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It all started when I was 14 my mom let me go just to cut my hair it was one day in July the classes were over that day I decided to go to cut my hair to endure the summer holidays with short hair I was going to the unisex aesthetic that usually I was going when I suddenly saw a new aesthetic antecedela on the road was a lady of about 45 and a man of about 32 the man began to cut the hair of a girl of about 17 the sad vehicle her mother accompanied her eyeing a magazine Of cuts the man asked: what haircut do you want ?, the lady answered this was a bob calculated about two fingers of the ear the girl saw him astonished and said to his mother: do not you think it is too short? the mother answered no your grades were not so good the girl agreed and I saw how a tear fell on her cheek the lord began.

In the meantime I sat down, the lady put on a cape and told me that as I wanted my court to answer: well, I see I want something short that will last all summer, to which the lady replied that if she took you one and left you bangs to what I agreed I said perfect I like almost regularly wearing a short cap but I wanted something different the lady started.

I could see through the mirror how the man had collected the hair leaving only discovered half a neck and put the chop machine saw the neck of the girl began to run out of hair and she began to cry more. The lady was advancing in my court, suddenly I noticed that the lady was moaning and had her nipples standing up, she was cheating my head where I was already shaving, the girl's mother carried me with attention and I heard her say, Lord, she knows, I think I will not want the The court that is doing to my daughter created that a punishment is better completely I want to be given one like that of the young man who is here the girl was surprised and said: Mom, the punishment is already very strong is not done to you? The mother replied: No! It is exactly what you need to understand that you need good grades, I was as surprised as everyone. The man began to do it as the hair of the girl fell to the ground I began to be as excited to see the girl as I was staying that I promised one day to ask someone to please me at last the cut of the two had finished I saw the Girl out of the aesthetic crying mom told her so that better every time your grades fail, this will be a good vehicle not a bad vehicle I liked.
Many years later I got married, I liked bobs a lot and I also remembered the girl how it was that time I was in the aesthetics of a child one day that I and my partner had a stable relationship I asked her to make a cut was a bob up from the shoulders covered the back of her neck she said that something so radical would not burn but that I would be surprised I gave her some money for the cut and she said that it would be arized the next day I was at work I suddenly received a message she told me I am close you have time to leave a moment of your work see you where I always answered yes and I went to see her when I saw her I was so surprised that she had pleased me I had the bob that I had asked for but just below her ear I was fascinated I asked him why he had done it and he answered why I love you and I want to please you in what you ask me, did I say yes? Well we'll see it hard for about 6 months keeping it like that one night one night I had to work late and I arrived at dawn I had a machine to fix my beard I was having dinner she said that her hair was already a bit long and that I would touch it up to date next and I said no because you better do something to me that you ask you remember that you told me that you would comply with everything and told me if that is what you want now I told her the story she told me but shaved I will feel sorry I said Tomorrow I buy you a wig and she told me well yes but without fringe and I was surprised to take out the machine can she have a towel she said tie me up I do not want to oppose to see you start doing it but when I started I put the machine on her forehead and saw how I was beginning to see a big grating that made a grated in the middle I saw that she bit her lips and told me oh if I do it again I was even more surprised I started to pass it more times uncheck it and she said why stop I told her I want v er something touch in the middle of her legs I saw and felt that she was wet she told me I'm aiming to have an orgasm she sat down and I told her it's my turn she said I will enjoy it as much as you do when we finish we went to the bathroom we started to play and make the love there was a new rake and he said shave my head I do not want a shadow on my head I put shampoo and rubbed it foamed and started shaving it I noticed how he moaned and told me that he had had an orgasm we left the shower we went to bed we made love all night we were both happy shaved had complied with what I asked the next day I bought the wig now he asks me every week to shave and does not let his hair grow nor a shadow is seen in his head ... .

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