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Bald fetish part 2 by Dwane perry

Bald Fetish Part 2

It has been a year since i had got my hair buzzed regularly with my dad , but since then i finally moved out of my dads house  after i finished my construction apprenticeship . i moved 60 miles into the city where there were more  bricklaying jobs and i was accepted for a national house building company.  It was tough at first but i had the skills and soon got used to living independently and enjoyed the freedom it gave me.  One thing about living in the city ; for a start there was more different haircuts and styles than i had ever seen.  It  didn't seem such a huge deal what my hair was like as everyone had different styles  and while at work my head was always  buried  into a bright yellow hard cap anyways.

Most of the men were older , of which some were definitely my type sexually; however at work i had to prove i was good, reliable and so always  acted professional. There was one man who took me under his wing , Big Barry! He  always had time for me and boy when i say big i mean huge.

He was 52 had huge thick arms and tall, about 6ft 4 tall! and just pure muscle all over his body he had many tattoo's a goatte beard which was a good contrast to his head which was shaved completely bald. Sometimes stubble by Friday if he hadn't shaved it earlier in the week. This told me think he shaved it by choice either because he liked it or that he was thinning on top and i  just had to know the reason.

He liked me not because i was the new kid but because  i was alot harder working than the usual new set of crew recruits.  As we grew closer we had more  fun in lunch breaks and we often made fun of eachother outside of work too , we became very close very quickly and often went to each other houses, would eat out or have drinks after work; more often than we should and also with the other builders we were working beside.

On one of these nights i let my inhabitions be known and in a surprising moment he began to feel and kiss me. We spent the night together , probably both still drunk I  told him that he was so beautiful with the shaved head and confessed that i wish my hair was totally shaved off like his. I told him about my bald fetish and how nice it is to have a bald daddy type man to kiss and hold. He didn't seem surprised at all when i opened up to him. He was very supportive and told me he'd been shaved bald  at 16 and that he decided to kept it all shaved off ever since as he liked the look of being more masculine to hide the fact he was gay. I wanted to know more but he turned to me and said that I should at least try the bald look and if I don't like it that it would soon grow back.

I told him I really wanted to try it did but i had never known the right moment to get it done.  something inside me kept holding me back.

On monday morning  i came into  work with my usual uniform and boots and hard cap on but the ground was completely saturated with the rain fall we had over the weekend. It was a slow morning trying to do some odd jobs on site but by 1pm  in the afternoon we were already signed out. Everyone escaped like a bullet but  Barry held back and shouted to me saying he needed a hand in the tempary unit/ offices . "Hey Dwane ive got a young boy who needs help."  "see hes got too much hair on his head and i cant wait to scalp him right down to the wood." he explained. sure Barry i said to him laughing as i began to take my top off.

It was  just him and i inside the closed down site where no one would disturb us. Standing there with a chair and a set of clippers plugged into the socket, Barry leaned over to me and Instantly my erection grew as my heart started beating harder than i ever noticed before.  I was already fixated on his bald head and the clippers. i knew he was going to use them on me and this excited me. I pulled his top off so we were both shirtless as i felt his warm chest against mine as he kissed my neck and snogged me , then pulling  me into his arms he sat me  down into the chair. 

He said it's hair cut time and i could see his huge smile across his face and his hard on through his work trousers.  It was like he couldn't wait to have fun shaving me. I never saw anyone get excited about cutting hair before not even the many barbers i had visited in the past.

I sat there as he stroked my hair it was actually quite long despite always going to the barbers back home when visiting family. I heard a click of the clippers and the vibration and noise of the clippers filled the room.

The clippers were black and i noticed there was no attachment on them so i knew it was going to be short. He pressed the clippers at my neck and he shoved my head down to my chest as he drove the bare clippers into my hair right up to the top of my head. I instantly felt the cool air and the freezing cold metal teeth of the clippers again my scalp. It was a liberating sensation and i began to relax as Barry continued to buzz the back of my head.

He worked on the back for sometime before gradually making his way around my head to my left side i saw huge pills of my dark brown thick horrible hair land on my shoulders , knees and the floor in front of me. I was glad to be rid of it. He then lifted my head and ploughed the clippers straight down the front my head and i instantly ejaculated into my pants i saw barry stand over me with his shiny head ploughing away my hair and god did it feel amazing ! Not before long my top and right side was as bare. I loved the sound of the clippers and the feeling of all my hair being buzzed.

It was over quickly and i almost felt disappointed when he turned the clippers off. Barry reached into his black work bag and pulled out a small case there was his 5 head shaver he told me it was  fully charged as he did it last night for today. He turned it on and the sound was alot higher pitched compared to  the low hum of the clippers.

He placed the shaver onto my head and made circular movements back and forth and it was a lovely scratching sensation it felt wonderful and i could hear the shaver working as the noise pitch would change . im sure Barry knew i was enjoying it as this part seemed to last for hours . i saw a glimps of my reflection in the doorway where a tall but narrow mirror hung. without my glasses it was blurry but i did noticed my pale head. was i bald? Was it smooth the answer was not completely smooth but when Barry finished with the shaved he handed me a mirror.

There was no stubble on my head this time and it felt alot smoother than the previous barber cuts but i loved the look. Barry smiled and said "now lets get back to mine where i can wet shave it in the shower together." In owe and happiness i couldn't wait to get to his apartment where i was going to have my than my head shaved.

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