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My Haircut Mistake by Merv

This is on the order of a memoire.
Back in 1960 I was a senior in high school.
That spring I was given a ski outing as a birthday gift.
My next door neighbor and his girlfriend and I drove down to Mount Hood for a day of skiing. It was a great day on the slopes but unfortunately it ended with a spiral fracture for me and eventually a hip length cast.
I was confined at home for several weeks. Very bored
One day I found myself propped up in front of the mirror in my bathroom contemplating a very grown out mop of dark brown hair.
Really unfashionably long as an ivy league or brush cut was the most usual look among my peers.
I had sported a D A flattop for several years prior but now it was side parted with tapered back and sides and maybe three or so inches long on top. i looked at myself and thought it was WAY too long.
My cock responded to the thought. Maybe just a bit of cutting would be just the thing to relieve the boredom.
I opened up the towel cabinet and my eyes fastened on the cardboard box where i kept my cheap home barber kit.
Wouldn’t hurt to cut a bit of hair would it? A bit "girly looking" this length. Got enough "guff" from my dad as it was. He really preferred me in a flattop the way he wore his. Every once in awhile he’d ask me if it wasn’t time for me to get it cut.
I decided maybe it was time to take the top down a bit. Maybe a long Ivy League or Peter Gunn look.
But how? The guards I had would be too short. The longest was going to leave me maybe 1/2".
Scissors were way to difficult to use, although tempting.
I’d gotten into trouble with those trimming my bangs a couple of times.
But what if I put on the longest guard and then flipped the clippers over? That would give me more than an inch. Yeah!
So I pulled out the clippers and the #3 guard and put it on the clippers.

I ran my fingers through my silky bangs thinking I would just take it short enough so that I could just Brylcream the hair and comb it over but not too short. I liked the idea a lot.

I plugged the clippers in and flipped them over so that the points of the guard were against my forehead and pushed them up through my hair, really anticipating a waterfall of clippings sliding down my forehead and into the sink. If only........my dick bobbed in anticipation.
In the next moment the guard gave way and fell into the sink and the bare blade bit into my hair.
I immediately jerked the clippers away and set them down
Damn! The clippers had buzzed a patch of hair away leaving about a 1/2" patch of bare skin exposed. I got out a comb and tried covering the patch up with the remaining bangs. It glared through like some searchlight.
I was horrified. And very aroused. I stood there stiff and stunned for a minute or so just looking at the ruin I had made of my beautiful hair.
There didn’t seem to be any way to "fix" it.
I looked at the image in the mirror down at the now guardless clippers.
I picked them up and there seemed only one thing left to do.
I shoved the bare clippers straight up the middle of my forehead.
Very quickly all that was left was a sink full of hair and a stubbled scalp. Horrified and total aroused, I got myself off several times.
That’s how I graduated from high school in a half leg cast and the shortest hair in my life.

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