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Jerry's father Part 2 by Oraj

This is a sequel to Jerry's father's story.
Yesterday with Jerry we got an original military hairstyle. At the evenings my brother 2 years older laughed at me. When his father couldn't stand it anymore and he started shouting at his brother ...... his last sentence was: You'll regret what you said.
Today is Saturday and we are not going to school. After breakfast, my father told me and my brother. To get dressed and leave the house in 20 minutes. He didn't answer our question where.
We went to the bus stop, where our father told us the destination of our journey. Let's take a look at the barber who gave me and friend Jerri a haircut yesterday. We didn't really understand what Dad meant, but his brother was nervous ever since.
Upon arriving at the barbershop, Marcus, and greetings, my father asked the barber if he had cut me yesterday. The barber first apologized for not knowing that Jerry and I were not brothers because his father wanted a short haircut for him.
My father smiled and thanked the barber for my haircut. He said he had two sons at home and when he looked at the older one, he thinks she's a daughter and would like him to make a boy and point his brother to an empty barber chair. Brother begged his father that he did not want an army haircut for which his father told him that if he did not sit there immediately, he would have a shaved head.
Brother sat on his stool and the barber wrapped him in a sheet. The barber asked what it would be like today, what my father answered, as well as me.
I stood sideways to enjoy my brother's humiliation. The barber combed his hair. He took the scissors and told his father that he was now cutting his hair on his hips and in the back with # 1. I savored every move of the barber from close and I saw a helpless brother who mocked me last night as his hair fell to the ground and more and more the stubble on white skin. When the barber swapped the scissors showed his father the blade number, it was # 3.75, which corresponds to about ½ inch the length of the top of the head. When he applied white cream and started to shave the hips and back of his brother's head, it was really a great humiliation at the time for young boys, but suddenly I realized that my head was the same and I started to stroke my perfectly shaved skin.
When the brother jumped off his chair, his father told the barber that he wanted him to become our barber. We both drew a lot of attention. The barber supported his father's idea. He said that hair normally grows in ½ inch in 4 weeks, so he has a loyalty card where clients visit it within 4 weeks have a haircut discount. These words pleased my father and agreed to receive a loyalty card. The barber still asked if his father would come with us or we would walk alone. My father replied that he would not have time to bring us. The barber pointed to the pictures of his hairstyles to choose which one to wear, because in the past it happened to him that the boys asked for a hairstyle with longer hair with which the parents were not satisfied. The father most liked the one we got now. The barber wrote cards with our names. There was number 7 in the corner, that was our hairstyle number, and the date until the discount was valid. It was exactly Saturday at 4 weeks.
The barber asked me if I would hand over the loyalty card and Jerry's father, because he too was interested in it. The card was also number 7. Everything went very fast, but on the way home I began to realize that I had to get used to a new hairstyle.
On the way I stopped by Jerry and handed his loyalty card to his father. Jerry immediately sued me that the punishment he received was that every 4 weeks he would have this hairstyle until his 16th birthday. I just laughed and told him that the barber in the barbershop Marcus had become my brother and my barber, so we have a loyalty card for 4-week army hairstyles.
We had a lot of ridicule at school, but it helped us to be a father's softman. Barber in the barbershop Marcus has been our barber for several years, and Jerry and I visited him regularly.

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