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A Long Day (2) by Boi

After cleaning up whatever little I trimmed from Joel, I turned to the Caldur and applied the tissue to his neck, only to realise he had started sweating quite a bit thanks to a previous tweak in temperature, resulting in a second one being used. Again, using my weighted cape, I buttoned it up to its higher button, which would be even more uncomfortable than before, given the trapped heat under the cape. Some strands of his korean two-block cut/bowl cut had began to stick on his forehead, and he was starting to squirm.

Give me a bit, need to settle something. I walked out to the front door, flipped the sign to closed and locked it, before pressing a button to close the shutters at the entrance.

What's going on? Jason demanded. Chill man, just don't want to be disturbed. Besides, I'm usually not open at this time anyways.

He started to get up, which was when I pressed down on his forearms to sit him back down, before pressing a button on the underside of the chair, causing handcuffs to spring up and tighten around his wrists.

Bro, help me! He's insane!

Unfortunately for Caldur, he was struggling under the cape's weight, giving me ample time to likewise get him handcuffed.

Kids, the room soundproof, you can stop already. Heading back to Jason, I placed some duct tape over his mouth, and tied his legs to the chair to be safe, leaving him to wait for his turn.

At this point, Caldur was completely flustered and looked like he was about to break down, still thrashing around.

Kid, you can either struggle, and Ill shave you bald, or we can have a normal haircut and see what happens. Its up to u.

At that, Caldur stopped, eyes already red. Jason had also stopped thrashing around.

See, wasn't that hard huh. Now, let me get a proper look.

Caldur hair was ridiculously thick, and comparing it to his sides, it became apparent he had permed his top into loose waves, which was against the rules.

Hey, be honest with me, will ya? What happens next depends on your answer. Did you or did you not perm your hair.

He struggled for a bit, before nodding desparately. Good, now look at ya. Your whole head's a wet mop. His fringe had started covering his eyes by this point, so it was unclear whether it was sweat or tears. Likewise, Jason has started sweating badly too, his cap slowly getting stained by his sweat.

Since you answered honestly, Ill give you a lighter sentence. With that, I slowly clipped up the previous partings from his previous cut, this time clipping up his fringe for a full view of his face. Leaving only a number 1 guard, I slowly started up the right side, peeling off the previous number 4-5 sides to the skin, causing him to start tearing up. After that, I slowly continued towards the back and to the left, before unclipping and back and instead of a lowered parting gave him a horseshoe parting, after which I took off the whole chunk at the back, which thanks to some prior product and sweat, had matted together and almost came off as one chunk, which I held out in front of him before letting it slide to the ground, causing him to burst into tears.

Dude, please stop. Please. Ok ok, fine, no more clippers. Instead, I took out my favourite tools, the thinning shears. After unclipping the top, I began viciously attacking the carrot top, taking off most of the bulk before using a comb to slide it down, causing another outburst. Which his hair mostly thinned out, I began cutting off most of the length, leaving only about an inch behind. By the time I was done, I was surrounded by a mound of hair, and Caldur only had barely any hair left on the top of his head, much less his no. 1 sides.

After a quick dusting, instead of letting him go, I decided I'll be fair and let him watch Jason suffer too. So, I bound his legs, took off his cape and began preparing for my last victim of the day

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