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Bicentennial Haircut Request 2 chapter 2 by M DeMarlo

Bicentennial Haircut Request Part 2 chapter 2
(Haircut Reform School)

When that alarm sounds off the entire jail is on lock-down. Wherever an inmate is at he is required to sit down and stay put. Then a re-count is taken,

and trooper john knows this. Fixing his tie and making sure his uniform was right Trooper john opened the door to the vacant office. Turning and

saying to Paul "you keep quiet about this or guaranteed regret on your part will soon follow, not a warning that’s a threat". At the time pushing hard

with two fingers on Paul’s chest. At that very moment the assistant warden was walking by in the hallway. He stopped and looked in, thinking trooper

John was reprimanding Paul he continued only to stop dead in his tracks. The assistant warden turned around and entered the vacant office. "What are

you doing in here" he asked Trooper John. Upon his observation he noticed that the inmate Paul had been crying, and wanted to know why. When asked,

before Paul could say anything Trooper John interrupted saying the inmate had cried during his haircut. The assistant warden then asked Paul "You

made a willing choice requesting a haircut so you can be a trustee, am I right?" "yes sir" answered Paul. "Well be a man about it, and cut with the

tears". The assistant warden told Paul to sit down while the re-count is being taken. When Paul sat in a chair he sat very slowly as his butt was

blistered, this was noticed by the assistant warden. Trooper John was dismissed from the vacant office, he had no choice but to leave. In doing so he

gave Paul a very stern look. Paul was scared, he knew the right thing to do is tell the assistant warden exactly what happened to him. However, if he

told on trooper John he could be charged with bribery, after all he did give the trooper a blow job thinking he could go home.

As trooper John was walking down the hall he could see that the barbershop light was still on. So he decided to get his haircut. Trooper John usually

kept his hair cut in a short Ivy every two weeks, and two weeks was a few days ago. Trooper John walked into the barbershop and sat down in the barber

chair. When the barber said "the usual" Trooper John said "no, give me a real short military flattop this time, make it high & tight". Tissue fastened

around trooper Johns neck and the pin striped cape snapped tightly. The chair was then pumped up a few pumps and his hair combed . The sound of

clippers firing up with a whirling sound connected at his right sideburn and began clipping the small amount of growth tight to the skin straight up

to his temple and flicking the clipped hair in Trooper Johns lap.

At the same time the assistant warden was questioning Paul. "you must have gotten your haircut from one of the inmate barbers, I see he botched you up

a bit" Paul had not even been able to see his haircut but knew he had a crew cut. "Damage is already done, still we need to fix that" The assistant

warden removing a box from the cupboard containing hair clippers, barbers comb, scissors, and several clipper blades. "No sir, that’s ok, can we just

leave it" said Paul in a worried voice. "Nonsense, sit down over here in this swivel chair, but take your shirt off first." Paul started pleading with

the assistant warden to please let him leave his hair to fix on its own. Sternly the assistant warden told Paul to sit in the swivel chair, and to do

it now. "im not asking you young man, im telling you" Paul sat in the chair and as he did the Assistant warden made note of the pain the young man was
in for the second time . The assistant warden nearly shaved Paul bald. Leaving about ¾" on the very top in the front. Pauls sides and back were

clipped as close as possible right down to the skin. He looked like he was in the Marine Core. Paul was thinking to himself during this clipping that

these people are haircut crazy here. He gave out a chuckle of laughter when he came up with a name for the place. Instead of "House Of Detention" this

place is "The Haircut Reform School" . "Whats so funny" asked the assistant warden. Paul simply answered "this is my second haircut of the day. That

he thought the whole haircut thing is a bit of an over kill. "All part of our trustee program. It’s a small price to pay for the time we knock off

your sentence. Your not the first to receive more than one haircut in a day". The assistant warden adding "whenever he himself gives an inmate a

haircut its always in the strict tradition of the United States Marine Core." Writing something down in a small pocket notepad he added "one week from

today you will be sent to this office for me to give you a fresh haircut. Whenever I give a haircut I personally maintain the cut until the inmate is

released". Looking angry the assistant warden said "wipe that smile off your face, and if you still think this program is funny I’ll shave you bald and

keep your head shaved. You understand me BOY""Sir, Yes Sir, thank you Sir" came out of Paul’s mouth as he snapped to attention for the assistant

warden. "Now that’s an improvement. Keep that respectful attitude, it goes a long way here" "Yes Sir" answered Paul.

The inmate count now cleared the assistant warden took Paul to the showers for him to shower. When Paul removed his pants and stepped into the shower

the assistant warden noticed his blistered rear end, and how fresh the blisters were. The assistant warden believed in corporal punishment but not

abuse. He made a mental note that Paul had handled his recent and extremely short haircut like a man, and that he had most likely cried during a session involving discipline.

Trooper john was checking his fresh H&T Military Flattop out in the mirror. He was pleased and said so to the barber. The landing strip is perfect, the

deck flat, severe, the entire haircut was Marine Core. A bulge began to develop in Trooper Johns pants. He wanted to check on his latest hottie Paul.

Just a simple thought about Paul excited trooper John. He knew their secret was safe by the way the young man had hugged onto him. Trooper John went

home and thought of Paul all night long.

As Paul was putting his clothes back on the assistant warden asked him about his blistered butt? He wanted to know who it was that administered such

severe discipline. Paul told him it had taken place at home, that his father had gone a bit crazy. Still more questions, Paul had to fabricate a

humongous lie. He did so to the extent the assistant warden knew he was lying, but decided not to push it any further. He did tell Paul that they don’t

abuse prisoners here, but we do discipline them when needed. Taking Paul to his cell he told Paul he would see him in a week. Friday’s will be your

mandatory haircut day. With that the assistant warden walked away down the hall.

All other trustee’s were now in the dormitory cell. Every single trustee had a fresh looking haircut. There was silence in the room for an instant.

Then Paul said "This is undoubtedly The Haircut Reform School" , and the room was filled with laughter. Even after the laughter stopped every now and

then one of the trustee’s would without warning burst out laughing. Each and every one of them could relate to the joke. All of them had long hair at

the time of their arrest. All had requested a haircut to be in the trustee program. And now every one of them could pass a Marine Core haircut

inspection. To be continued

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