, I got a few stares and looks. The Ladies and kate were rather amazed, looking my hair or thick stubble. Kate and the other ladies Questioned me, saying why didn’t you shave your head it look dirty. I told them that iam growing it out and iam going to get it waxed.
They were shocked and confused, WAXED!!!!

Me "yep, I wanted it smooth and I cant be bothered to shave everyday"

Kate "well that makes sense after all this bald look is for you, anyway lets all get back to work"

Kate "Lets go Baldy"

Me "Coming"

The Waxing Day.
To Be Continued

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