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Jack and Pete, Finally by P.J.

Jack and Pete, Finally
This story picks up from "Jack and Kyle decide for Gray"
For those of you who are buzz cut and shaved lovers, this would be a good one to skip.

As Jack walked over to sit in the big barber chair I reached for my favorite pair of fast feed Osters. I picked them off their hook suspended from the big shelf behind the chair. I made a point of checking them out, rummaging in the drawer for the clipper oil. All while watching Jack through the big mirror. He sat down in the chair, his eyes tracking my hand movements while I oiled the clippers. He had a curious expression on his face.

"Pete" he intoned, " What are you doing with those?" I smiled demurely, staring back at his reflected image in the mirror, my back to him. The chair was facing the mirror. "Oh, these", I replied, brandishing the clippers, "I just like to keep all my equipment in good working order, never know when I'll need use them next. We've been kind of busy since that G.I. left as you guys walked in." I hung them back on their hook, smiling to myself. "You know, the one with the razor shaved high and tight" I replied innocently. Jack continued to track me , eyes now opening a bit wider.

I pulled a clean white cape from the drawer, and plucking a clean sterri strip, I gently fluffed the cape and covered Jack from the neck down. Wrapping the cape around his neck, running my hand up into the plush locks of his mane to move them out of the way and snap the cape tight. Cape snapped tightly, I made sure I had pulled all the luscious locks up thru the neck opening. Pausing for a moment, I admired his mane, I've waited forever for this moment, I wanted this haircut to go on forever, I thought to myself.

This was my fantasy come to life. It almost felt like time slowed for a few seconds. I lost myself thinking back on all the different haircuts I'd thought about giving Jack. I ran my fingers through the long locks hanging from his nape. I had to suppress a moan. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt hair like his.

I was somewhat conflicted, part of me wanted a revenge cut for flirting with the other guys earlier today, a nice high and tight would satisfy that itch. Part of me also realized I didn't want to end a great friendship, and possibly more, by doing that. I picked up a brush, and retrieved a fresh comb from the jar, deciding that I'd save the high and tight for a later date.

As I brushed, then combed his thick locks out, I realized that I'd left quite a mane from the earlier trimming. The thick pelt in the back was still about three fourths of the way to his shoulder blades. Pulling the thick bangs straight down, covering his face, they were just curling over his chin. I sensed Jack tensing as I combed them out. "Well now, " I started with, "We're finally alone, just as you requested, Jack". I gently pulled a section of his bangs off to the side so we could make eye contact. "Yes", Jack replied nervously," I can't believe I agreed to letting you have another go at me, I mean my hair, but here I am, clearly at your mercy. I'm sure you understand, after all this time, where my anxiety lies, when it comes to haircuts I mean. I sincerely hope you aren't going to give me some sort of revenge cut Pete. I guess realize now that there's something more than simple friendship at stake here." He said, smiling tentatively up at me through the curtain of thick fringe.

"Jack, I too sense that there's potential to have more than mere friendship, and I realize now I'd sincerely like to further explore that. In the meantime, I hope you know I've waited patiently for quite a loooong time for this moment." I wanted to make him tense up a bit, make him think I just might be giving him quite a short cut. "Being more than just my friend will necessitate that you project an image that acknowledges the fact that I'm a barber, and I would be your barber, and I always expect my "significant others" to be well groomed. You know I'm crazy about this mane of yours, and I've been itching to get creative with it ever since we first met." I was running my hands loosely through the plush thick bulk hanging from his nape as I talked. He had pulled his heavy fringe aside and we were staring at each other's reflection in the big mirror. Our eyes practically sparkling with emotion.

"Pete", Jack softly replied, " I trust you to not ruin a budding relationship, or my treasured mane either. As long as your favorite fast feed Osters don't come off their hook again tonight, can I trust you to make me look good, knowing where my sensitivity lies? By now you know my preferences for hair length and style, right?"

" As long as you realize that a significant amount of THIS is at risk" I said, shaking his thick locks at the back of his head for emphasis. "I think we'll do just fine." Jack sighed heavily. "O.K. Pete, my mane is yours, but, please be gentle with me". He almost whimpered that last bit. Hmm, interesting choice of words I thought as picked up the spray bottle and dampened him down. Finally after spraying for what seemed like forever, I picked up my favorite shears and a comb. I saw Jack tense and inhale sharply, squirming in the chair a bit. We glanced at each other through the mirror, and I gave him a wicked smile. It might not be a revenge cut, but I can make him squirm just a little, can't I? He looked worried, good.

I gave him a low, dropped horse shoe parting first, just to be able to work with less bulk at a time, and clipped the huge top mop up out of the way, so he had full unobstructed view of the festivities in the big wall mirror. I'd left him facing the mirror, there was much more than just a haircut going on here and I didn't want either one of us to miss interpret a glance, expression, or other body language. Jacks eyes never left the mirror, mine were constantly glancing there and back to his head so I didn't screw up his cut.

Nudging his head forward, I gently felt around and located the bottom of the collar of his flannel shirt, through the cape and the dense blanket of locks. I went about an inch below that, carefully combing his thick mane down again. Lifting it a bit so there was no tension on it, he would have a hard time gauging how close I was cutting it this way. Snip! The first shank of long wavy locks that hung almost to his shoulder blades, slid free in my hand, must be about 6 inches in length I guessed. Wow, was this too short? If I adjusted now, I could still cover up the gap from this relatively small amount and go longer with the rest. I stood and gave him a critical eye for a moment. Hmmm, Nope I decided. I laid the thick lock on his shoulder, knowing he wouldn't be able to tell exactly how long it was just yet.

I began slowly snipping across the back starting just behind his left ear, taking small sections at a time, carefully laying each snipped lock on his shoulder. The wicked part of me wanted to torture him just a little for flirting earlier. When I got near the center of the back, I nudged the whole not so little pile off his shoulder. The long locks slid gently off into his lap in a minor auburn avalanche. I heard a groan and felt his shoulders sag a bit. "Oh, God Pete" he whispered softly, "that's a huge amount of hair, and it's soooo long. How short are you cutting it man" he fairly whimpered. "Remember, you committed to a haircut of my choice, I only committed to not using the Osters on you", I purred in his ear. "I do remember reluctantly agreeing to that" Jack replied, "but good God that's a lot of hair". I smiled demurely, "at a certain point , my friend, long hair is just that, long hair, nothing more. It just hangs there, no style to it. Begging for a creative touch(or a pair of fast feed Osters, I thought to myself). Yours is at that point, has been for awhile. I do freely admit, though, under certain circumstances, being able to run your hands through a gorgeous head of well cut hair can be very erotic." I glanced up into the mirror to see his reaction to the conversation. His eyes were closed and that last comment brought a slight smile on his face. Hmm.

I took several more snips with my shears, massive quantities of thick locks falling away, creating another shimmering avalanche sliding down into his lap. I'd gone roughly from one ear, around the back to other ear. He was clearly a bit agitated at the shear amount of bulk laying in his lap now, but remained silent and stoic. I could see him testing the heft of the pile with his hands , under the cape. His hair was still quite long to be sure, but a huge measure shorter than just a few minutes ago." I will make one concession for you, this time," I said, whispering softly in his ear." I reached and gently tugged at his thick bangs, loosely captured in the clip holding them up on top of his head. "These are pretty much safe, THIS TIME", I cooed. "Since its full on winter here in the north country, I'll be leaving you with enough length to help keep you well insulated, yet well groomed, we can save the high and tight for summer" I said, smiling wickedly, sliding my hand up into his bangs, right at his hairline and tugging gently. "Just imagine, the fast feed Osters plunging in here and gliding straight back, no guard on, stripping it all off, leaving you looking like a new recruit". His eyes shot open wide, brows raised, "Pete, I swear, if you ever..." Jack squeaked. "Oh, Jack, you'd look so handsome, sides razor shaved smooth, just a hint of this auburn color on top" I couldn't resist the playful banter. Jack was squirming now, "Pete, I swear, you'll never set eyes on me again, I mean it man". Jack replied, becoming panicked. "I should have never agreed to this in the first place, I don't know what possessed me. " He was searching my reflection, trying to read my expression. "Well, on second thought, I kind of do, actually" Jack replied quietly.

I combed the thick bulk straight down on his right side, snipping it off just a bit shorter than the back, angling it up towards his chin in the front. small handfuls of long locks falling with each snip. Joining the huge tangled pile already in his lap. As I cut, I pondered the fact that I'd never, in all the time I'd spent with Jack, seen his hair tied back. It was always down, thick and full, sometimes he pulled it all back behind his shoulders, hooking it behind his ears, but never tied it. He might be able to tuck it, but certainly won't have anything left to pull back even, after today, I mused to myself. But I was making damn sure he would have a hot looking cut that was to my liking for now. And there would still be plenty to run my hands through should the opportunity arise later on.

I pondered my situation as I carefully snipped away. Yes, I was a barber by trade, and the nearby Army base gave me ample opportunity to practice traditional short, and extremely short cuts. With Jack, I had a rare opportunity. He was clearly interested in more than friendship. Coincidently he also had my all time favorite hair color, a deep auburn, and had an amazing head of it to boot. I loved the idea of cutting it enough shorter to make him a bit anxious, but certainly didn't want it short enough to lose the opportunity to enjoy a hands on experience with the thick plush locks at a later time. Gimme long locks over stubble any day.

Jack was watching me closely in the big mirror. The shop was quiet except for his occasional squeaks and groans, and his gorgeous mane was being significantly reduced in overall length. A very handsome style was starting to emerge. One unintended but quite attractive result was that he now was starting to have fantastic shading from lighter sun kissed auburn on the top layers, to very dark rich auburn on the underlying layers that hadn't seen the sun in a very long time. I made a mental note to play off of this contrast as I continued his cut.

I moved around and cut the other side to match, keeping his thick bangs and top clipped up and out of the way for the moment. As I made the last snip, the last long thick lock falling away to join the others, Jack groaned loudly. He had been watching intently and said nothing up to now. "Pete!" he barked, "you do realize that you've just removed an entire years growth man" He moved his head from side to side, sighing dejectedly. I was standing behind him. I gently massaged the tops of his shoulders, smiling wickedly at his reflection in the big mirror. "Yes, as a matter of fact I do realize that dude. And do you realize that I'm nowhere near finished with this cut yet?" Jack gazed back at me in the big mirror, clearly stricken by this realization.

Jack thought for a moment. I was watching him closely, I'd come around to stand in front of him. His eyes were closed. I watched his expression slowly change to more of a grimace. He opened his eyes, those eyes, they got me every time, brilliant sparkling emerald green. Only this time they completed the pained expression I saw on his face. They were also a bit moist. "Pete", Jack said in a low tone, almost moaning, you know I HATE short hair, yet, look what you've done." the pitch of his voice was increasing as he continued, "Oh, my, GOD! I look like the little Dutch boy! How could you!" He slammed his eyes shut as a single tear slowly emerged from each one and rolled slowly down his cheeks. OH man, I had to do some damage control fast or I was in big serious trouble. I was able to straddle the foot rest, leaning in over him, his knees to my groin, I gently grasped his shoulders and nudged them gingerly. "Jack, really, seriously, look at me dude" I said softly. Shaking him gingerly again. "Look at me Jack", I said a little more firmly this time. He squinched his eyes clearing the tears, and opened them.

"Jack, first of all, I said I'm not done yet. Second, you really did need to have it cut shorter, for me at least, I added quickly. And as I said, I'm not done yet. You are far from a little Dutch boy, trust me on that. I took my right hand off his shoulder and ran it through the thick plush longer than chin length locks on his left side. "It's not getting any shorter bud, I just have some finishing work to do. And I still have to work with this" I said reaching up and jiggling the huge mound clipped on top of his head. I promise I won't chop your precious bangs off halfway up your forehead. YOU have to know I'm better than that, don't you?" I stepped back giving him some breathing room.

"I guess I just wasn't expecting you to be this aggressive man" He said, heaving a big sigh and looking at himself again in the mirror. " It's a big change, to be sure", I replied quietly. " We have 6 months till summer, so you'll recover at least 3 inches. It'll be squarely on your shoulders again, and it will grow out beautifully, you'll see. ( I thought to myself, and by then there will be plenty to shear off for that high and tight) You probably won't have to sit here again till the end of spring term.

"Try and relax, you're going to look fantastic, you'll see" I replied brightly."Have you ever seen me give someone a bad haircut" I said, eyebrows raised, challenging him.
"Well, no, you do have an eye for what looks good, I will admit that much" Jack said quietly. " And I've known how I want you to look for a long time now", I said back, my eyes laser locked on his eyes. Neither of us could break the stare for more than a few moments. My heart was pounding. I thought for a minute earlier that I'd completely blown it with him. I was being VERY aggressive with this cut as far as Jack was concerned. He did need it cut a good deal shorter, though, I was having little mental argument with myself. I stood and looked critically at him for a minute, had I been to aggressive? Nope, I decided, I don't think so, not yet anyway. I reached up and unclipped the mountain of top locks and his precious fringe. The whole of it cascading down in front of his face. Jack sighed audibly.

"Relax dude" I said, "I'm well aware of what territory I'm entering for you". I brushed it all straight down, giving it a lite spray mist, just to keep the static down. I'd never get through it with a comb. The fringe tip hung just a bit below his chin still.

"it better be this long when you finish" Jack growled lowly. "yes, babe, have no fear" I replied. Oops, that just slipped out, rolled right off my tongue, before my brain could catch up. Wow. I watched Jack closely for any sign that he'd heard, and if he had, how it had been received. As far as I could tell, nothing, just nervous head movement, trying to get a look at himself through the thick shank of bangs.

I decided to distract him with some conversation, and have a bit of fun with him at the same time. "Jack", I began," for all the times you've sat in that chair next to me, and watched all kinds of cuts, I've never seen you react more animatedly than when I do a high and tight on a G.I. I know you well enough now that my perception is that you are clearly aroused by that particular cut. Am I correct?"

I was in the midst of the tedious task of layering his hair and blending the longer upper portion that I'd just unclipped into the shorter sections underneath . I'd brushed the thick top and fringe back on his head to check the overall length. The fringe, when brushed back, didn't hang below the fresh cut line so that was good. The longer top, towards his crown, would need cutting for the look I was going for, so would the longest sections, along the parietal ridge. I also wanted to remove the blunt cut look all around the lower edge. He had a fantastic little wave to his mane, some judicious layering would accentuate that nicely. I had started on the left side, and was gradually working my way around his head, constantly brushing his hair over towards the side I was working on to check the overall length and blending. It was coming out perfectly, but, given the extra length I was maintaining, took a bit of time to execute. I was thoroughly enjoying the touch time with the silky mane too. I noticed that as I progressed, Jack relaxed and closed his eyes, either finally trusting me, or resigned to his fate, I wasn't clear yet as to which. Could he actually be enjoying the touch time too, I wondered?

"Pete", Jack replied, squirming a bit, " I have watched you for a loooong time now, and have great respect for your skill and ability. I will tell you something that I've never shared. Whenever you do a short cut, involving clippers, I do get aroused. But it's not entirely like you might think. It's something that first happened to me as a young adolescent. My dad had taken me in for a schools out for the summer shearing. My mom had won the battle all during the school year to let it grow. And grow it did. It was a bit longer than it is right now. My dad, of course was out for revenge. Having capitulated all year long , the agreement was that he would take me for my summer cut. One of his choosing. I knew I was screwed but I went along with it so I'd had long hair for the entire school year. As I sat there, in the big barber chair, Dad smiling at me like a Cheshire cat after giving the butcher barber his instructions, the barber fired up the clippers and started stripping my gorgeous mane off. As the clippers moved through my precious locks, the gentle vibration, the sensation of my thick hair being sheared off close to my head, the thick locks sliding into my lap, I started to become aroused, why I'll never know. The more the barber clippered off, the more aroused I got. I couldn't control it. I got completely lost in the moment. The more the thick locks piled up in my lap the harder I got. I didn't have a great deal of experience with this sort of stimulation yet, and hence, didn't completely know how to control it yet either. Puberty had struck hard earlier that year. Thank god there was enough hair accumulating in my lap to conceal what was happening. As the barber finished up he turned me toward the mirror to inspect his handy work, I was just about over the edge. ( I had to pause and stop cutting at this point in Jacks story so I didn't get too distracted and screw up this fantastic cut I had going)

Well needless to say, one look at my freshly shaved noggin, the barber had given me a #1 butch, at my sadistic fathers request of course, and any arousal I had was quickly squashed. Mercifully. I looked terrible, ears sticking out, only a haze of my auburn hair visible, trying in vain to cover my pasty white scalp.

Ever since, the sound of the clippers gets me going. If I were to keep my eyes closed, I'm sure it would bring me to a most satisfying conclusion. For me, what kills it is the sight of the freshly shaved head. Especially a high and tight. It takes me back to those hideous summer head shaves I used to get. I look forlornly at the poor guy and wonder if he feels humiliated and demoralized as I once did.

I was surprised to say the least. "Hmm", I said, "I didn't realize the dichotomy you experienced when I did those. I interpreted your gaze as one of longing to feel the balding clippers shave you to the skin, stripping off your amazing mane one clipper stroke at a time." I replied.

Jack gazed back at me through his reflection in the big mirror. "Pete, I'm pretty certain that if I were to be able to run my hand over the sand paper stubble on the side of one of those guys heads, I'd burst into tears. I've never fully understood why that sight and sound still evokes such a strong responses from me".

I had gone back to my brushing, combing, and layering while Jack continued his story. I was just coming around past his right ear. I made like I was checking my work and brought the thick locks up away from his head so I could get a good look at his right ear. I hardly ever saw them, and when I did they had this thick mane tucked in behind them so I never really got a sense of whether or not they looked good or not. Hmm, he was right , they did stick out a bit, not really too bad though. I came around to the front of the chair and ran hands into both sides at once. GOD it was heavenly, the silky feel of his thick locks. Making like I was check my work again, I pulled both sides up and away from his head. fully exposing both ears. I checked for symmetry, and for overall look, should I decide to take him short in the future. Hmm, I'd have to do more exploration and inspection before I took the clippers to him. That exploration could happen later tonight, maybe? The ears did look pretty good though, well formed, and in proportion to his head. I noticed for the 1st time piercing holes in both but no earrings, hmm.

As I'd been trimming, blending, and layering the lower third of his mane, working my way around, occasionally coming a bit higher as the thickness dictated, eliminating bluntness of the cut at the bottom, but keeping it wonderfully thick and full. I fully realized that I hoped I hadn't screwed up my chance with Jack. I did want this to go somewhere, I hoped he did too. My gaze occasionally shifted from my shears to his eyes. His expression was unreadable still. I took it as a good sign though, at least he wasn't pouting for fuming mad.

"There", I said, sighing, and messing up his mane so he couldn't discern the actual style. I stood back to admire my work. "Just about finished" I want to wash your hair and dry it most of the way, before I do the final checking, and trimming the fuzzies on your neck. I'll line up your beard again too, now that it's a bit more visible" I said smiling warmly at him. I reached out and pulled the cape so that the huge mound of shorn locks slid off to the side, onto the floor. "Don't want you slipping on all this hair when you stand up now" I said smirking at him.

Jack groaned as the huge pile of shorn locks slid free of the cape and swooshed to the floor. " Slide on over to this chair so I can wash you" I said. (I told you all at the beginning that I was going to milk this cut for all it was worth, didn't I)

I proceeded to wash and double condition Jacks plush locks. Enjoying the extended touch time, it was divine, feeling the slick silky locks move through my fingers. As I gently massaged his head, I contemplated whether or not Jack would be fully on board with this new cut, the jury was still out. He'd calmed down and relaxed as I'd finished up but I wasn't sure how to read him. He definitely wasn't all warm and fuzzy about it either I noticed.

I wrapped his head in a towel, tipped him up, and escorted him back to the big chair. I turned it away from the mirror before settling him into it.
Jack gave me a inquisitive look. "Why'd you turn the chair?" I smiled wickedly back." I have to have a little drama here man. You've no idea how long I've been waiting, and wanting to do this, and so much more, with you babe. You're just going to have to be patient for a little longer" Yikes, there it was again, my mouth getting ahead of my brain. Jack looked unfazed by my slip of the tongue.
I massaged in a goodly amount of heat protectant. Jack usually air dried his mane, that I knew. Even with it significantly shorter, I didn't want to wait to air dry it. (though I had a growing list of ideas as to how to pass that time, should it arise again). I gave it all a brush to the back and then relished some phenomenal touch time as I tousled it, applying heat from the blow dryer, till it was just about dry, then cool air. Now to check my work . I brushed, combed and cross checked my work, making a few minor adjustments. I reached over and took my peanut clippers off their hook. Jack couldn't see, but certainly heard me do this. "Pete, what are you doing"? He asked, voice rising a bit. I sighed, "relax, I have to take care of the neck fuzzies yet. I can either use the tiny clippers, or the straight razor. I'd prefer the clippers as I can also touch up your beard and line it up." Jack exhaled slowly, "ah, O.K. given those options, I guess we can try the clippers." "Dude, there very tiny, you've seen me use them a hundred times, and I PROMISE not to go to high with them, I'll keep them upside down, just to be sure." I said, trying to be reassuring.

I moved my left hand into the thick locks now hanging only a couple of inches below his nape, Holding the clippers upside down as I'd promised, to make doubly sure I didn't f*** up, and cleaned off all the fuzzies. Now he looked sharp.

With the hair on the sides shorter, I needed to clean up the line where his beard and sideburns blended together, and I wanted to lineup the beard top along his cheek line. That took a few minutes as I was quite picky about getting that part perfect. His beard was like the icing on the cake, a lighter shade of auburn than the rest of his hair. Now trimmed to perfection.(or at least to my liking) Jack never liked any product in his hair. Once in a great while he'd use a little leave in conditioner, or occasionally he'd ask to use a dab of my Aragon oil.
I gave his new cut a final brushing, pulling the fringe over to his right, then set the brush down and stood back.

He looked up at me expectantly. It wasn't a high and tight, but oh, man, did he look HOT, I thought to myself. Very north woods GQ if I do say so. I was pretty sure that even if he didn't quite like the cut, he would draw plenty of attention with it. He looked strikingly handsome.

I tried to keep my expression neutral, just to torture him a bit. "Pete, come on, the suspense is killing me. Please turn me around before I get up and walk" Jack barked. I broke my stare, "what, oh, yeah, sure, I guess, here" I said slowly turning the chair around. I unsnapped the cape and gently slid it away as I turned the chair.

I now stood directly behind him. Both of us facing the mirror. You could have heard a pin drop in the shop. Jack gave a sharp intake of breath, holding it. He slowly moved his head from side to side, eyes laser locked on the mirror. Then the hands came up, one at a time. The left one reaching back behind his head, starting at the crown, and sliding down. When it ran out of hair to touch, he exhaled, very slowly. The right hand then moved up and the fingers slowly ran through the thick locks on the right side of his head. He tilted his head down, causing that exquisite fringe to slide down, over most of his face. reaching again with his right hand, he gathered it all up, and gave it a quick flip back and over to the right, as I'd seen him do hundreds of times before. The thick fringe stayed back, the slight waves holding it in place for the moment. All this while never uttering a single syllable or changing his neutral expression.

I came up behind him, I couldn't resist, I wrapped my arms loosely around his upper chest. Leaning close, next to his ear I whispered, "well"? Looking at his reflection hopefully. He shrugged his shoulders, "Uh, I guess it'll do " he said softly. My eye brows shot up, my hands slid up towards his neck, thumbs and pointer fingers preparing to close around his neck. "It'll do, really, it'll do!" I barked in his ear. He finally broke into a grin grabbing my hands to forestall strangulation. "Pete, I'm kidding. I've watched you work harder and more intently on my haircut than any other I've ever seen you give anyone. I'm still appalled at how short it is, but it looks, and feels, fantastic. It isn't what I'd consider long anymore, but it certainly , thankfully, isn't a high and tight either" he said, smirking back at me.

I let him go so he could stand up finally. He walked close to the mirror, and did some careful touching and feeling again, on his hair.
I stood and watched. His cut was perfect, worth every painstaking minute, as he moved his head, the thick layers moved too. The lighter auburn highlights glinting in the shop lights, as he slowly turned his head, the dark undertones showing through. His beard was now trimmed to perfection as well. All this, when taken in with his striking emerald eyes, and handsome features, almost made me swoon. My reaction to him wasn't lost on him either. He turned and came over to me, smiling. He put his hands on my shoulders, (he was a good half a head taller than me) "what do YOU think Pete?" he asked, an innocent expression on his face, gazing intently into my eyes. "You may not like it. I hope you change your mind. But Babe, you are one HOT looking dude" There it was again, failure to keep brain engaged before putting mouth into gear. This time it wasn't lost on Jack either. His brows shot up "Babe?" he asked inquisitively.

I blushed, smiling demurely back. "Sorry, Freudian slip " I replied. This time I broke the stare. Before he could react further, and completely deflate me I said "Come on upstairs while I change and get ready, I just need a quick shower. I'm taking you to dinner remember." I led the way through the back, to the inside stairs up to my 2nd floor loft.

"You know where everything is, make yourself comfortable, I won't be but 15 minutes tops." I yelled over my shoulder as I headed for the master bedroom and bath, stripping my barbers tunic and shirt off as I went. I was just stepping into the huge walk in shower when I heard "Pete?" It was Jack calling out to me. "Yes? I yelled back, come on back here Jack" "Pete, is there a large mirror around anywhere?" Jack asked. Without thinking twice, I called out, sure, in here, I'm in the shower. Help yourself to the big one in here over the vanity." Thankfully the shower was enclosed with wavy glass so while he could clearly see my outline, he wouldn't be able to make out details. Jack walked in kind of tentative. "You sure this is O.K. Pete?" he asked. "Yes, yes, we're fine" I replied. "What do you need?" I asked. "Ah, well, I , ah, Oh hell, I guess I just need some stare time with myself is all" Jack sheepishly replied. " Please don't take this the wrong way or anything Pete. I just need to have a GOOD long look at myself.

This feels soooo weird." I could see well enough through the glass that he was indeed leaning in to the mirror, running his hands through his now short locks, flipping the fringe around, turning his head back and forth. I had a moments anxiety. Had I been to overzealous? I knew from that first snip that I was going to be reducing his mane by more than a third of its length. Ah well, too late now, what's done is done, and it'll grow out well. If he ever lets me see that happen, my thoughts flip flopping morosely. I told myself to just take it one step at a time, let's get through dinner and see what happens. "There's a hand mirror in the big top drawer if you want one" I said. I heard the drawer open and close, then saw him turn around and lean into the big mirror.

I'd slung a towel over the shower door before getting in. Shutting off the water, I pulled it down and wrapped my torso in it and stepped out of the shower. Jack turned hurriedly to leave. "Jack please" I said quietly. "Come sit here for a minute" I indicated the vanity bench. He reluctantly turned around, came back and perched on the edge of the bench, setting the hand mirror on the counter gently.

I walked up behind him. Here we were looking at each other through the looking glass again I thought to myself. Hmm, I came around and leaned on the edge of the counter, facing him. Looking straight into those bright emerald eyes. Jack couldn't look straight at me, he looked slightly downward. That fantastic fringe slid forward on him. As he looked back up to fix it, I reached out and did it instead. My hand lingering for a few seconds in that plush mane. I moved his head so he had to look up at me. "What is it Jack?" I asked softly. "Is it the haircut? Cause if it is, I'm truly sorry Ba--. ( caught myself this time) Do you really hate it that much? For what it's worth, I do think you look HOT, sincerely I do man. Very north woods GQ." I raked my hand back into his thick locks, hoping to emphasize that while shorter now, he still had a plenty long mane. I ruffled the thick locks at his nape. To my surprise he started blushing. I quickly removed my hands. "Pete", he said, gesturing at his hair, this was somewhat of a shock to be honest, BUT, it is a great cut. I'm realizing that it's for the most part still near shoulder length in the back so I should be grateful. You didn't chop my fringe off, or use the clippers either. It'll take a bit more getting used to but no worry, I'm still, well, ah, we're still friends, yes?" "I'm confused" I replied. "You're asking me if we're still friends? Why? "

I wanted so bad to hop into his lap, wrap my arms around his neck, and show him exactly how I felt about him. We weren't quite there yet though, I thought to myself. "Jack, have I somehow hurt you I said" staring intently into his eyes. A small light bulb went off in the back of my pea brain at that moment. "Jack", I said, plunging both hands into his freshly cut mane, holding his head and locking eyes. OMG it felt wonderful. "If you think this was a revenge cut for your behavior today, think again ba- ,ah, man. If the guys had never been in today, this is the cut I would have given you, I've wanted to give you, for the last few months. Cutting this was a fantasy come to life for me. Your antics today made me realize that I have feelings for you that run much deeper than mere friendship." I gently massaged his head a bit, then smoothed out his mane. Not allowing him time to respond, I said "Let me get dressed and we can explore this more over dinner, that is, if you still want to go with me". He smiled shyly and nodded his head in the affirmative.

We headed out for dinner, discussed how we feel about each other in depth over dinner. A couple of people that know both of us stopped by our table and commented on Jacks cut. Both said he looked fantastic. That relaxed him a bit more about the cut. Jack did finally confide that he was being somewhat deliberate today flirting and teasing with the other guys. He was pleasantly surprised to see that I got a bit protective and jealous of him.

The reality of the situation settled in on me. I felt quite humbled to realize that the most handsome guy in the place was actually with me, interested in me.
I already know that I'll keep Jack trimmed and handsome till this school term is over. I'm going to have to work on him over the next few months to ease him into the summer cut I have in mind....
We decided to go back to the loft for a little brandy by the fire and further getting acquainted, on this cold north country winter night. There might or might not have been some erotic touch time with that amazing mane, I'll never tell.

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