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A Long Day (1) by Boi

I myself have had a hair fetish since my teenage years, and now run a small barbershop where I can freely do whatever I want with little to no consequence. The barbershop itself occupies a small cubicle, but with a few tweaks for my own entertainment. Other than 2 leather chairs, their respective mirrors and a wash basin for shampooing, my shop might seem quite bare bones, but there are many contraptions hidden out of sight.

Being located in Singapore, Asia, there tends to be rather stringent rules in schools, especially with regards to hair for boys, which are pretty consistent throughout most schools. Mainly fringes above the eyebrow, no hair touching the ears and back 2cm above the collar of their uniform, with more extreme hairstyles like an undercut being heavily frowned upon.

Being located relatively close to quite a few boys schools and a university means a steady stream of customers, with occasional call ups from schools to settle some outstanding students. Here's one rather memorable incident.

With business being relatively slow in the morning, I tend to open only around midday. However, on that specific day, I received a message from one of the boys school's discipline master at around 9am, saying that he's sending 3 students long overdue for a haircut my way, with more expected after school ends.

As with most schools, they conduct attire checks from time to time, and those caught would just be required to get a haircut by the next day. However, there are always a few special cases that get sent to me early, but even so, it was the first time I was receiving 3 early in the morning.

Just after I finished opening up the shop, the 3 kids arrived.

The first was rather tall but well built, quite tan, probably an athlete, with a slightly overgrown undercut, with the top seeming short at first glance, as he had styled his fringe up and to the right and plastered it against his scalp, but on closer inspection, his fringe was much longer than it seemed, reaching the back of his head.

The second kid was much skinnier and smaller in size, with the popular korean two-block cut, which was a soft undercut and with much longer top throughout, and instead of sloping up to the crown the part was in the middle of the back, resulting in an overall fuller back. Only problem was his was much too overgrown, with his fringe over his spectacles and in his eyes, top touching the ears (much less the shorn sides), and the longer part of the back overlapping and nearly touching the collar.

And the last kid, well, he was wearing a cap, but from what I could tell, his back had already grown to almost a mullet, and his previously short sides have become increasingly fuzzy, almost covering his ears.

An interesting group. First kids seemed confident, second looked like he was about to faint, and the last kid was just poker faced.

After getting their names, Joel, Caldur and Jason, all 16, respectively, I had to decide who I was gonna get first. Seeing that the other 2 had much longer hair, I picked Joel, asking him to head inside first and take the first chair, Caldur to take the spare chair and Jason to wait outside.

Take a seat while I get my stuff ready. What are ya here for? On top of preparing my equipment, I had turned the temperature to a nice toasty 32°C, which elicited no current response but would play into my plans later.

Well, a haircut I guess. Nothing too short eh.
Sure, let's see what we are dealing with first, before placing the tissue around his neck before covering him with my custom cape reserved for occasions like this.

I had gotten myself a custom heavily weighted waterproof cape for special customers. Not only was it less likely to fall apart, it tends to make them more uncomfortable. I slowly buttoned it up to the top, which was almost always just slightly too tight, which again added to the pressure and made them feel more trapped.

On closer inspection, he used way too much product, causing the excess to appear as white flakes. Instead of immediately washing his hair, I instead dragged a disposable comb through the top, yanking at all the knots formed, resulting in him wincing quite a bit, afterwhich combing it all down, pulling his fringe down to the tip of his nose. The previous confident persona seem to have dropped by now, and he seems rather startled instead.

I had 2 options. If he was alone, I would have slowly hacked off the top, making him regret using wax, and then left him with a short buzz cut. However, there are 2 even larger sheep to shear, and they were both looking at me intently.

So instead, I wrapped a towel around his shoulders and walked him to the washing area, and gave him a quick wash, removing almost all the product from his hair. After walking him back and drying off his hair, which turns out to be much finer without any product, I just clipped up sides and back, specifically leaving his fringe falling into his eyes, and proceeded with the normal undercut procedure, tightening up the sides and back to a number 2. After which, took off about 2-3 inches from both the top and the fringe, leaving it just above the eyebrow, showing some leniency. I could have sworn I saw Caldur sigh in relief, while Jason was still poker faced, but seemed more relaxed.

As the last sign of goodwill, I used some wax to return it to its previous form, and sent him back to school first, asking him to call in Jason on his way out. Now, it was time for the real shearing to begin.

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