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Blake gets a second opinion 2 by Seb

This Story was posted on the TheNylonCape webside a few years ago.
Since this side isn´t online anymore, I wanted to reissue this story on this side.
Love to talk about such haircut fantasies, so feel free to text me to sebelu@gmail.com
Hope the author does not mind that this story does reissue here.

Sandra didn’t have the most productive afternoons after that chat with her co-worker Lisa. She wanted to go and see the salon and see if she could book an appointment with the same stylist who had persuaded Lisa to get that radical haircut.

For the 10th time Sandra looked at the clock, only 5 more minutes and she could get outta here.

She had already looked up the address online. The salon was only a little bit out of the way on her walk home. They were open until 7, so everything was looking good. She was already getting excited.

During her short walk to the future crime scene of Blake’s long locks, she tried to come up with some questions.

Sandra was intrigued by her coworker’s story. Was it just an unlucky accident or was this mystery hairdresser the right solution to her long haired boyfriend problem.

Time flew and without settling for conversation material she stepped into the large salon.

Sandra spent only a couple of minutes inside before emerging out of the glass filled salon door. With a few quick steps she walked past the large salon window. She took another good look inside and determined that this would be the place.

Now homebound, Sandra put her hand in her pocket and felt the thick paper of which the business card was constructed. It represented the achievement of her small victory.


While watching the news Blake heard the front door of their apartment opening.

"Hi honey" Blake yelled into the direction of the noise.

"Hello cute boyfriend of mine. Did you miss me?" Sandra asked while walking into the living room.

"I sure did." Blake answered while getting up from the couch to kiss his beautiful girlfriend.

"How was work?" Blake asked.

"Same old. Hey before I forget, do you have plans Saturday?" Sandra asked casually.

"Plans? No I don’t think so." Blake answered while being a bit surprised by her question.

"Why?" He continued.

"Good! Keep it free then." Sandra said without answering his question.

"What are we doing?"

"Getting that second opinion, silly. Did you already forget?"

"No I did not forget but how did you make an appointment with Heather, she is always booked up on Saturdays at least a week in advance." Blake was confused.

"Hah, Heather? No you have been going to her long enough honey. We wanted a second opinion right? That is more like your first opinion. Time to change it up."

A chill went down Blake’s spine. He had not agreed to this.

"But I thought we would go to Heather."

Sandra just looked at her boyfriend. He changed into a little boy it seems. Moping because he didn’t get what he wanted.

"You thought wrong." Sandra said with a smirk on her face.

"Can’t we just go and see Heather?" Blake was repeating himself once more.

"Hah, I would trust her with a trim sure. But we need actual advice right? Would you prefer to take legal advice from a law student or an actual lawyer?"

"Well a lawyer but"

Sandra did not let him finish. "Exactly. So stop asking for the unexperienced student. Saturday afternoon we will see our ‘lawyer’."

Sandra made the actual quotation marks with her fingers as she said the word ‘lawyer’.

Blake felt defeated. This was not going as he planned it. He had not counted on this.

"Who are we seeing?" He asked nervously.

"Don’t worry about it honey. I found a very skilled hairdresser who can help us settle this once and for all."

"Settle this?"

"Yep! Anyway, I’m starving. Shall I warm up the leftovers from yesterday?" Sandra changed the subject.

"Sure I guess." Blake answered even though Sandra didn’t wait for his answer, she already made her way over to the kitchen.

Blade was by no means relaxed any more. This was all going horribly wrong. He needed to come up with something smart to get out of this one. He was not going to lose his image just because of a silly argument.


Blake was wasting time looking at funny cat videos online when his phone started vibrating on the desk.

Katy: Hello mister, are you bald yet?
Blake: Not funny! And no.
Katy: Definitely funny. So is the topic off the table then?
Blake: Unfortunately not. Sandra informed me yesterday that we are going to get that second opinion on Saturday.
Katy: With your usual hairdresser?
Blake: No, I wanted to go and see Heather at the mall but Sandra said she would be the first opinion and we need a second opinion.
Katy: Haha, she got you there. So where are you going then?
Blake: She didn’t wanna tell me.
Katy: Oh man, you walked right into her trap didn’t you.
Blake: What do you mean?
Katy: This is the initial promise all over again. She got you in a corner, you agreed to something and now you are screwed.
Blake: How am I screwed? It’s still just a consultation for some advice.
Katy: Are you sure about that? Did you book the appointment?
Blake: Well that’s what we agreed on, and no I didn’t book it.
Katy: I’d be surprised if no hair is cut on Saturday. I’m excited about this! haha.
Blake: You’re not helping.
Katy: So? Pipe down mr soon to be short hair. HAHA.
Blake: I don’t want it short. I like my hair longer.
Katy: Well, luckily it’s hair and you can always grow it longer again.
Blake: But it takes ages…
Katy: I want a picture!
Blake: I’m not having my hair cut short!
Katy: Keep on dreaming. Speaking of which, I should really be sleeping right now. Enjoy your salon trip tomorrow, haha!
Blake: You’re the worst…

This was not good at all. Blake felt helpless about the whole situation. Was Katy right? Did Sandra lure him into this trap and was he screwed now? He needed to come up with a plan.

Minutes went by in which Blake only got more angry until he became so angry the idea of brute force simply came into his mind.

"Who am I kidding?! I’m a grown man. If I don’t want to get my hair cut short, then I will simply not get it cut short. I will go to the place, hear out the opinion from the stylist and if I don’t like it I will simply walk away. Sure Sandra might be pissed but that doesn’t mean she can bully me into this."

The train of thought calmed Blake down a little bit. He felt less nervous now he had a solution in case it did turn bad. Although he still wasn’t happy about it all. Why couldn’t Sandra just let him have the hair he wanted?


It was a gorgeous day as Blake walked out the apartment building following Sandra. She still hadn’t told him where they were going, but the few times Blake had asked she had a big grin on her face and kept repeating herself.

"You’ll see."

She was clearly enjoying this.

After a 20 minute walk, in which the conversation didn’t go any deeper than the weather and potential dinner plans later, they walked past a salon in a side street. Sandra slowed her pace and focused her eyes on her scared boyfriend. She saw the anxiety in his eyes.

Then she squeezed his hand and gave a nudge towards the salon window. Blake anxiously looked inside through the big front window. He could see multiple salon chairs and a variety of hairdressers attending to their clients.

"Ready for your second opinion?" Sandra teased Blake.

"I… I…. here?"

"Lost for words I see, haha." His attractive girlfriend let out a laugh.

"Sandra, I’m nervous. I’m not sure about all this. I’ve never been here before." Blake tried one more time.

She could hear the actual fear and emotions going through her boyfriend’s voice. She could also see it in his posture.

"You’ll be fine. Remember, it’s just for a second opinion. No reason to be scared." Sandra said with a voice you would use to reassure a child.

Blake didn’t respond but simply tried to swallow the dry lump out of his throat.

No time was wasted by his girlfriend as she grabbed his hand and walked towards the door. A loud chime of the bell situated above the entry announced their visit.

They were just standing there waiting to be recognized or seen by the receptionist who was sporting an awfully special haircut with short buzzed sides. She initially seemed more interested in the computer screen but after a few seconds she did finally look up to welcome them.

Sandra formally announced Piper’s one o clock appointment arrival while Blake stood there with a strange feeling in his gut. The environment made him nervous. He started observing the inside of the salon.

There were a total of 7 salon chairs scattered throughout the salon. The first 5 were pointed towards the wall behind the reception desk. The other 2 on the opposite wall next to the 3 wash basins. All of the chrome chairs with brown leather padding had large mirrors in front of them with small wooden cabinets under and around them for the tools of torture.

"Just have a seat, I will let Piper know her 1 o clock is in." The receptionist said while pointing towards the couch which was situated with its back to the salon window. The view of the salon while being seated on this waiting bench was superb.

Sandra could see how Blake was nervously taking in his surroundings. From looking up at the high ceilings to scanning the pieces of art on the exposed brick walls.

It wasn’t long before a curly blond bleached haired lady in her early thirties walked over who introduced herself as Piper. She had a rather full figure, and the pants she was wearing were a little too tight on her. As she walked away she told the newcomers that she would be a few minutes while she cleaned up her station.

Blake saw Piper check the curling iron to see if it was still hot and then how she expertly stored it in one of the small wooden drawers which were scattered around her work station.

He saw her open the second drawer next to her station out of which she picked up an object with a cord.

It didn’t take long for Blake to recognize that those were a pair of clippers.

He immediately looked at Sandra who noticed the observation Blake had just made.

"Why this place? Why her?" The nervous young man asked his beloved girlfriend.

"Oh a co-worker had a great experience here. I figured it would be worth a shot. Do you like it?" She asked with a big grin on her face.

"I don’t know about this. You told her I’m just here for a second opinion right?"

Sandra didn’t respond. She sunk away in her own thoughts of how she booked the appointment earlier this week.


Sandra had simply walked into the salon and explained that her co-worker received quite the makeover from a certain stylist and she wanted to book an appointment with her. The receptionist asked for the name but all Sandra knew that it started with a P.

"Quite a makeover? Like short?" The receptionist immediately asked.

Sandra nodded.

"Oh that must be Piper. So when would you like to come in?"

"Well you see, it’s actually an appointment for my boyfriend. He has had long hair for ages now and he is due for a change."

"Hah, I know what you mean. Piper is excellent for those kinds of cuts. She really enjoys the bigger changes."

"Excellent. Any spots open for Saturday?"


"Sandra? Why aren’t you responding?"

Blake must have asked more questions while Sandra had drifted away in her thoughts.

"Yes honey, she will be great. Just here to hear her opinion." Sandra lied again. She did not want to scare him away just now. He would get all the answers he was looking for soon enough.

Nervously Blake focused his view back into the salon where he saw Piper pick up the cape which was covering part of the chair. She expertly flicked the nylon garment in the air and folded it neatly before placing it it over the back of the chair.

Piper started walking over in the direction of the waiting area.

"Sandra I… I don’t think I can." Blake tried.

"I mean… I like it longer."

Blake was in trouble and he knew it. His long hair had been his pride and glory for all these years and he was slowly losing control of the situation. He was on a slippery slope and he knew it. Want to find out if Blake gets to keep his long hair?

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