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A Long Day (Final) by Boi

Author's Note: Finally finished this story up, hope ya enjoy. Any and all tips will be appreciated thx

Watching Caldur having his hair peeled off, and then further thinned out beyond necessary and then chopped off on top of being bound was more than enough to break the tough guy persona I was trying to project. Be it the sweltering heat of the room, the sheer and utter fear I was feeling or the struggle I had originally put up, I was sweating profusely, my uniform was soaked and sticking to my skin and I could tell my hair was drenched under my cap.

I knew I was dead meat, and he seemed to pick up on it. Caldur has stopped crying already, seemingly out of tears and any energy left and just lay there dejected, alternating between staring at me with blank eyes and looking in the mirror at what's left of his hair.

Roran slowly strolled to the back of my chair, out of sight, before placing a strip of white cloth around my neck. In a stupid act of defiance, I tried to shake it off, only resulting in him tightening it and causing it start choking me, after which I stopped struggling. Next, he flung his cape over me and placed it on me. Immediately, I could tell it wasn't a normal cape. It was way too heavy, and he slowly buttoned it up, leaving it as tight as possible without choking me.

After which, he finally removed the duct tape around my mouth.

Still wanna struggle? The more you do, the worst it'll get you know

I was completely trapped, so, I tried to play along

No sir. Sorry about earlier…

Oh can it kiddo. U aint fooling anyone. Now, other than this mullet, let's see what we're dealing with

With my cap, it had been all plastered again my head, causing it to look like how I normally styled with my gel.

Using his fingers to rake through my hair and going through a few knots in just one go, he seemed rather amused.

Wow, even by my standards, that's wayy too much clay man, at least twice or 3 times the necessary amount. Let's see how much you have "hidden", shall we?

Unlike Joel, he took out a shampoo bottle a began to pour it all over my head, while rubbing it around and mixing it with my clay filled hair. Once he had fully mixed it in, he unveiled a sink under the cabinet just below, and simply rotated and tilted the chair, before blasting me with a jet of cold water. Even with my view obstructed by the water, I could see him seem more and more excited as it became evident how long my hair actually was.

Once the soap was all washed out, he reconfigured the cabinet, before attaching a blow dryer and unceremoniously dried off my hair in what seemed to last a minute, before taking off a comb and proceeded to comb down the top straight down. My fringe went down to my mouth, while my ears ended up completely covered by the long top, and the back of my neck was completely covered.

Well, well, what shall with this much hair eh. Any suggestions?

I opened my mouth to respond, only to get my fringe in my mouth, eliciting a chuckle from Roran. After spitting it out, all I could muster was a quiet whimper, "just a trim?"

Aww, can't even talk properly with your hair. Don't worry, I'll fix you up.

By this point, I could just barely make out what was happening with my fringe. I was expecting the worst by that point, considering I was trapped and what had already happened to Caldur. To my surprise, instead of just whipping out a clipper immediately, he only took out his scissors and comb and was gauging my "mullet" with it. He picked up on my relief, and just smirked, before continuing.

That was a mistake. Which 5 quick snips, I could feel my neck being exposed. He continued upwards towards the crown, cutting large chunks at once, causing hair to rain down on the cape and on the floor. Next, as I had feared, he took out the clippers and removed the guard, before slowly, in one smooth action, ran it from the base of my neck up to the crown, and repeated it till I could feel that there was nothing left in the back.

To rub salt into the wound, he followed it up by clipping up my fringe with a crocodile clip, then using a hand mirror to show me the carnage. From the front it still seemed normal enough, but the back was shaved to the skin, with almost nothing left. I was still in shock at how much was gone when he decided to continue onwards, obstructing my vision once again by removing the clip.

Next, not wasting more time baiting me, he took the clippers and ran it up my right ear, past the undercut parting, causing even longer chunks of hair to start raining down, and finally exposing my ears. In short time, he did the exact same to my left side too.

Working from my crown forward, he begun lifting my hair up to its full length, before hacking at the root of it, leaving like 2 inches left. He kept doing so, stopping just at my fringe. By now, the cape was almost fully covered, and the pile on the floor was almost double that of caldur's.

Taking out the dreaded clippers again, he continued buzzing down the top, before finally slicing off my fringe with 2 swift snips, giving me a full view of my freshly shaven head.

"All done, looks great huh?", while slowly uncuffing me, then moved over to do the same to Caldur.

I was still in too much of a shock to properly respond, as was Caldur. He just grabbed us by the arms, pushed us out, and said a prefect would come to fetch us before locking up the shop and closing up shop.

Within less than a minute, Gordon arrived. He just stood there, and kinda stoned. Probably sensing our mood, he just quietly escorted us back, where, as expected, I was mocked by the rest of our class. I had hoped that this would be the last time I would see that butcher, but unfortunately, no.

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