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Blake gets a second opinion by Seb

This Story was posted on the TheNylonCape webside a few years ago.
Since this side isn´t online anymore, I wanted to reissue this story on this side.
Love to talk about such haircut fantasies, so feel free to text me to sebelu@gmail.com
Hope the author does not mind that this story does reissue here.

Filled with a mixture of anger and anxiety, for saying the wrong thing, Blake stared in front of him to the white painted wall of the one bedroom apartment.

"So, no response?" The attractive looking woman in her mid twenties, who he loved so damn much, pressed on further.

"I don’t get why this is such a big deal?!" Blake almost yelled back at her.

Now she was showing him the "are you kidding me?" face.

Blake knew he was in trouble. Every time he opened his mouth, or decided to keep it shut, he slid down further the slippery slope he was on.

"I just like my hair longer." The 28 year old Blake tried again as he anxiously touched the dark brown hair on the side of his head which was just reaching his chin.

"I know you do, you have been having it this long for 3 years. Don’t you think it’s time for a haircut?" Sandra continued.

"I had it cut 2 months ago!" Blake tried.

"That was a trim, and clearly you need a bigger one this time."

"But I…"

"But what?" Sandra challenged her boyfriend.

Blake didn’t say a thing and went back to staring at the wall. He didn’t know what to say. He was clearly losing this argument. They had been dating for 3 years and the last few months Sandra had been bringing up his hair quite frequently.

Sandra claimed that he promised her when they started dating that one day he would get his hair cut shorter so she could see what it would look like. Blake couldn’t recall having a conversation like that though.

"You promised me I would get to see it short. I think I’ve waited long enough… or is your hair truly more important than me?" Sandra was clearly annoyed now.

"No I mean, I just like my hair longer." Blake was now starting to repeat himself like a broken record.

Sandra couldn’t believe this was such a difficult topic in their relationship. Ever since they started dating she wanted to see this handsome man with shorter hair. His blue eyes would look even better when they weren’t hidden away behind that thick curtain of brown hair. Besides, it was clearly his safety blanket. He was holding on to this look because he was afraid to move on, or something like that.

"But what if short hair suits you better?" Sandra continued her offence.

"Well I think long hair looks better."

"That’s just your opinion. Besides, it’s your hair so you will always be biased."

It took a while but Blake did finally come up with an answer.

"Well, and having short hair is just your opinion. So I guess we will have to stay undecided then."

Blake felt prety good about his argument and kinda let go of a smile.

The 28 year old brunette who had long hair herself was not impressed by his smugness. Although she came up with an even better idea to settle this once and for all.

"Oh no, I got a better idea. Why don’t we let somebody with actual knowledge decide?"

"Actual knowledge?" Blake was confused.

"Yes, a professional. If you need to get legal advice, who do you call?"

"Well if I had the money a lawyer, duh!"

"So what if you have a hair problem?"

"Well it’s not a problem it’s just…"

Sandra didn’t let him finish. "You call your hairdresser."

Blake didn’t see this one coming. Was she suggesting to ask a hairdresser for advice on his hair? He was always very cautious when he would get a trim to at least mention 3 times that it was just a trim. Just half an inch would be fine. No funny business.

On the other hand, he always got compliments about his thick long hair when he went to one of the chain salons in the local mall. Nobody had ever suggested cutting it short in the first place.

"Since we can’t decide, we will ask a professional for advice. What do you say?"

"Well honestly I’m getting tired of the arguments about my hair." Blake admitted.

"So why not ask a professional for some advice. Then we can finally put this all behind us."

Blake was more focussed now on the putting it behind us part than on what she was actually implying.

Tired of arguing for more than an hour already, he caved. "Fine. We can ask a professional but let me be clear, that doesn’t mean I’m cutting it short, we will just get a second opinion. It’s still my hair and…"

Sandra didn’t let him finish and just took the victory. She jumped up from the couch and smuddered her boyfriend with hugs and kisses while praising him on his courage and willingness to compromise.

Blake was a bit thrown back by this big shift in emotions. Though he decided to leave it since they had already been arguing for so long. He just wished it would all be forgotten by tomorrow.


Even though it was hot outside, the airconditioning kept the small office in the downtown area nice and cool. Instead of doing actual work, Sandra was occupied with other thoughts.

Sandra didn’t want to wait on planning out her next few moves. She realized that Blake had simply said yes to get rid of her without really understanding what this could mean for his hair.

On the other hand, Sandra knew exactly what this could mean for her boyfriend’s chin length brown hair. This was the closest she had ever gotten him to agree to an actual haircut instead of those ridiculous trims he received every 2-3 months. He had always gone off alone to get a trim and always ended up with just a trim, except for that one time.

It was only a little shorter, but one of the ladies at his regular chain salon in the mall was new and ended up cutting about 2 inches off. Not a big deal, but it really got to Blake. He was so insecure about his hair.

Sandra remembered all too well how he got home all scared and anxious. Ofcourse she noticed he had it cut and quizzed him about it. He only could stammer about somebody new, and the fact that it was too short. While Blake hurried himself to the bathroom mirror.

Thinking back of the incident made her chuckle, he was so cute and afraid. He thought that everybody was going to notice and look at his fresh new cut. As it turned out, barely anyone noticed since he still had a thick curtain of hair all around his face. Well one thing had changed, Sandra made a mental note to see him without the long hair. He needed to grow up, he was still a boy even though he could be a real man. Her man.

Although she just wanted to make love to a short haired man. Her hands running up his nape, feel his skull through only a shorn layer of hair. It made her wet just thinking about it.

"What you thinking about dreamer?" The high pitched voice sounded above Sandra’s cubicle.

Sandra almost shot up right in her desk chair as her co-worker Lisa scared her.

"Ahh Lisa, you scared me dear." Sandra turned her chair towards the source of the disruption of her day dreaming.

"I noticed." Lisa responded with a beautiful smile on her face.

Sandra looked at her co-worker who was sporting a very daring haircut. The type where the side is taking very short with clippers but there is also plenty of length left on other pieces of the scalp. It didn’t look natural at all, but it didn’t look bad either.

"Uh yea, just daydreaming. Hey I was wondering, where do you get those daring haircuts?"

"Oh you like it?" Lisa asked with a big smile on her face.

"I certainly do. Very daring but it suits you well."

"Yes I was a little insecure after since it wasn’t really my idea but everybody complimented me."

"What happened?" Sandra continued.

"Oh well I always went to this alternative place, it isn’t cheap but they sure know how to cut hair. My usual stylist was actually sick that day and they claimed that they tried to call the appointment off. They offered to set me up with a new stylist which I had never seen before. She immediately suggested I should try something new."

"And you just agreed?"

"Well I was a bit hesitant, but before I knew it she said she knew something that would really suit my face. I was still insecure and said I needed to think about it but she kept on saying it would really look good on me. I never really agreed but she simply started combing and getting her scissors and I didn’t exactly stop her either."

"Wow, that must have been quite a shock for you." Sandra pressed on while sensing an opportunity.

"It was but I do really like it now." Lisa said with a smile on her face.

"Why are you asking, are you thinking of a change?" Lisa continued.

"Hah you could call it that. Which salon was it?"

"Jives. It’s a pretty cool place, very alternative."

"Do you remember the stylist’s name?"

"Uhm I think her name started with a P? I’m sorry I don’t recall really, I’m just bad with names. What I do know is that she has curly blonde bleached hair and bright blue eyes."

"Thanks, I might pay her a visit." Sandra concluded with a big grin on her face.

"Careful what you wish for. She is very skilled but also a bit direct. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!" Lisa said a little nervously while reaching up to stroke her extreme haircut.

Sandra made a mental note. She did not want to take Blake to the local mall for a consultation. The whole point was to find a hairdresser who was not afraid to cut hair and by the sounds of Lisa’s experience, this mystery hairdresser working at Jives could be perfect.


While flicking through the channels Blake got distracted by the notification on his phone. With some effort he pulled himself up from his comfortable position on the couch to reach for his phone.

Katy: He man, how’s it going?

It was his long time friend who he sat next to in high school. She moved to Europe but they still texted and kept in touch. She was a good friend of Blake.

Blake: Not too much, just had a bit of an argument with the misses.
Katy: Oh no… What did you do?
Blake: Why do you immediately assume I did something?!
Katy: Because you are the boy in the relationship, so chances are way higher that you screwed up.
Blake: That’s not fair…
Katy: Life ain’t fair. Now stop complaining and tell me what happened.

Typical Katy. Straight to the point.

Blake: Sandra wants me to cut my hair short.
Katy: Hah I bet she wants you to. I’ve never even seen you with short hair. Shortest was during junior year, though it was still covering your ears.
Blake: I know! I don’t want to cut it.
Katy: But she wants you to cut it.
Blake: So? It’s my hair.
Katy: Sure it is, but she’s your girlfriend. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just think this might be a difficult one.
Blake: Well we already had an argument about it. She kept bringing it up over the past few months and I kept telling her I don’t want it short.
Katy: So what was this argument about?
Blake: She claims that I promised her when we started dating that I would cut my hair short one day so she could see what it looks like.
Katy: Ohh, well it’s been 3 years. I can see her getting a bit impatient.

What is this? Was Katy siding with Sandra?

Blake: But I never promised her!
Katy: You didn’t?
Blake: Well I don’t recall promising her. I do remember talking about my hair. She was always wondering why I kept it long.
Katy: You not recalling is not the same as not promissing her. You probably just forgot.
Blake: How could I forget that? I love my hair the way it is. Why would I make a stupid promise to cut it in the first place.
Katy: To please her short term and get her off your back? Like I said, you are a guy.
Blake: I don’t want to cut it.

This was not going as planned. His best friend was not choosing his side either.

Katy: You said that, but I don’t see like you have much of a choice if you promised her.
Blake: I know, that’s the problem.
Katy: So what are you going to do?
Blake: Well she suggested that we would get a second opinion.
Katy: Second opinion? You are going to see a doctor because you have a long hair? Haha.
Blake: No, not a doctor. She suggested we’d see a hairdresser and ask for her opinion.
Katy: Oh… why?
Blake: Well Sandra said that since we can’t agree we should ask a professional. Like when you need legal advice you ask a laywer.
Katy: ok…
Blake: So I agreed to go and see a hairdresser and see what she says. I’m less worried since my usual hairdresser at the mall always says I have nice long hair. Nobody ever suggested to cut it short.
Katy: Lucky you. Why are you worried then?
Blake: I don’t know, I just don’t like this whole ordeal about my hair.
Katy: Hah you big wimp, it’s just hair.
Blake: I know…
Katy: Well I’m glad we talked through your beauty problem haha. Would be too funny if you actually do get some scissor happy stylist.
Blake: My stylist is always very nice and understanding.
Katy: So Sandra is okay with going to your usual stylist who only gives you tiny trims then?
Blake: Well we didn’t discuss in that much detail yet. I simply agreed to go and get a second opinion.
Katy: Oh, well better keep your fingers crossed she doesn’t take you to a barbershop then. Haha.
Blake: Hell no! I’m not setting a foot in a barbershop.
Katy: This is too funny haha. Anyway I gotta go get some sleep. Keep me posted, alright?
Blake: Not funny… and sure I’ll let you know if anything happens. Night!
Katy: Catch you later.

Blake put his phone down with butterflies going through his stomach. He had to make sure that they would go and see his usual stylist who likes his hair long.

He didn’t like this one bit. Why couldn’t she just like his hair the way it was?

Katy’s comments only made Blake even more anxious about this whole ordeal. Will he able to escape the torment or is he down on a road towards a real haircut? To be continued

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