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Adam and Wayne by bald K

Adam and Wayne were close cousins born within a month of each other they had always hit it off with regular weekend stopovers for Wayne at his grandparents when the football season was on and also when they were taken to cricket matches. Adam and Wayne attended the same school and had the same interests in football, cricket and boxing with them both attending a local boxing club for teenagers. They both sported the same long hairstyle that they liked. Now just over sixteen and school had finished they both got made apprentices at a sugar refinery in London giving them their own money. They both loved watching West Ham United their local football team with their grandad but now it was just the two of them as their grandad had sadly passed away who took them to the matches at home.

"Hey cuz glad to see you did not get the haircut." Adam said as Wayne walked into his grans house for the funeral.
"Dad kept on at me but my mum loves my long hair so I managed to keep it." Wayne replied grinning.
"Same here cuz but I had a bit more pressure on me." Adam replied.
"I am thinking of getting it shorter though." Wayne told Adam.
"Yeah me to as it seems long hair is way out of date now." Wayne grinned
"Just a pity it is now the two of us for the football, I will miss grandad." Wayne sighed as he wiped a tear from his eye.
"Me to cuz but we are nearly sixteen now and it is time we went to the matches by ourselves and I fancy standing in the run." Adam told Wayne.
"Yeah where all the mainstream hardcore young supporters are." Wayne grinned. "Could never swear with grandad around.
"Yeah he held us back but I guess it was his upbringing that caused it." Adam said as his dad walked in.
"Time to go as the hearse has arrived boys." Adam’s dad said.
Adam and Wayne followed Adam’s dad out and saw the coffin in the back of the hearse and they both had to wipe away a tear as they saw it.
"Be brave cuz." Wayne croaked as he held back his tears.
"You two cuz." Adam cried.

A few weeks later it was time for the first football match of the season which was a friendly with a lower league team at home for west ham united so Wayne caught the bus to his grans where she made him the usual sausages with mashed potato and baked beans followed by banana with custard. As Wayne finished his lunch Adam turned up and soon they were on the bus to the football ground.
Arriving at the football ground Adam and Wayne made their way to the entrance for the run as it was called and paid the money to go in and made their way to the terraces where the hardcore supporters were congregating.
"S**t man we look a bit out of place with our long hair." Wayne said to Adam as he noticed the majority of the young men and boys were sporting crewcuts or even shorter haircuts.
"Yeah but we will be fine." Adam reassured Wayne as a young man walked over to them.
"Not seen you in the run before boys." The skinhead said to Adam and Wayne.
"We used to be in the family enclosure with grandad but he died a few weeks ago." Adam told the skinhead.
"Nice to get new young boys in the run enjoy it." The skinhead told Wayne and Adam as he walked off.
"Told you we would be fine cuz." Adam told Wayne.
"Yeah I guess so." Wayne replied nervously.
As more hardcore supporters arrived Wayne and Adam started to relax and sing and shout along with the other fans, cheering loudly as the teams came out for the start of the match. Asa the match progressed Wayne and Adam got more and more in with the skinheads and cheered loudly as west ham went one nil up.
"Enjoying it in the run then?" A young boy with a crewcut about their age asked as the whistle went for half tme.
"Yeah much better than where we used to stand." Wayne replied.
"Muck more atmosphere in the run." The boy grinned. "Want a drink?"
"Yeah we are going to the kiosk." Adam said.
"F*** that get this in you." The boy said getting a small bottle out of his pocket.
"What the f*** is in that!" Wayne blurted out as he took a mouthful of the drink.
"Neat vodka mate proper drink." The boy laughed as he handed the bottle to Adam.
"S**t that is good!" Adam exclaimed as he took a swig of the vodka.
"I am Patrick by the way and that is my brother Tommy over there if you fancy hanging out after the game with us." Patrick told Adam and Wayne.
"Yeah sure why not." Wayne replied. "Just let gran know Adam and I will call my dad."
"Yeah sounds good." Adam said.
"See you after the match then!" Patrick shouted as he walked back over to his brother.

The final whistle went and Adam and Wayne met up with Patrick and his brother and walked off into a pub called the Boleyn and sat in a corner as Patrick’s brother walked to the bar and came back with four pints of best bitter.
"We are too young to drink beer." Wayne said.
"F*** that you come in the run you are old enough to drink." Tommy replied. "Now get it in you."
Wayne and Adam took a mouthful of the beer and swallowed before putting the glasses back on the table.
"So who are you boys and you looking at joining up?" Tommy asked Wayne and Adam.
"I am Wayne this is my cousin Adam we are sixteen and used to stand in the family area with our grandad." Wayne replied.
"Nice to meet you both, you know I am Tommy and my brother Patrick." Tommy said. "I am coming up to nineteen while Patrick here is your age."
"Great to meet you both." Adam said as he finished his pint.
"Better get another round in and get you to know a few others from the firm." Tommy said as he stood up. "Oi Patrick give us the money for this round."
"There you go." Patrick replied as he handed over a ten pound note.
"What is the firm mate?" Wayne asked Patrick.
"The hardcore supporters with cropped hair and boots and braces." Patrick replied. "Tommy got me the skinhead on my sixteenth."
"Looks a bit long for a skinhead Patrick." Adam said as he ran his hand through his long brown curls."
"Grown out a bit that’s all." Patrick grinned as Tommy put some more beers on the table.
"So you boys up for visiting the villa next Saturday as it is the first league match of the season? Me and the others will look after you." Tommy asked Wayne and Adam.
"Yeah I am Tommy how about you Adam?" Wayne replied.
"Yeah just have to clear it but I would love to tag along." Adam replied.
"Sorted then meet up at the train station at ten thirty so we can get some beers in before the match." Tommy told Wayne and Adam. "Give Patrick your phone numbers so he can call you in the week and confirm.
Wayne and Adam wrote their phone numbers down on the back of a beer mat and handed it to Patrick.
"Thanks guys see you in the week if not on Saturday at the train station." Patrick said as he put the beer mat in the back pocket of his jeans.
"Get them cropped Brother and get yours redone at the same time." Tommy told Patrick.
"No worries I think they will want in with us." Patrick replied.

Patrick arranged to meet up with Adam and Wayne on Wednesday afternoon as they all had that afternoon off. Arriving outside the football ground Adam and Wayne saw Patrick waiting for them.
"Hey good that we can meet up." Patrick said. "We need to sort a few things."
"Like what Pat?" Wayne inquired.
"Look Tommy thinks you guys are great but Jimmy one of the main leaders of the firm said if you want in you need to change." Patrick replied.
"In what way?" Adam asked Patrick.
"The hair needs to come off for a start." Patrick told Adam and Wayne. "Also the clothes but we can sort that at the market."
"Err I don’t know mate I sort of like my hair as it is." Adam said as he ran his hand through his hair.
"No haircut and no boots means you will be by yourself at the villa, no help from the firm if you get in trouble." Patrick said. "I have been told to get in the chair myself."
"Come on cuz it is only hair." Wayne said to Adam. "I have been thinking about it since we met Patrick and Tommy last Saturday.
"Yeah I know, I have been thinking about the haircut as well but what will our parents say?" Adam sighed.
"Cannot stick it back on cuz." Wayne told Adam
"There is a barber shop round the corner called Evans is where most of the firm get shaved down." Patrick told Adam and Wayne as he started to walk off towards the barber shop.
Adam and Patrick followed Patrick round the corner inti a side street and saw the barber’s pole attached to the side of the building. Walking up to the barbers shop they saw the words H Evans barber shop for gentlemen on the door. Patrick pushed open the door and started walking up the stairs where the barber’s shop was located.
"You up for doing it then if I do cuz?" Wayne asked Adam.
"If you are then yeah let’s do it." Adam replied as he started walking up the stairs. "Let’s become football skinheads!"
"Not the salon you are used to I guess." Patrick laughed as Adam and Wayne walked into the barber’s.
"Not been in a place like this since I was ten." Adam said as he looked round at the pale blue walls with pictures of 1950’s and 1960’s hairstyles and the one barber chair in front of a large mirror with a wooden bench for waiting on.
"Yeah no nonsense short back and sides first day of the summer holiday." Wayne said.
"You ok then Mr Evans?" Patrick asked as a gentleman in his mid-fifties walked out.
"Not so bad young man." Mr Evans replied. "Here to get the skinhead back into shape?"
"Yeah I am a skinhead all off zero crop please." Patrick said as he sat in the red leather barber chair. "These two are wanting the same after you have done mine."
Adam and Wayne sat on the wooden waiting bench and watched as Mr Evans put a neck strip round Patrick’s neck and placed a maroon cape round him and tucking it in. Mr Evans than picked up a pair of Oster clippers and put a few drops of oil on them before switching them on and pushing Patrick’s head gently forward before running the clippers up the back of Patrick’s head removing just over half an inch of black hair from his head.
"S*** that is f***ing short." Adam said to Wayne as he watched Mr Evans make a second pass up the back of Patrick’s head depositing hair into the cape.
"Still want to go through with it?" Wayne asked Adam.
"Yeah, tell our parents we were bored with our hair and say we decided to get it shaved off. Adam replied.
A few minutes later Mr Evans switched the clippers off and checked for any spot he had missed before removing the cape.
"Thanks sir." Patrick said as he stood up rubbing his near bald head. "Two quid as usual?"
"Yes please young man." Mr Evans replied.
Patrick paid Mr Evans and walked over to where Adam and Wayne were and sat down.
"Ok which of you two are first?" Mr Evans asked as he looked over at Adam and Wayne.
"Me I guess." Adam replied as he stood up and walked across the floor and sat in the chair.
"All off skinhead then young man?" Mr Evans asked as he secured the neck strip and cape on Adam.
"Yeah I guess so sir." Adam replied a bit nervously. "You are not going to run out on me are you cuz?"
"Deal is a deal cuz I will be sitting in the chair soon enough." Wayne replied.
Adam watched as Mr Evans combed through his long blond hair before picking up the clippers and switching them on.
"Sure you want this done young man?" Mr Evans asked Adam.
"Do it please sir." Adam replied as he tilted his head forward so Mr Evans could start.
Adam heard the clippers start up and Mr Evans lifting his blond hair at the back before placing the clippers at the hairline and running them up the back of Adam’s head. Adam let out a little gasp as he saw over four inches of blond hair tumble into the cape followed by a second load of his blond hair fall into the cape. Mr Evans swiftly finished the back of Adam’s head and moved to the side exposing the left ear then the right ear of Adam’s before ploughing the clippers down the centre of Adam’s head leaving a white strip where the hair used to be before finishing off the top and switching off the clippers and removing the cape.
"Wow I look so f***ing different!" Adam exclaimed as he rubbed his head and stood up and paid Mr Evans.
"I think you are next young man." Mr Evans said to Wayne.
"Err yeah I guess I am." Wayne replied nervously as he walked over to the cahir and sat down.
"You will love the sensation of the clippers shaving the mop cuz." Adam said as he sat down.
Wayne watched as Mr Evans caped him up and ran the comb through his hair before picking up the clippers.
"Ready young man?" Mr Evans asked Wayne as he gently pushed his head forward.
"Yeah I am sir do it shave my long girly hair off please." Wayne replied surprised at how he sounded telling Mr Evans to give him a skinhead.
Wayne felt the clippers run up the back of his head and depositing four inches of brown hair in the cape.
"Yeah Wayne the football hooligan skinhead." Wayne thought to himself as he saw the second pile of hair fall into the cape.
Wayne watched with a smile on his face as Mr Evans removed the hair from the sides of his head before running the clippers over the top of his head leaving a mere hint of stubble on it.
"Thank you sir." Wayne said as he stood up rubbing his stubble and paying Mr Evans. "See you for a trim in a few weeks."
"Glad you like it sir I must say it is an improvement from all that hair you both had." Mr Evans told Wayne and Adam.
"Right time to face the music cuz." Adam told Wayne.
"Yeah I guess so cuz." Wayne replied as they walked down the stairs back into the side street.
"Welcome to the football hooligan skinhead world brothers." Patrick said. "Now for boots and braces to compliment the look.
"Yeah I guess so." Adam replied.
"The market is a good place to go for boots and other skinhead gear." Patrick told Adam and Wayne.
"Then it is home to face the music cuz." Wayne grinned.
"Yeah but they cannot stick hair back on." Adam laughed as they made their way to the market to get kitted out.

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