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Blake gets a second opinion 3 by Seb

This Story was posted on the TheNylonCape webside a few years ago.
Since this side isn´t online anymore, I wanted to reissue this story on this side.
Love to talk about such haircut fantasies, so feel free to text me to sebelu@gmail.com
Hope the author does not mind that this story does reissue here.

Third at last part "in the chair"

Sandra was amused by the last cry for help from her always so brave boyfriend. She felt a certain amount of power over him which excited her. It only made her feelings of dominance stronger.

"Remember, ask her for the second opinion." Sandra repeated herself.

"But…" Blake didn’t get chance to finish his argument.

"Alright Blake, I’m ready for you. Follow me." The assertive stylist informed her new client.

Sandra watched her boyfriend get up hesitantly before following the blonde stylist towards her chair. She could see the hair stylist pick up the cape from the back of the chair and draping it over her lower left arm before spinning the chair to face her newest victim.

Blake seemed a little hesitant before approaching the brown leather padded salon chair. As if he was afraid the chair might bite him. The young insecure adult slowly lowered himself into the chair and positioned his feet on the foot rest. Immediately the chair was spun towards the mirror in which his eyes met with the blue penetrating pair of the stylist.

"So how short are we going today?" Piper stated as she ran her right hand through the thick dark unruly hair.

"Uh well you see…" Blake was searching for words as he looked in front of him. From the corner of his eye he spotted the intimidating clippers that Piper had already laid out.

"I had this argument with my girlfriend about my long hair. She is upset because I have had it long for ages and suggested I needed a second opinion." He finally managed to spit out.

It seemed as if there was a serious miss communication because while Blake was finishing his sentence Piper already started unfolding the large dark grey & white printed nylon cape. In the reflection of the mirror he spotted the white printed scissors and combs that were scattered across the restrictive garment. It made his mouth even dryer.

"Second opinion?" She asked with a little smirk on her face.

Sandra had been watching it all unfold from the couch in the waiting area roughly 8 meters away from where the conversation in the chair was taking place. She had seen how her boyfriend was trying to explain something to the stylist. Sandra realized that the stylist wasn’t too interested in his story.

"That’s what she called it. She said my usual stylist only trims it." Blake was struggling for words and had a hard time explaining the concept of the second opinion which Sandra had come up with.

The tall blonde woman didn’t seem to care too much for the words that were slowly and nervously escaping Blake’s mouth. She threw the large cape upwards so it spread out in the air above her new client.

As the cape came down with the help of gravity she added. "In my opinion… it’s been a while since you sat in the chair."

Blake realized that she didn’t understand that this was just supposed to be a consultation.

"Well that’s the thing. My girlfriend wants me to cut it short but I really want to keep my hair long."

"How short does she want you to cut it?" Piper continued as she brought together the snapper closure on the neckline of the cape. The long hair in the back of Blake’s neck was in the way and she forcefully put her hand on top of his head and pushed it forward slightly so she could more easily access the snapper closure so she could capture her prey.

"I… I… don’t know." Blake was nervous with the fingers fumbling in his neck.

*Click* " the loud snapping sound of the first button was firmly pressed together.

"She said I should ask a professional…" he added.

*Click* " the second snapper got closed tightly

"To see what she thinks."

*Click* " the last snapper was closed and with that it seemed that Blake’s faith was sealed.

"Well you came to the right place for some professional advice." Piper said while picking up a comb.

She started combing through the thick brown hair of her new client.

Blake felt butterflies going through his stomach. She really did not seem to understand what he was here for. He looked up at the hairdresser who was now combing through his thick hair while slowly shaking her head in disapproval.

"I’m not sure if my girlfriend made it clear that this is just a consultation to get your opinion not for a haircut." This was the first time that the words made some kind of sense that poured out of Blake’s mouth.

"Well if you want my opinion." Piper seemed that have quite selective hearing. "I know something that would look great on you." She added.

This was not what Blake wanted. He wanted to keep his hair long.

The sudden jolt of the chair almost made Blake jump up. The salon chair was slowly pumped up with each foot stroke of his new hairdresser.

Higher and higher the chair went until Blake reached the ideal working level for the assertive lady he had only just met.

"But I don’t want it short." Blake tried again.

"Don’t worry. We will leave it long on top." Piper concluded while she kept combing through the unruly hair.

Sandra realized that ever since Blake sat down Piper had just seemed to be hearing him out because she had to. There was no actual interest in the conversation. The fun part was that Blake didn’t even realize she wasn’t listening to him. He was too occupied with his own fears.

Piper reached for the drawer of the organizing unit next to the mirror.

"Long on top sounds good, but what about the sides?" Blake continued.

The stylist seemed a little annoyed by the lack of trust in her capabilities and ignored the question.

Blake took this moment to look over his left shoulder and saw Sandra watching him every move. He could see a smirk on her face. He felt even more scared. He was pleading with his eyes. He needed to be saved. Though it was too late.

The hand of the stylist was firmly placed on top of Blake’s head as she started parting the top of his hair from the rest. With a few hair clips she strapped the long hair on top of his head together.

Now the top of the hair was out of the way she reached over to the cabinet on the right side of the mirror. On top of the cabinet lay the big hungry clippers. With a swift movement she grabbed the clippers which had a plastic guard already attached to them.

While Sandra was looking at the events unfolding in the chair she got a little excited. Her scared boyfriend in the chair, the notoriously dominant stylist standing behind him with a pair of clippers. It was all too good to be true.

"Look down." The stylist told her nervous client.

Blake bent his neck a little bit staring at his own caped reflection in the mirror. He felt the left hand of his new stylist on top of his head as she forcefully put pressure on his head so it bent down even further until his chin touched the cold fabric of the grey nylon cape.

With a loud click the hungry clippers came to life and were placed at the base of Blake’s nape.

The feeling of the clippers against his nape gave him the shivers.

Swiftly the clippers moved upwards and as soon as they hit his long hair the tone of the clippers changed drastically. You could hear the rotating blades work through the thick hair. Without much trouble the clippers took months of growth away in a smooth fashion.

Blake was still looking down with his chin firmly pressed on the cape. He was looking at his knees that were covered by the grey nylon cape. He got a better look at all the scissors and combs that were printed on the cape. He felt the clippers go up higher and higher until they stopped and Piper expertly pulled the clippers away from his head as she flicked her wrist.

The result was a large amount of hair landing on his shoulders and slowly sliding down the nylon cape. The pieces of hair were thick and long.

"That’s a lot of hair." Blake meekly said as he was still staring down at his caped body with the hair sliding down.

"Yes you got loads." Piper replied while starting another lane with the loud clippers at the back of her caped victim.

The shearing continued and with each lane Piper moved closer to Blake’s left side. All Blake could see was more hair sliding down the cape and forming a pool in his lap.

"That’s a lot of hair coming off." Blake stated anxiously.

"Well it’s been a while since your hair received some proper care." Piper said while she continued the shearing.

Piper guided his head more upwards but at an angle so she had easy access to the left side of his head.

Blake could now see the damage that Piper was doing. The clippers left only about an inch of hair on the left side of his head.

Once the left side was severely cropped, the clippers were used on the right side of his head.

The right side of Blake’s head was quickly transformed to match his left side.

A moment of silence as Piper hit the kill switch of the clippers.

Blake sat in the chair staring at the shorn sides of his head. The hair on top of his head was still safely clipped up.

"I feel naked." Blake said a little embarrassed.

"Hah, you just wait. You’ll feel even more naked when I’m done with you." His tormentor said with a devilish smile on her face while attaching a different guard to the clippers

This shorter guard was used to cut the bottom half of the back and sides even shorter leaving a noticeable line in between the two different lengths. With great precision she curved the line around Blake’s head.

Again the clippers were turned off and this time actually put away. Piper reached for the hair clips and releases the long hair that was still attached to the top of Blake’s head.

With her right foot Piper made the elevated salon chair come all the way down again. Blake was no longer sitting high up in the air.

"Let’s get your hair washed." Piper said while spinning the chair a full 180 degrees to face the sinks on the opposite wall of the salon.

"Oh actually I washed it this morning." Blake countered her offer.

"Your hair is too hard to handle dry, we will just give it a quick wash so I can cut it easier."

Sandra had a great view of the shearing so far. She could see the big pile of hair glide down the cape as soon as Blake slowly rose up from the chair. He looked awkward and aware of his current predicament. As Blake glanced over in her direction she gave him a knowing smirk lifting her eyebrows as if to say "What happened?"

Piper did not have the patience to wait for the water to become the right temperature and immediately started wetting the big lump of hair on top of Blake’s head. She used her hands to get the sides and back wet which sent shivers down Blake’s spine. The freshly cropped area on his head was extra sensitive.

Washing his hair didn’t last longer than just a few minutes. Piper already seemed to think her new client was done and grabbed a towel to end this stage of the process.

With a firm grip on the towel the freshly cut sides and back of Blake’s head were dried. The top needed a little more attention since there was still plenty to work with.

"Good, now let’s get you back in my chair." The hairdresser said while she gently lifted Blake’s head and set him off in the right direction.

Even though the washing process was nice and relaxing, as soon as Blake sat there staring at himself in the mirror again he got a little nervous. Sure the sides and back seemed pretty short already, but on top of his head was still plenty of hair that he could lose.

While he stared at his own caped reflection in the mirror, he saw his tormentor approach the chair. She approached him with her comb and scissors drawn and expertly started combing out the long hair that was left on top of his head.

Without any reassurance or even a question of what to do, she lifted a section of hair on the front of Blake’s head. The hair in between her fingers was still wet and was at least 8 inches long.

No hesitation or even an emotion seemed to show on Piper’s face as she firmly swapped the scissors into the cutting position. Expertly the blades opened widely and then with a swift movement started closing in rapid succession.

*snip* *snip* *snip*

Blake just sat there with his mouth falling open. Long strands of at least 6 inches fell onto the printed cape and slid down onto his lap, further down to the floor.

He wanted to open his mouth and actually say something, but what could he have said? The damage had already been done. She was happily snipping away.

Piper did not slow down at all, she only seemed to be going faster now. She expertly went over the long section on top of his head and chopped more than half of the length off without showing any form of emotion.

The minutes that Piper continued to torment her victim just seemed like a blur to the helpless male in her chair. It was almost as if this wasn’t happening to him, it couldn’t. He had put so much care and thought into his long haircut. He loved it. It was him.

More hair slid down the cape.

Piper had slowly worked her way to the back and now seemed to be blending in some of the finer details of the cut. It all involved more hair being taken off Blake’s head.

In a mesmerizing state Blake followed the instructions that were given to him by the hairdresser. The scissor seemed to be replaced by the tormenting tool that was used on him earlier.

"Look down." She said with a sense of authority in her voice.

Even though Blake looked down as soon as he heard the words, he still felt the hands pushing his head further down as a loud pop brought the clippers back to life.

The clippers went around his head once more trimming the neckline, making it all fit his new short haircut.

After the clippers died again, the smaller version came out in the form of the trimmers. They were used to remove any small hairs lower down his neck that might interfere with his clean cut look.


Another loud machine was turned on, though this time it was a less threatening machine.

Piper used the hair dryer to force the hair on top of Blake’s head to one side while she combed it fiercely. The small amount of gel she added was helping her accomplish the task.

The hot air of the hair dryer was uncomfortable against the freshly cropped skin on the sides and back of Blake’s head while Piper made sure no loose hair was sticking around.

In a daze Blake sat in the chair, meekly waiting for it all to be over.

Once the room went silent again the tool of judgement seemed to be coming his way.

Piper held the small hand mirror with one hand behind his head as she pointed out that it was "nice and clean" in the back. All Blake could do was nod.

The cape was untied and whisked away as quickly as it had imprisoned him.

With a swift motion on the back of the chair, Piper rotated the chair towards the waiting area where Blake’s eyes met Sandra’s. He could see the look of enjoyment in her eyes. Her lips were sporting a smirk he had seen so much today. She looked happy and satisfied at the same time, but with a mix of ‘I told you so’.

Blake did not need any encouragement to get out of the chair as he quickly walked over to the waiting area. He felt like a small sheep that was being stalked by its predator.

"Wow Blake, you look hot!" Sandra said just a bit too loud for Blake’s comfort level.

"You think?" Blake wasn’t too sure. He mostly felt shorn and anxious.

"Yes, you look amazing! I should have done this a long time ago." Sandra continued as her gaze went past Blake.

Blake almost jumped as he heard the familiar voice of the hairdresser close behind him.

"I agree, he was long overdue. Much better." Piper said with a confident smile on her face.

Blake didn’t say anything but just blushed. He kept quiet while Sandra paid for his haircut and gave a very generous tip.

"Well, with a cut like this you shouldn’t wait too long. Before you know it, he is back on track to long hair." Piper said while she winked at Sandra.

"Here take my card. The next cut is only $15 as long as it is within 6 weeks." Piper added while handing her card to Sandra.

"Oh don’t you worry, I’ll make sure he takes advantage of that deal." Blake’s girlfriend confirmed with a big smile on her face.

"Well, I’ll see you soon then Blake!" The scissor happy stylist said as she smirked once more at her freshly cropped victim.

"Uh thank you." Blake murmered.

"Thanks again, I love it!" Sandra said once more as the couple exited the salon onto the street.

Blake looked over at his girlfriend as they walked into the direction of their apartment building. He noticed the satisfaction she seemed to be feeling, just by looking at Sandra’s face. When he glanced past her and noticed his own reflection in a store window, he almost jumped. Who was this short haired man next to his girlfriend? Oh wait… this would take a while to get used to.

Unfortunately for Blake, he probably had plenty of time to get used to his short hair since Sandra seemed to have made her decision, Blake would be visiting Piper a lot more often from now on.

The End.

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