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Quarantined by Vegard

Corona quarantine

I am currently in quarantine at home, since my daughter and I was in London last week. There were only two confirmed cases of Covid-19 in London at the time, and flying in to Oslo airport at 10 pm there were hardly anyone there, so we are highly unlikely to have contracted anything, but as of yesterday Norway is on "lock-down", and the two of us now have to spend a whole week in home quarantine.

Ok, so this is what I have done. Coming home from England I was in need of a haircut, and gave myself one a few days ago. I have now purchased a "Babyliss" set of clippers, who despite it's less than masculine name is a really good machine. And I am now, for the first time, dealing with the numbers commonly referred to here, rather than just the millimeter settings I have dealt with before.

This is the second time I use them on my hair, and I am slightly embarrassed to say I, again, misread the number one, for a number two, since the guards are black, and it's really hard to tell the 0,3mm and the 0,6mm apart. This has resulted in the back of my head having been buzzed a bit shorter than what I meant to buzz it to. But, this is a mistake I was happy to live with, as the number one buzz reaching to about a hands-breath beneath my crown is something I really love the look, and feeling of. From there I manage a taper towards the crown, and I leave a bit more length on top.

So, one week of quarantine. What to do eh? There is always the house to tidy and clean, but neither my eight-year-old daughter or I are very keen on that. And I figure, we still have a week to do it, so why hurry?

Then, as I was out throwing the ball for my dog, it struck me. Having to be in home quarantine, no one, except my dog and my daughter need to see me for the remaining week of having to stay at home. And as "white walls" are really unknown in Norway I thought, why not give it a try? After all, hair grows about 2,5-3mm in a week, so that's right back to a #1 when the week is up.

I didn't manage to wait until my daughter was asleep, but let her use a tablet in bed, so as not to be disturbed, and entered the bathroom.

Taking a longish bit of tape, I fastened it to the back of my head, making a line below it about mid way up my ears. Below that I used my clippers, with no guard, before wetting the skin, and applying a layer of shaving foam. I then shaved the hair below the tape, with, and against the grain.

So far so good. But, off course not high enough. This was just a test.

I took a fresh bit of tape, and strung it across the back of my head, above the ears this time, before repeating the procedure. It took a bit of effort to cut it straight, but I managed quite well, and it felt nice and smooth as I shaved this larger area.

As I removed the tape I could see a very clear line separating the close shaved part from what seemed to be hair cut with the #2 guard. It looked more funny than good, and my daughter was now asking for her good-night hug. Doing my best to only face her with my front as I went in to her bedroom, I managed to conceal what I was doing, and as I had said good-night, I went in to the living room to start this story. Stroking the shaved part as I began writing.

She finally went to sleep, and I proceeded with my plan.

Taking the clippers again, I carefully shaved a section above both ears, hopefully corresponding with the shaved back, and used foam and razor here as well, before setting about "softening" the demarkation line. First I used my clippers with no guard, and then the #1 and #2 to get a fairly good taper in stead of the sharp divide. From pictures taken with my cell, and from using a hand held mirror it does not look bad. And it feels great!

So, now I am finishing this story, still stroking the smooth part in the back, and feeling the sand-papery transition about half way up. I have never had smooth shaved skin on my head before, but I am now closer to understanding what it is about. Although it's just the back of my head, and above my ears, it feels great!

And being in quarantine, I should finally have time to finish my story about Charlie and his Dad, "Having him back".

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