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Father like son by Dwane .Perry

I love the way my dads head  always shines especialy in the sun or when he stands under a light. when the light hit his head it gleemed. He always shaved his own head in the bathroom with clippers and then finish it off with a razor. he'd go in with an inch or more of hair which he'd grow for about 2 months and come back out with a smooth shiny crome dome.

As i was getting older even i started to experiment with my own haircuts. I always went to a barbershop or dad would do it for me.

My style varied from a high fade, buzz cut, Mohawk, crew cut or longer.   i knew exactly what my haircut urge had been for quite a while just never actually accepting it , i had the urge to shave it all off . It was deep inside me and it had always been there. it was like a dark secret fantasy which sounded wrong to say it out loud.

I wanted it completely gone just like my dad although still at school, it didn't help that my Biology , Sports and woodwork teachers were all bald too which made me think about it more. None of my class mates had buzz cuts never mind a bald head. I had to time it just right if i wanted it done as was worried what reactions i would receive.

I waited till dads hair grew back in quite long this time as he hasn't cut it in a few months and by this time it was the day before spring holiday.
I finally got my oppertunity to mention his hair in conversation.

I casually joked saying " you'll be wanting a haircut before it gets too hot and you look like Jesus coming out the cave" .. Too right son and you could do with one too, dad laughed.

My own was as long as his to be fair continuing with the conversation i asked "What would you do if i came out the bathroom bald dad ? ... There was a pause "well son He replied - your hair ,your choice but your the one who has to live with it" he was right of course could i be brave enough to get it finally done the thought telling me inside me.

I repeated the question in a different phrase looking for his reaction "So dad if i got my head shaved you wouldn't mind at all ?
He looked at me blankly and turned to me and said "No ! , you have two weeks holiday off school , come with me and ill shave it completly bald" I wasnt expecting that , My heart was beating so fast ... "Well he said do you want it shaved or Not?" waiting on me to answer him.
"Yes think so" "would it be smooth or stubble?" I asked. He laughed and said if it was his choice he wouldn't leave a single hair on my scalp.

He told me that he knew that I've been wanting it bald as he found internet searcher on the laptop looking at bald teenagers, bald by choice haircuts and other related topics but he didn't want to confront me with it. And i felt like he finally knew my darkest desire.

He asked me if i wanted it done and i said yes i was very excited as dad took the clippers out the cabinet. Dad got me to sit on my knees with my head over the bathroom sink . i had already pulled my t-shirt off and the bathroom was rather cold. He pressed the clippers at the base of my neck and ran the wahl clippers up the back of my head. A huge amount of hair trickled down my back onto the floor. He made several of these passes trying to ensure the falling hair was in the sink instead. All i could hear was the hum of the clippers and the cold air hit my head as dad made pass after pass with the clippers until i was shorn like a new army recruit.

It was a lovely feeling and at times as i looked up i saw my reflection as dad was doing behind my ears his body next to mine felt so protective i like him shaving me it felt like father son bonding time. Once he finished with the clippers I got all my shaven hair and shoved it in the bathroom bin while dad run the cold tap and filled a glass He told me to sit still and he poured the cold water over my head. F....K it was cold yet refreshing, he laughed and said that's what its like being bald in the winter when its raining! He had a cheeky grin on his face and i loved the fact he was enjoying shaving me.

He filled basin with hot water as hot as i could stand so it wouldn't burn my scalp . he said this would open all the pours up. He creamed my head with a shaving brush and took his 5 blade razor and ran it against the grain of my stubble.
This felt wonderful i could feel dads breath as he carefully removed the stubble from my head. This seemed to last the longest as he continued to shave all my head in every direction. He creamed my head several times to ensure that it was a smooth feeling. I didnt want it to stop as i loved the scrapping feeling of the razor against me scalp and the relief feeling that i was finally going bald by choice.

Dad got a hot towel and wiped my head . One balddy son , he smiled he rubbed his hands over my head with shaving Moisturiser he said he liked the feeling. Dad had never seen me bald before and i looked like a younger version of him. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe my reflection i was completely bald just as dad had promised. i loved it! And knowing dad was shaving his own head next i couldn't wait for us to have the same shaved head.

Part of me wanted to keep it like this all the time however if i did I'd never feel the sensation of enjoying a bald haircut least if i grew it back i could get dad to shave me bald every couple of months.

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