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Bald fetish by Dwane

I was a 18 years old and i was still living at home, just me and my dad. I always loved going to the barbers, especially with my dad. He always had his hair clean shaven with clippers, shaver and then a razor which made it very smooth and shiny , i  loved watching his Salt and pepper hair get buzzed down to stubble and watch the barber peel away at the remaining stubble of hair to see a smooth white scalp. It completely exited me each time i went with him and knowing i was next; well i always wished i could have the exact same haircut but i was always too scared to ask or have the courage to get it done. I usually asked for a short buzz cut even though i hoped dad or the barber would make me shave my head completely bald or wishing that the clipper attachment would fall off, or not be put on in the first place.

The barbershop was an old 80s styled, woman's hairdresser at the front with big hair dryers and elderly women getting perms. the men's barbers was at the back of the shop. It had long black leather corner couch and had two barbers chairs infront of a mohogany wood unit with big antique mirrors. I loved the smell it smelt of old barbershop callogne and hair gel.  The two barbers were called Gordon and Harry both were younger than my dad but Gordon kept his haircut in a sort of military high and tight. It looked good but Harry also kept his head shaved completely bald i loved his look and was definitely a sexual attraction to him. I always hoped i would have Harry shave my head just like his.

When it was my turn i had Gordon the barber , he put the usually black nylon cape around me then a heavy leather shoulder pad around my neck and shoulders. It felt cold yet comforting.
"what will it be this time young sir" asked the barber.  I instantly asked "dad can i have it shorter than usual " dad replied "you can shave it all off if you want it's your hair" in a cheeky grin i was so hard and was almost the worst thing he could have said to me as it felt like he knew my deepest desire yet in relaity probably had no clue at all .
In the chair trying to hide my erection and my delight of choosing an extra short haircut got me very excited but being in such a masculine surrounding i had to  keep myself grounded.
"can i get a 0.5 guard haircut ( 2 mm ) please " i asked . i knew it was the shortest haircut before being bald , but least it was shorter than the number 1 i had the last time about 2 months ago!

I felt like king of the world and boy was i going to enjoy the haircut. I kept full alert as i watched the barber pic up a set of Wahl balding clippers and put a very small attachment on it. "You sure you want it this short" asked the barber. "Sure" i replied as quickly as i could before anyone or anything  could stop it from happening. I felt the clippers run straight through my thick mop of 1/2 inches of hair.

At the same time as i heard the clippers roar to life i came instantly in my boxer shorts.  - god  i wanted it shaved i always looked at older men wishing i was bald.

Every pass of the clippers made felt cool against my scalp the barber pressed quite hard and with my little head it didn't take much time until all my hair had landed on my lap and floor around me. Pass after pass he continued around the sides and back and it felt amazing especially when he mowed the clippers right up the back of my head all the way to the crown of my head. I loved the sensation of the clippers and the sound of the hum in my ears.

I did feel a little disappointed in my self for not asking to be a proper shaved skin head like my dad or Harry but i knew deep down it was probably for the better as i worked in a customer facing role and didn't have thin hair and i wasn't balding nor a receding hairline.

Dad always tought me to stand up for what i really wanted in life and i felt ashamed for not asking for what i wanted. I was confused as i knew i had this hair cut fetish where i wanted the same haircut but no matter how short i went , my fetish wouldn't go away. I often wondered if it would go away if i was bald or if it would grow stronger urging me to keep shaving it bald.

At the end of the haircut i touched my head i could feel the sandpaper feel and when the barber rubbed it it felt amazing i didn't want him to stop rubbing my head as he was trying to get rid of all the loose hairs. He spun the chair roubd and when i saw my reflection i looked about 10 years older , more masculine ane saw a grey stubble cover my pasty white scalp. My dad looked very happy too , "Looks good son proper short haircut ,nice and tidy" replied dad. I hoped by next time i would have the courage to go completely bald like all the men i admired.

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