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Bicentennial Haircut Request 2 by M DeMarlo

Bicentennial Haircut request part 2
(Trooper John

This is a continuation from Bicentennial Haircut Request. Six friends are driving south to Florida for spring break vacation. The first day of the trip and only about 5 hours on the road Paul ends up in jail for driving on a suspended Michigan Driver's license and a small amount of pot. His arresting officer is a Kentucky State Trooper by the name of John. Trooper John has a history of being a predator with good looking young men age 18-25 as his prey. Trooper John has a hard time saying no to the part of his brain in his pants. Trooper John almost lost his career because of a scandal in his home state of Louisiana. Returning home after eight years military service his future looked bright. He served as an MP and because of his experience offers of employment were plentiful in such a way he was able to choose from a wide variety. However, alleged rape charges from a 18 year old boy whose parents have money tarnished his badge and he was asked for his resignation and his case sealed.This happening on two occasions, he was forced to leave town in disgrace, seeking employment in a different state he moved to Kentucky.
Trooper John is a handsome man in his mid thirties. Tall, he stands 6’2" and weighs 200 lbs buffed. A bonified Cajun from Louisiana. White French Canadian is Cajun ancestry; people sometimes confuse Cajun with Creole which is Black & French. Trooper John has light olive toned skin; piercing hazel green eyes and shiny raven hair military cut to a very short ivy. . The man has movie star good looks and when he is in his crisp uniform & tie women and men alike go gaga over this man. Trooper John is what many gays would call "the real deal". He is a dominant top that enjoys giving young men discipline in the form of corporal punishment, bare butt spankings to the point of tears and lately his new found kink is the transformation of young men. Arresting men with long hair and taking them to jail. Once incarcerated the young naive men are told to sigh a haircut request slip making the haircut legal and not violating any civil rights. Trooper John likes a challenge, a smart ass kid with long hair and a chip on his shoulder. Masculine pretty boys are not safe traveling the interstate.
Paul has been arrested by trooper John, his long hair has been cut very short. He now has a tight crew cut with the top cut down flat. Trooper John tricked Paul into giving him a blowjob thinking he would be free to go home. Paul is beginning to realize he has jumped from the frying pan and into the fire.

Bicentennial Haircut Request part 2
The story picks up leaving the jail barbershop and Trooper John takes Paul to a vacant office and tells him to take his clothes off. When sheriff deputies work long hours this vacant office is used for a quiet place to rest and even take a nap as there is an old sofa and a few reclining chairs positioned around an old television set. Naked, Paul is handcuffed and made to lean over a work bench. Trooper John gags Paul and at the same time rubs his hand over the young man’s freshly clipped crew cut. Trooper John smiles saying "now that is nice, oh yea, real nice" through his uniform a noticeable erection is visible. Taking off his belt he begins to whack Paul on his bare bottom as hard as he can swing the belt. Paul’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and a muffled yell crying out was heard from behind the gag in his mouth. Then again the belt came cracking down on his bare bottom, again and again and again. Each crack was swung with as much force as Trooper John could administer. Paul’s rear end was now deep red and tears were flooding out of Paul’s eyes, and still Trooper John continued to forcibly whip the young man. It wasn’t until Paul’s butt blistered did the sadistic whipping stop. Trooper John was now mounted on top of Paul and was about to rape the young man. Trooper John stopped, knowing how wrong the act would be he decided on a different approach. Sure enough he would have this young man, but this kid was special and thought how much better it will be if it were consensual.
Paul was shaking, sobbing; never in his lifetime has anything like this ever happen to the young man. Trooper John knew how to handle the sobbing young man who now appeared to be a sobbing boy. Being gentle and kissing him on his forehead he told Paul "this was for your own good, you’re not going to mess up again now are you"? Gently wiping a tear from the corner of Paul’s eye Trooper John continued saying " I expect complete obedience from you or a repeat correction will make this look like a warm-up, are we understood"? Paul looked up at Trooper John and asked "why, why did you beat me like that" another wave of tears he could not hold back. This is exactly what trooper John wanted, and he held the boy close to his chest stroking his freshly clipped crew-cut. "Don’t question me, and kissed the boy once again" Paul wrapped his arms around Trooper John, still sobbing and answered "yes sir". At that moment a loud buzzing alarm could be heard through the entire jail, the building was in lock-down. Trooper John had not thought this private encounter with his latest hottie Paul all the way through. He forgot about the counting of prisoners’, and the count was off by one. Now it looked as if Paul had escaped.

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