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Buzzcuts for Three by Barberette Fan

I met my wife Laura when we were in college together. We were the same year and from the same hometown, but we didn't get to know each other until university. We tried to go out to fancy dinners and go on nice dates as often as we could but, being college students, our budget sometimes restricted us to an evening on the couch.

My roommates Mike and Eric liked Laura, and thought we made a nice couple. They weren't shy about telling me that they found her attractive, and I couldn't blame them. She had a stunning white smile that lit up the room and beautiful, long blonde hair that she kept in loose curls. She had a perfect body as well, and she wasn't shy about showing it off in small outfits whenever the opportunity presented itself.

I remember a day in early Spring when Mike, Eric, Laura, and I were hanging out together in the living room of my apartment. We'd been chatting, drinking, and watching movies together, Lauren and I on one couch and my roommates on the other. The conversation lulled for a moment, during which time Laura got up from the couch and sat right back down on my lap. She began to run her fingers through my hair.

"You could really use a haircut there, boyfriend. It's gotten pretty shaggy," she said as I felt her long, red nails gently glide across my scalp. She was right, my hair was about two inches on top and just a bit shorter on the back and sides, and I'd been a good ten weeks without a trim. She grabbed a fistful and gave it a slight tug before turning towards my roommates. "Actually, I think all you boys could use haircuts!" she said with an obvious tone of excitement in her voice. "I'll go get my things!"

Things? What things? My roommates and I exchanged glances for a moment. Mike and Eric looked confused, taken aback by the events of the last twenty seconds. Meanwhile, I privately became aroused. Laura knew about my fetish for having my hair cut, and chose to tease and torment me with it whenever she had the chance.

Before any of us could really react to what had happened, Laura returned from my room with a bag. "I left this under your bed sweetie, I figured it might come in handy!" She set the small bag on the living room table and set up a chair facing the couches. From her bag Laura pulled out what appeared to be a haircutting cape, a comb, and, much to my surprise and excitement, a pair of red clippers. I recognized these immediately as Wahl Balding clippers.

"What's going on, honey?" I asked, my arousal growing.

"Like I said, you need a haircut. You all need buzzcuts, as a matter of fact. How about it, boys? Let's get you all properly cleaned up," Laura said seductively. She stood before us wearing a skintight, low-cut, cropped shirt as well as tight leggings that showed off her every perfect curve. I couldn't believe she had hid clippers in my room, I didn't even know she owned them! Mike and Eric shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

"Uh, no thank you... I'm, I'm good," Eric stammered.

"Yeah, um, I don't want a haircut..." Mike added.

Laura approached Mike, leaving the clippers on the table. She walked slowly towards him, looking deep into his eyes and at his hair. His curly, brown hair was typically kept closely cropped on the sides, but had grown out to be almost an inch in length on the sides, and it curled nearly out of control on top. Laura came incredibly close to him, making it difficult for him not to stare at her perfect body so near to his face. She began to run her fingers through his hair, raking her nails across his scalp and through his curls.

"Now Mike, you may not want a haircut, but you certainly need one. Men look so much better buzzed down nice and short. Don't you think I should do that for you?" Laura teased. She briefly looked in my direction, throwing me a wink and a smirk before continuing to work her magic on Mike.

"Well, uh, I guess I'm not sure..." Mike muttered. Laura was winning him over. She grinned.

"C'mon, you'll look so great once we get these curls tamed a bit. I promise you'll like it, and you'll look great with a nice, tight buzz," she said, still smiling at her trapped prey.

"I... I guess if you think so," he mumbled.

"Great!" Laura said, gently tugging at his curly mop. "Have a seat and let's get to work."

Mike slowly got up and approached the chair. As he sat down, Laura firmly placed her hands on his shoulders. She ran her fingers through his locks, from the nape of his neck all the way through his curly top. "Let's get this hair off, shall we?" Laura teased as she again met my gaze and winked. She turned to the table, picked up the cape, and swung it across Mike's thin frame, snapping it tightly around his neck. She bent over and plugged in the clippers before fishing out a small guard from her bag and attaching it.

*SNAP* "BZZZZZZZZZ," the clippers hummed, the sound filling the apartment and announcing Mike's impending shearing. He shifted beneath the cape, clearly unsure of his decision to leave his hair in the hands of my clipper-happy girlfriend.

"Head down, handsome," Laura said, now completely in control. Mike leaned his head forward slightly, but clearly not far enough as Laura firmly shoved his head forward until his chin met his chest. "The hair on the back of your neck is out of control! But don't worry, we'll get it all shaved off soon enough," Laura said. I could tell she was using this as an opportunity to torment me. She didn't need to say these things as she prepared to buzz our hair off. In fact, she didn't need to buzz our hair off in the first place, she'd never even cut anyone's hair before! I could tell she enjoyed how much it excited me, however, and I decided to simply live in the moment.

Laura grinned as she made the first pass up the back of Mike's head. Clumps of hair fell down the cape, and I wondered just how much she was leaving him. She quickly sheared multiple paths up the back of his head before allowing him to look straight ahead again. She ran her clippers tight around his right ear, then buzzing the rest of the side down to match. She repeated this process on the left side, and I was able to see just how short she was shaving him down. I estimated that she had put a #2 guard on the clippers.

My beautiful girlfriend briefly shut off the clippers before fishing in her bag for a longer guard. "We're not done yet, Mike! Still plenty more to buzz off," she said as she giggled to herself. She removed the #2 guard and attached the longer guard, turning back towards Mike and snapping the clippers on again.

Without warning, Laura plunged her clippers into Mike's longer hair, going right down the middle of his forehead. Long clumps cascaded down the cape and onto the floor as the clippers left less than an inch of short bristles in their wake. Eric's eyes grew wide as Laura continued buzzing over the top of Mike's head.

"Don't worry Eric, you're next!" Laura said playfully. Eric ran a hand through his hair while Mike's rained down onto the floor. Eric's hair was longer than mine, about three inches on top and two inches on the back and sides. It was straight and brown and if Laura had her way, it would soon join Mike's curls on the floor.

Laura finished buzzing Mike's head, and quickly took the guard off the clippers to clean up the back of his neck. "We're almost done, just need to get the back of your neck shaved," Laura cooed. She slowly but decisively removed all the stubble from his nape before shutting the clippers off and placing them back on the table. She vigorously rubbed her hands all over his buzz, sending small cut hairs flying everywhere.

"There we go Mike, that's so much better now! It was about time you had a proper haircut, you look a million times better buzzed short," Laura smirked, teasing him and me as much as she could. "Go take a look at yourself in the bathroom mirror," she ordered as she removed the cape and shook the rest of his curls onto the floor, adding to the massive pile that had accumulated.

Mike got up and walked over to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror for a few moments, clearly in shock at how short his hair had been cut. He came back out and sat on the couch, running his hands through his freshly buzzed hair.

Laura giggled at Mike's expression before walking over to Eric. His brown hair hung straight down and reached into his eyes in front. Laura grabbed a handful of long hair on the top of his head and looked him in the eye. "This mess has got to go, it's far too long and needs to be cut short. Get into the chair."

By this point, Eric knew not to resist and decided to simply comply. He got up and sat down in the chair reluctantly, without saying a single word. Laura stood next to him, her prefect figure exuding an air of undeniable power and dominance over everyone in the room. She quickly had Eric caped up, signaling that there was officially no escape.

Laura moved in close to Eric, her gorgeous breasts only inches from his face. She ran her nails through his hair slowly, causing him to shiver beneath the cape. Laura grabbed tufts of his shaggy hair, looking disapprovingly at its length.

"We've got a lot of work to do here, Eric," Laura said, "We need to get this mop buzzed."

"I... I've never really had it much shorter than this..." Eric mumbled.

Laura flashed an evil grin as she took a firm grip on his hair. "We'll fix that in no time, handsome. You're getting a buzzcut. Don't even bother trying to get out of it," Laura commanded firmly. Eric sat silent, visibly nervous and fidgeting under the cape. Laura fished out a long guard from her bag and snapped it on the clippers. It looked to be about a #7 or #8.

*SNAP* "BZZZZZZZZZ," the clippers buzzed once again. Laura continued to show her perfect, white, evil smile as she grabbed a handful of Eric's hair from the top of his head and ran her clippers right down the middle. Laura dumped inches of hair into his lap, causing him to gasp and become even more nervous. Without hesitation, Laura swiftly ran the clippers over the top of his head multiple times, shearing row after row of long, dark hair off, adding it to the already massive pile of hair on the floor. Soon, Laura had finished clipping the top and shut off her clippers. She ran her nails through the long buzz to tease him, and then made eye contact with me.

"What do you think, honey? Doesn't the buzzcut look so much better on him already?" she teased. I knew she'd take every opportunity she could to say things that would turn me on, and it was absolutely working.

"Yes Laura, w-whatever you think," I managed to say, albeit in a soft tone.

"Good, I'm glad you like it," she responded, "Because you're next. But you won't have nearly this much hair by the time I'm done with you!" She giggled. Turning back to the table, she replaced the long guard with a slightly smaller one. She wasted no time in shearing down the back and sides of Eric's head, taking only a few minutes to replace his long mop with a half inch pelt.

Just as quickly as it began, Eric's shearing ended. Laura whisked the cape off of him, allowing clumps of buzzed hair to tumble onto the floor, joining Mike's curls and creating a substantial pile of shorn locks on the floor. "Go check out your new look, cutie," Laura told Eric. Eric dutifully got up and checked his haircut, showing the same signs of shock that Mike had demonstrated only moments ago.

Eric sat down on the couch next to Mike, and Laura walked over to me. I began to breathe quickly, feeling nervous about my impending haircut. How short would she go? Would she leave me any hair? My thoughts were interrupted by Laura's body pressing into me as she played with my long hair.

"It's your turn, boy toy," Laura said seductively, causing me to become even more aroused. She raked her red nails over my scalp and firmly grabbed a fistful of my hair. "Come on, get in the chair. It's time for your buzzcut," Laura said as she dragged me to the chair by my hair.

Before I knew it, I was sitting down and caped up with Laura standing next to me grinning. "I've wanted to shave this mop off for such a long time, I can't believe I finally get to do it," she said, the excitement in her voice extraordinarily obvious. Wait a minute, did she say shave?

*SNAP* "BZZZZZZZZZ," the clippers sang once more, startling me. I couldn't tell what guard Laura had put on, but I didn't have time to ask before she plunged her hungry clippers into my hairline at my forehead. The sensation of the clippers vibrating over the top of my head was incredibly erotic, and the massive clumps of hair tumbling down my face and neck added to this feeling. Between the feeling of the clippers close to my scalp and the lengths of hair tumbling down the cape, I could tell Laura was taking me extremely short. Then the teasing continued.

"I can't believe I'm finally getting rid of this mop," Laura said excitedly, "I've always thought men look so much better without all that hair. I wouldn't want your handsome face hiding behind a shaggy mop!" Laura giggled to herself as she continued making passes over the top of my head. I continued to soak up the vibrations. "You'll look so hot shaved completely bald, babe." Bald? BALD? I suddenly realized why the clippers felt so close to my scalp, she was shaving my hair down to the skin! I immediately got rock hard beneath the cape as I realized I would have a shaved head for the first time in my life, something I'd wanted for years.

Laura firmly pushed my head forward and relentlessly ran the clippers up the back of my neck and into my hair, ruthlessly shaving every trace of my dark hair off. It seemed like I was in the middle of a blizzard of dark hair as it fell all around me. I could feel Laura's hand on my scalp as she held me in place to continue shaving my head.

After Laura had made multiple passes around my scalp with her unguarded Balding clippers, she turned them off and set them back on the table. Before she released me, she ran her nails from the bottom of my neck all the way to my forehead, causing me to shiver violently. She chuckled as she continued to glide her sharp nails over my freshly shorn scalp. She then removed the cape and rubbed my head vigorously with one hand.

"Go take a look in the mirror, baldy," Laura commanded with a smirk, "You look sexy without all that hair." I obeyed and walked to the bathroom mirror. I could feel the cool air against my head. When I got to the mirror, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was truly shaved down to nothing. I was bald!

I walked back into the living room where Laura was cleaning up her things. "Mike and Eric, clean this hair up for me. Consider it repayment for letting you keep some of your hair," she said in a dominant tone. Then she turned to me and grabbed me by my shirt, pulling me close. "As for you, boy toy," she whispered in my ear as she ran her nails up the back of my neck, "I need to get you into bed immediately. I've always wanted to f*** a bald guy." We didn't leave my room for hours.


Ever since that day, Laura took a sort of ownership in the hair of my roommates and I. When she thought Mike and Eric were getting shaggy, she'd run her hands through their hair and say something like, "Get this cleaned up, or I'll have to do it for you." They never dared to disobey, and as a result they kept their buzzcuts throughout the rest of our time in college. I similarly stayed bald, and Laura has been my barberette ever since that fateful day when she decided to fire up the clippers and take it all off.

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