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Thursday Nights by Northern Boi

I currently go to uni in Scotland and whilst I’ve been here my mates and I have been smoking more and more. Recently we’ve become quite immune, and to be healthy we decided to take a break last week, this lead to our tolerance decreasing.

A few days ago we went out and got quite drunk and when we came back we decided to break our fast of the good stuff. This lead to us all being quite high, which lead to some crazy ideas in my roommates heads, and therefore one of them brought up when a two of us shaved our heads in summer (not very short, Jack was a #5 and I had a #4, due to it being my idea). Jack said it was so funny and would do it for bants again, when Joe chimed in, it he joked about doing it now, with jack deciding he liked the idea. Alex was apprehensive, before he said "ahh why the f*** not, it’ll be fun but you two have to get it shorter than me" for which both Jack and Joe agreed, before Jack decided it would only happen if I agree to buzz mine too for which I I hesitated. Both of them seemed keen but most surprisingly was Alex who was trying to convince me. In order to do this I told them that Alex would have to get a grade shorter than mine which means that Joe and Jack would have to get shorter than a grade lower than mine and I buzzed all their hair, which they reluctantly accepted. After making them make certain that they will follow those rules no matter how short it is, I considered what length to go for.

Jack is a tanned guy who cares a lot about his appearance but does the stupidest stuff when he’s drunk. Which is why he agreed to this even though he knew it would end up quite short but he has said he’d consider it again recently. Joe was someone who recently strongly considering doing it when his hockey team had done it however decided to back out. As for Alex, he was the most surprising as he really cared about his hair and wasn’t keen with anyone touching it. He also cared about his appearance as well if not more so than Jack. Jack had hair about 2 inches on top with about a 5 on the sides and back as it hasn’t been cut recently, Joe however had a skin fade a couple of days ago with just over an inch on top, at most 1.5 inches on top. Alex’s hair never looked like it changed, even when it got cut, he has thick black hair on top with about a #6 round the sides and about 3 inches on top but because it’s thick it doesn’t look short at all. I had a cut nearly two weeks ago so on the sides and back I have about a #2 fading up and then on top slightly less than 2 inches, however I have always wanted to see what I look like with a shorter buzz cut like a #2. This is why I answered with a number two, meaning Alex would have to get a #1 and both Jack and Joe would have to get #0.5’s. After cries of noooooooo, they all agreed to do it, with Joe agreeing to go first. I had a full set of clippers meaning I could do any length up to an 8 with powerful plug in clippers.

After sitting Joe down on a seat next to a plug with a mirror in front of him and a towel around his neck. I plugged the clippers in and set them to a half showing Joe the length, he took a deep breath in before I turned the clippers on raising up next to his right ear. As I plunged the clippers into his side the buzzing changed to a humming as you could hear it cut through the hair leaving a path of short fuzz. He reached up and felt his hair, exclaiming "holy s**t that’s so short" as I continued to chop through the hair on the back of his head. Once I’d finished buzzing all the hair on the sides and back down the the fuzz that remained, I brought the clippers up to his front hairline and plunged the clippers into the 1.5 inch hair. As I did this the humming was loud and you could hear the hair being cut as short as possible. He gasped as he saw how short I had left the hair on top of his head, however suggested that he kind of liked it. I made pass after pass until all that was left on his head was #0.5 buzz cut. He actually looked a lot better than before which we all agreed, he spent the next few minutes rubbing his head and staring in the mirror as jack sat down. Jacks hair was longer than joes but he’d agreed that he would go for #0.5 with him, his heart was beating as I plunged the roaring clippers into the back of his hairline, leaving a short path of stubble, I kept doing this across the sides and back of his hair, for which he was surprised the dark Outline that surrounded his face. His pretty boy look was being sheared away, instead leaving a more masculine man in his wake. With no mercy I ran the clippers over the top, and began taking it down to a #0.5. I stroked his head at the same time and it felt so good, his hair being that short. As I continued path after path, it became apparent that he was someone enjoying the feeling of the short clippers running across his head. After the final pass on top I stroked his hair again, to feel the short stubble. He looked fantastic, so much better than the prep school look, he looked masculine and defined. We all felt his hair and when Joe suggested they both keep the buzzcuts for a bit as they both look a lot better, to which Jack stalled saying he’d think about it.

Next up was me, my hair was very soft and feels great although I really enjoyed having a buzz cut previously, so I figured I’d like it this time. I put the #2 attachment onto the clippers and handed them to jack, he flicked them on and drove a path from my front hairline all the way to my crown. I reached up and felt the newly sheared hair and it felt fantastic, running my hand back and the bristles felt so soft and rough at the same time but remained so nice to touch. He continued running path after path leaving no strays. He then plunged the clippers into my back hairline eliminating the final pre-buzz cut hair so that it all was an even #2. I looked into the mirror and I looked great, I liked how I looked with a #4 but not as much as this. Jack was ruthless, still running the clippers over my head when Joe pointed out the half length was still on meaning I had a #2.5 and I said well that just can’t do, and so after shortening the clipper to just a #2, jack ran the clippers all over my head again, to chop off that final half guard that was left before being left with a #2 all over and it looked even better than before, making me excited to show people the change I had undergone. The final person to sit in the chair was Alex, messing with his longer hair, no longer seeming excited to cut it after seeing how short mine is, and his has to be a grade shorter. As he sat down he remarked "a deal is a deal right?" to which we all replied, almost simultaneously, yes you have to do it. He breathed a sigh of despair whilst i attached a #1 guard, ruffling his long hair for the last time, whilst checking his beard out in the mirror. As the buzzing came on and became loud next to his ear he closed his eyes, probably hoping that I would start on the sides and there would still be a way out, however I went past his ears, bring up across his forehead to his hairline, lifted it up and pushed it back into his long locks, leaving nothing but 1/8 inch fuzz on top. I continued this toying with him and occasionally feeling my own hair as I’m still in a little shock that I did it, I left his hair nice and short on top when an idea hit me, and I suggested "Alex I think you’d look good with a bald fade", to which he was too resigned and agreed to let me take his hair even shorter. I proceeded to take the #1 all the way down to his temple all around, I then take off the #1 guard, leaving the clippers untamed and ruthless. Going in at the bottom of his hair I brought the #0 up to just above his temples, before doing the same on the other side and then bringing them together around the back. He used to have loads of hair, and even a fair amount around the sides and back but now he is left with an 1/8 inch on top and barely anything round the sides and back. Once I’d finished tapering the sides up, he stood up and looked in the mirror, he hated the beard not fitting with the cut, however stated "I thought I was going to hate this cut, but you know I actually quite like it, shame the beard doesn’t look good with it, hey tom you should get a bald fade too, your hairs still long enough, well it’s still longer than mine". I submitted and allowed joe to wrap the towel around me. He then brought the clippers up to my temple before stopping, and dropping the hair that remained, he did this all the way round before tapering it together to a nice fade from #0 to a #2 on top, however he said how the part under the #0, the stubble wasn’t short enough and disappeared into his room for a second before returning with an electric foil razor, in that time, Alex had gone to the bathroom and hadn’t returned yet. As joe came back in he walked behind me, turned on the razor and began shaving the lower parts of my head, completely shaving. He spent about 10 minutes doing this and when I felt it there wasn’t a single patch of stubble left. It was all smooth. Straight after Alex returned but different as his beard which was about and inch was buzzed really short. He’d made his beard and the top of his head the same length, to which we jousted about before we made him return to the chair and then joe proceeded to shave clean the bottom of his head, but higher. My head was smooth from about and inch above my ears down, whereas his was from his temple, nothing was left. We then proceeded to shave the rest of his beard off. We’d all changed so much but Alex had the most, he looked like a new guy, a more attractive guy, he looked good to which he remarked himself. There we were all of us with buzzcuts, two of us with extremely short bald fades and all of us looked a lot better than before. We joked around but all of us decided we were going to keep our hair short now....

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